Volume 42 (1999) 1-6, 1-639

Arch Tierz 42 (1999) 6, 513-639 Free access

An Illustration of lactation curves stratified by lactation yields within herd
Hermann H. Swalve and Zhiqun Guo

Arch Tierz 42 (1999) 6, 515-525 | PDF | Abstract

Interaction between sire and dam in dairy cattle breeding [in German]
Wilfried Brade and Eildert Groeneveld

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 6, 527-533 | PDF | Abstract

Veal colour and other meat quality characteristics in calves fattened on maize silage and concentrate
Martin R. L. Scheeder, Bernd Becker and Michael Kreuzer

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 6, 535-553 | PDF | Abstract

Selection for litter size in swine [in German]
Markus Bosch; Rainer Rohe, Holger Looft and Ernst Kalm

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 6, 555-570 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic and economic evaluation of genetic improvement schemes in pigs I. Methodology with an application to a three-way crossbreeding scheme
Uwe Wuensch, Gerhard Nitter and Lutz Schueler

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 6, 571-582 | PDF | Abstract

Boar fattening with different protein supply in the diet [in German]
Erhard Kallweit, Nahid Parvizi, Franc Klobasa, Martina Henning and Hartwig Böhme

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 6, 583-591 | PDF | Abstract

Variation of lean content in pig beilies of dam lines [in German]
Ulrich Baulain and Hubert Henne

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 6, 593-600 | PDF | Abstract

Inbreeding depression for litter traits and the development of growth in the Göttinger Minipig [in German]
Horst Brandt and Burchhard Möllers

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 6, 601-610 | PDF | Abstract

Linear scoring system of legs as selection tool in swine breeding programmes (Short Communication) [in German]
Joachim Krieter and Ulrich Presuhn

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 6, 611-617 | PDF | Abstract

Growth of skeletal muscle and IGF-I in pigs of different sex [in German]
Sven Biereder; Michael Wicke; Gerhard von Lengerken; Falk Schneider and Wilhelm Kanitz

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 6, 619-628 | PDF | Abstract

Application of microsatellite analysis to group chicken according to their genetic similarity
Klaus Wimmers, Siriluck Ponsuksili, Friedrich Schmoll, Torsten Hardge, E. Babafunso Sonaiya, Karl Schellander and Peter Horst

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 6, 629-639 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 42 (1999) 5, 417-509 Free access

The influence of the age of first calving on fertility and Performance in dairy cows [in German]
Matthias Platen, Manfred Krocker, Ernst Lindemann and Uri Gross

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 5, 417-429 | PDF | Abstract

Utilization of urea space for estimation of body fat content in dairy cow [in German]
Olaf Wappler and Rudolf Staufenbiel

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 5, 431-441 | PDF | Abstract

Proteolytic activities of lysosomal enzymes in dairy cattle, II. Lysosomal enzyme activities and milk performance [in German]
Lothar Panicke, Marian Schmidt, Theodora Król and Rudolf Staufenbiel

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 5, 443-449| PDF | Abstract

The effect of exogenous glycerol on the activity of lysosomal enzymes in the blood plasma of young bulls (Short Communication)
Alexander Sommer; Bozena Witek and Adam Kolataj

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 5, 451-461 | PDF | Abstract

Estimating reproduction ability of Hungarian Merino rams
Peter Póti, Sándor Bedó, Miklós Mézes and János Tózser

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 5, 459-468 | PDF | Abstract

Transferrin Polymorphism versus Growth Rate in Lambs, Polish Long-wool Sheep II. Analysis of relation between transferrin polymorphism of lamb blood serum versus growth rate of lambs up to age of 5 months
Marek Kmiec

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 5, 469-479 | PDF | Abstract

A general purpose Computer system for behavioral conditioning experiments, named 'Feldermonitor' - a new possibility for learning experiments with animals and results of visual discrimination tasks in dwarf goats [in German]
Hartmut Franz and Horst Reichart

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 5, 481-493 | PDF | Abstract

Investigations of population genetic parameters using multilocus DNA fingerprinting in 4 goat breeds in Germany [in German]
Reinhard Falge, Valeri Terletski, Karola Stier, Joseph W. Carnwath and Heiner Niemann

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 5, 495-509 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 4, 321-413 Free access

Proteolytic activities of lysosomal enzymes in dairy cattle. I. Variation of lysosomal enzymes in dairy cattle [in German]
Lothar Panicke; Marian Schmidt; Theodora Król and Rudolf Staufenbiel

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 4, 321-334 | PDFAbstract

Description on the growth of female cows of different race [in German]
Heide-Dörte Matthes and Paul Eberhard Rudolph

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 4, 335-345 | PDF | Abstract

Incidence of hereditary Citrullinemia and bovine leucocyte adhesion deficiency Syndrome in Indian dairy cattle (BOS TAURUS, BOS INDICUS) and buffalo (BUBALUS BUBALIS) Population (short communication)
Muraleedharan Padeeri; Khoda Vijaykumar; Sven Grupe; Mukhopadhyaya Pratp Narayan; Manfred Schwerin and Mehta Hitesch Kumar

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 4, 347-352 | PDF | Abstract

Studies on the influence of synchronization of parturition as with regard to features of the animal health of partus sows and piglets [in German]
Uwe Hühn and Gottfried Gey

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 4, 353-363 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of blood cholesterol traits in pigs, rabbits and mice [in German]
Heinz Falkenberg; Gerda Kuhn; Martina Langhammer Ulla Renne and Hermann Rede

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 4, 365-376 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of physiological stage and nutritional management on some serum metabolite concentrations in Assaf ovine breed
Cristina Castillo; Joaquin Hernandez; Marta Lopez-Alonso Marta Miranda and Jose Luis Benedito

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 4, 377-386 | PDF | Abstract

Survey of ß-Lactoglobulin and as1-Casein polimorpbisms in Hungarian dairy sheep breeds and crosses on DNA level (short communication)
István Anton; Attila Zsolnai; László Fesús; Sándor Kukovics and András Molnár

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 4, 387-392 | PDF | Abstract

Transferrin Polymorphism versus Growth Rate in Lambs, Polish Long-wool Sheep I. Frequency of genes and genotypes of transferrin in flock of Polish Long-wool Sheep
Marek Kmiec

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 4, 393-402 | PDF | Abstract

Direct and correlated responses to selection in two flocks of White Leghorn
Gurvinder S. Brah; Moti L. Chaudhary and Jagtar S. Sandhu

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 4, 403-413 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 3, 213-318 Free access

Prof. Dr. habil. Drs. h.c. Wilhelm Neumann 70 years [in German]
Ottfried Weiher

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 3, 213-214 | PDF

Linear type trait analysis in the genetic resource of the Old Kladrub Horse
Václav Jakubec; Werner Schlote; Jaroslav Jelínek; Armin Scholz and Norbert Zális

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 3, 215-224 | PDF | Abstract

Mother-infant-relationships in a beef suckler cow herd [in German]
Dirk Schäffer; Eberhard von Borell and Ralf-Bernd Laube

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 3, 225-233 | PDF | Abstract

Transrenal passage of nitrates and nitrites in calves (short communication)
Anna Jacková; Pavol Siklenka; and Ján Pleva

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 3, 235-239 | PDF | Abstract

Method to assess the learning ability of group-housed calves and results of visual discrimination tasks [in German]
Hartmut Franz

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 3, 241-254 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of Average Number of Piglets in the First Three Litters of Polish Large White Sows-Family Founders on the Reproductive Performance of Gilts in the Next Generations
Alina Lewczuk; Jolanta Rymkiewicz; Barbara Grudniewska; Maria Janiszewska and Danuta Michalik

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 3, 255-265 | PDF | Abstract

Alternative selection strategies for the Mutton Merino breed to optimize breedine systems [in German]
Ulf Müller; Knut Strittmatter and Gerhard Nitter

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 3, 267-279 | PDF | Abstract

Impact of feed restriction on the growth performance of goat kids [in German]
Youssouf Toukourou and Kurt-J. Peters

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 3, 281-293 | PDF | Abstract

Variance and covariance component analysis of incubational mortality in chickens
Gurvinder S. Brah; Jagtar S. Sandhu and Moti L. Chaudhary

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 3, 295-302 | PDF | Abstract

The Robustness of BLUP and EBLUP [in German]
Günter Herrendörfer; Armin Tuchscherer; Gerhard Dietl and Margret Tuchscherer

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 3, 303-318 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 2, 113-209 Free access

Prof. Dr. habil. Klaus Löhle 70 years [in German]
Gerhard Seeland

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 2, 113-114 | PDF

Prof. Dr. habil. Ernst Ritter 70 years [in German]
Klaus Ender

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 2, 115-116 | PDF

Possibilities of low cost procedures for estimating milk yields. II. Reliability of the 305 days lactation yields [in German]
Erhard Gernand; Rudolf Recknagel and Bernd Heerbach

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 2, 117-134 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of Preslaughter Bull Handling on Ante Mortem Muscle Glycogen and Post Mortem pH and Glycogen Level (short communication)
Rudolf Lahucky; Olga Palanska; Jozef Mojto; Kvetoslav Zaujec and Jan Huba

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 2, 135-138 | PDF | Abstract

The influence of MHS-genotypes on fattening and carcass performance traits of purebred Pietrain pigs and PI x DL slaughter pigs at testing station [in German]
Werner Wittmann; Kay-Uwe Götz; Walter Peschke; Johann-Peter Lindner and Maximilian Hauser

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 2, 139-147 | PDF | Abstract

Level of the metabolic substances in blood in relation to the development of pigs with different capacity for lipid deposition [in German]
Heinz Falkenberg; Gerda Kuhn; Margitta Härtung; Martina Langhammer and Carola Wolf

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 2, 149-159 | PDF | Abstract

Outdoor keeping of sows of different breeds in a location ofa floodplain wood [in German]
Delia Micklich and Heide-Dörte Matthes

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 2, 161-173 | PDF | Abstract

Relationship between transferrin and ceruloplasmin polymorphism and the frequency of diarrhoea in piglets
Krystyna Zyczko and Grazyna Maria Zyczko

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 2, 175-182 | PDF | Abstract

Seasonal influences on blood plasma progesterone concentration in ewes of Black head Mutton sheep breed (short communication) [in German]
Frank Rehbock; Falk Schneider; Wolfgang Zupp and Sven Grumbach

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 2, 183-189 | PDF | Abstract

Leptin, a palatability molecule ? - A Review
Changping Xie, Elke Albrecht, Jochen Wegner, Gudrun A. Brockmann, Christopher Kazala, Randall J. Weselake and Klaus Ender

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 2, 191-199 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of disruptive selection for body conformation on age variations of femoral morphometric traits, in mice
Lucila Hinrichsen, Daniela Mana, Ricardo Di Massoand Maria Teresa Font

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 2, 201-209 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 1, 1-109 Free access

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Gottfried Leuthold 65 years [in German]
Ernst Lindemann

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 1, 3-4 | PDF

Selection indices for dairy cattle including fitness traits
Bengt Lindhé

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 1, 5-15 | PDF | Abstract

The composition of the colostrum of some beef cattle breeds according to time of post partum [in German]
János Iváncsics and Attila Z. Kovács

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 1, 17-32 | PDF | Abstract

Breeding and biological evaluation of yield selection in dairy cattle [in German]
Uwe Müller; Wolfgang Leucht; Peter Reinecke and Torsten Dalle

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 1, 33-44 | PDF | Abstract

Investigations into glucose tolerance test in cattle. I. Relations to stage of lactation and milk yield. [in German]
Rudolf Staufenbiel; Uwe Reinicke and Lothar Panicke

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 1, 45-56 | PDF | Abstract

On some possibilities and prospects of gene conservation and utilisation of pig breeds
Simisola M. Odeyinka

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 1, 57-66 | PDF | Abstract

Status of Genome and QTL Mapping in Pigs - Data of Hohenheim F2 Families -
Hermann Geldermann; Gerhard Moser; Elisabeth Müller; Petra Beeckmann; Genhua Yue; Marcela Dragos; Heinz Bartenschlager; Stanislav Cepica; Antonin Stratil and Jaroslav Schröffel

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 1, 67-81 | PDF | Abstract

Maternal influences on litter size and growth in reciprocal crossed Miniature Pigs and Durocs
Torsten Hardge; Karla Koepke; Monika Reissmann and Klaus Wimmers

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 1, 83-92 | PDF | Abstract

Haemolytic complement activity and C3c serum concentration in pigs
Klaus Wimmers; Cornelia Upperheide; Siriluck Ponsuksili; Friedrich Schmoll; Torsten Hardge; Brigitte Petersen and Karl Schellander

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 1, 93-102 | PDF | Abstract

A new strategy of heterosis research in mice - approach and results on chromosome 19
Christa Brunsch; Ute Philipp; Peter Reinecke; Gerhard Moser; Hermann Geldermann; Karla Koepke; Wolfgang Leucht and Helmut Stier

Arch Tierz 43 (1999) 1, 103-109 | PDF | Abstract


Arch Tierz Vol 42 (1999)