Volume 43 (2000) 1-6, 1-674

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 6, 545-674 Free access

The effect of psycho stress on the immune system. Another reason for pursuing animal welfare (Review) [in German]
Margret Tuchscherer and Gerhard Manteuffel

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 6, 547-560 | PDF | Abstract

Recording of feed intake in stationary testing of potential AI bulls [in German]
Ralf Wassmuth and Heino Alps

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 6, 561-571 | PDF | Abstract

Additive genetic variance and covariance in some reproductive disorders in Hungarian Holstein Friesian using multi-trait animal model
Ashraf A. Amin; Tibor Gere and Wailt H. Kishk

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 6, 573-581 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic relationship between days open and days dry with milk yield in a herd of Holstein Friesian cattle
Hülya Atil

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 6, 583-590 | PDF | Abstract

Interrelationships between breed, growth hormone genotype, plasma IGF-I level and meat performance in bulls of different ages (short communication)
Alexander V. Sirotkin; P. Chrenek; A.V. Makarevich; Jan Huba and J. Bulla

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 6, 591-596 | PDF | Abstract

Total merit indices in dual purpose cattle
Johann Sölkner; Josef Miesenberger; Alfons Willam; Christian Fuerst and Roswitha Baumung

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 6, 597-608 | PDF | Abstract

Rumen fermentation and retention time of the digesta in growing cattle of the breeds Black-White Dairy Cattle, Galloway, and Highland
Jürgen Voigt; Werner Jentsch; Siegfried Kuhla; Heide-Dörte Matthes and Michael Derno

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 6, 609-620 | PDF | Abstract

The efficiency of utilization of intestinal digestible indispensable amino acids in growing bulls [in German]
Holger Kluth; Martin Gabel; Jürgen Voigt and Ulrike Schönhusen

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 6, 621-631 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of dietary protein quality on energy metabolism and thyroid hormone status in growing pigs
Elke Saggau; Manfred Beyer; Monika Klein; Ruthild Schadereit; Michael Derno; Werner Jentsch and Helmut Scholze

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 6, 633-647 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of exogenous glucose on the activity of lysosomal enzymes in some organs of rabbits (short communication)
Bozena Witek and Adam Kolataj

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 6, 649-654 | PDF | Abstract

Investigations on influence of birth weight on live weight development up to 20th day of age in dog pups [in German]
Arno Böhm and Steffen Hoy

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 6, 655-662 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 5, 417-544 Free access

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Gerhard von Lengerken 65 years [in German]
Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 5, 419-420 | PDF

Long-term selection by asymmetric trait distribution [in German]
Norbert Mielenz and Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 5, 421-430 | PDF | Abstract

Investigation of milk flow from udder quarters [in German]
Ines Naumann and Rolf-Dieter Fahr

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 5, 431-440 | PDF | Abstract

Coping strategies during stress [in German]
Eberhard von Borell

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 5, 441-450 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic association between individual feed intake during performance test and reproductions traits in pigs [in German]
Susanne Karsten; Rainer Röhe; Volker Schulze; Holger Looft and Ernst Kalm

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 5, 451-461 | PDF | Abstract

Meat quality in pig crosses with special quality characteristics as compared to present standard and brand pork supply [in German]
Sigurd Laube; Martina Henning; Horst Brandt; Erhard Kallweit and Peter Glodek

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 5, 463-476 | PDF | Abstract

Eating quality of pork in well-chosen crossbreds [in German]
Klaus Fischer; Mario Reichel; Johann-Peter Lindner; Michael Wicke and Wolfgang Branscheid

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 5, 477-485 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of vitamin E on changes in phosphorus compounds assessed by 31P NMR spectroscopy and ATPase from postmortem muscle samples and meat quality of pigs
Rudolf Lahucky; Peter Krska; Ulrich Küchenmeister; Karin Nürnberg; Tibor Liptaj; Gerhard Nürnberg; Ivan Bahelka; Peter Demo; Gerda Kuhn and Klaus Ender

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 5, 487-497 | PDF | Abstract

Comparative investigations about the application of ultrasound measurement (PIGLOG) for prediction of the lean meat content in gilts [in German]
Frank Rosner; Siegrid Polten and Michael Wicke

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 5, 499-506 | PDF | Abstract

Comparative evaluation of abnormal spermatozoa in Pannon White, New Zealand White and Angora rabbit semen (short communication)
Károly Bodnár; Zsolt Szendró; Edit Biró Németh; Csilla Eiben and István Radnai

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 5, 507-512 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of biochemical blood traits after long-term selection on high or low locomotory activity in mice
Heinz Falkenberg; Martina Langhammer and Ulla Renne

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 5, 513-522 | PDF | Abstract

The importance of variance components estimation in breeding of farm animals - a review [in German]
Rainer Röhel; Joachim Krieter and Rudolf Preisinger

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 5, 523-534 | PDF | Abstract

Selection index alternatives for increased marketing body weight with minimum concomitant reduction in body bone percentagerecourse to tissue dissection on Japanese quail
Karima A. Shahin; Ahmed R. Shemeis; Omar Y. Abdallah and Kamal Saleh

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 5, 535-543 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 4, 311-416 Free access

Prof. Dr. Dr. H. H. Sambraus 65 years [in German]
Engelhard Boehncke

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 4, 313-314 | PDF

Life is a game [in German]
Anton Grauvogl

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 4, 315-326 | PDF | Abstract

Recumbence resting behaviour of horses in loose housing systems with open yards [in German]
Margit H. Zeitler-Feicht and Verena Prantner

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 4, 327-335 | PDF | Abstract

Welfare assessment of segregated early weaning (SEW) in pigs - a review [in German]
Eberhard von Borell

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 4, 337-345 | PDF | Abstract

Social behavior and husbandry of the Fowl - an essay
Paul B. Siegel

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 4, 347-349 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of artificial and natural light on behaviour during collection of semen and on spermatological parameters in rabbit bucks [in German]
Meike Schüddemage; Steffen Hoy and Klaus Lange

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 4, 351-362 | PDF | Abstract

Lysosomal proteolytic activity in the liver of growing mice [in German]
Marian Schmidt; Theodora Król; Ulla Renne and Lothar Panicke

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 4, 363-374 | PDF | Abstract

Biochemical characterisation of blood metabolic substances in mice after long-term selection on growth traits
Heinz Falkenberg; Ulla Renne and Martina Langhammer

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 4, 375-385 | PDF | Abstract

Vocalization of European wolves (Canis lupus lupus L.) and various dog breeds (Canis lupus f. fam.)
Dorit Urd Feddersen-Petersen

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 4, 387-397 | PDF | Abstract

Study on Friesian Herds Raised in Egypt and Germany II. Genetic and phenotypic trends in estimated transmitting ability
Mohamed K. Mohsen; Ezzat S. Tawfik; Atef Y. Salem and Hassan G. El-Awady

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 4, 399-410 | PDF | Abstract

Application of Video Image Analysis in the slaughter value estimation of live Simmental bulls (short communication)
Jan Kmet; Tomasz Sakowski; Jan Huba; Dana Peskovicova; Jozef Chrenek and Peter Polák

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 4, 411-416 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 3, 203-310 Free access

Prof. Dr. Simon 70 years [in German]
Ottmar Distl

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 3, 205-206 | PDF

Marker controlled inheritance of the polled locus in Simmental cattle
Gudrun A. Brockmann; Jörg Martin; Friedrich Teuscher and Manfred Schwerin

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 3, 207-212 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic analysis of congenital hypotrichosis with anodontia in cattle [in German]
Cord Drögemüller; Stefan Neander; Heike Klippert; Heidi Kuiper; Lars Kutschke; Silvia Guionaud; Siegfried Ueberschär Henner Scholz and Ottmar Distl

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 3, 213-222 | PDF | Abstract

Functional dissection of the insulin-like growth factor (IGF) system - prospects for animal breeding
Sabine Nedbal; Nicola Zink; Harald Lahm; Andreas Hoeflich and Eckhard Wolf

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 3, 223-230 | PDF | Abstract

Relationships between parameters of the glucose tolerance test by young sires and estimated their breeding values [in German]
Lothar Panicke; Rudolf Staufenbiel; Olaf Burkert; Eckhard Fischer and Friedrich Reinhardt

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 3, 231-239 | PDF | Abstract

First results of a MAS study in dairy cattle with respect to longevity (short communication)
Gertraude Freyer and Georg Erhardt

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 3, 241-247 | PDF | Abstract

Selection on purebred and crossbred performance for litter size in pigs
Markus Bosch; Rainer Röhe; Holger Looft and Ernst Kalm

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 3, 249-262 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of the MHS locus on growth, carcass and meat quality traits in F2 crosses between Mangalitza and Piétrain breeds
Georg Thaller; Leo Dempfle; Anna Schlecht; Sabine Wiedemann; Hans Eichinger and Ruedi Fries

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 3, 263-275 | PDF | Abstract

Segregation of melanocytic lesions in crosses among the Munich Miniature Swine Troll and German Landrace [in German]
Susanne Müller; Rüdiger Wanke; Walter Hermanns and Ottmar Distl

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 3, 277-286 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic parameters of production and reproductive traits in on a farm tested Danish Large White and Landrace swine in Greece
Josef Bizelis; Antonios Kominakis; Emmanuel Rogdakis and Fotini Georgadopoulou

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 3, 287-297 | PDF | Abstract

Effectiveness of genetic evaluation with transformed data by using dam-daughter pairs of Japanese quails [in German]
Norbert Mielenz; Elke Dittmar and Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 3, 299-309 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 2, 99-202 Free access

Study on Friesian Herds Raised in Egypt and Germany I. Estimate of non-genetic effects and genetic parameters
Ezzat S. Tawfik; Mohamed K. Mohsen; Atef Y. Salem and Hassan G. El-Awady

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 2, 101-114 | PDF | Abstract

A comparison of different methods of estimating sire transmitting ability of some milk traits in a herd of Holstein Friesian cattle
Hülya Atil and Adel Salah Khattab

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 2, 115-122 | PDF | Abstract

A comparative gross and lipid composition of Murrah breed of buffalo and cross-bred cow's milk during different lactation stages
Kuldip C. Sharma; Veer Karan Sachdeva and Sudarshan Singh

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 2, 123-130 | PDF | Abstract

Evaluation of market value: comparison between different techniques applied on pork carcasses (short communication)
Wolfgang Branscheid and Andreas Dobrowolski

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 2, 131-137 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic and economic evaluation of genetic improvement schemes in pigs. II. Comparison of selection strategies in a three-way crossbreeding scheme
Uwe Wuensch; Gerhard Nitter; Uwe Bergfeld and Lutz Schueler

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 2, 139-149 | PDF | Abstract

Fattening and carcass performance and meat- and fat quality of Piétrain pigs of different MHS-genotype and sex. I. Fattening and carcass performance and meat quality [in German]
Günter Biedermann; Christiane Jatsch; Walter Peschke; Johann-Peter Lindner and Werner Wittmann

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 2, 151-164 | PDF | Abstract

Fattening and carcass performance and meat- and fat quality of Piétrain pigs of different MHS-genotype and sex. II. Fatty acid pattern of the adipose tissues back fat, leaf fat and intermuscular fat and of the total- and phospholipids of the M. long dorsi [in German]
Günter Biedermann; Christiane Jatsch; Walter Peschke; Johann-Peter Lindner and Werner Wittmann

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 2, 165-178 | PDF | Abstract

Investigation on N-reduced feeding and use of free amino acids in fattening pigs [in German]
Huldreich Nonn and Heinz Jeroch

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 2, 179-191 | PDF | Abstract

Possibilities of developing Favourable Body Fat Partition Via Selection Indexes - Application on Rabbits
Ahmed R. Shemeis and Omar Y. Abdallah

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 2, 193-201 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 1, 1-98 Free access

Oberveterinärrat Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Karl Rothe 70 years [in German]
Ernst Ritter and Klaus Ender

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 1, 3-4 | PDF

Body measurements as selection criteria for growth in South African hereford cattle
Esté van Marle-Köster, Bernice E. Mostert and Japie van der Westhuizen

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 1, 5-15 | PDF | Abstract

Relationship between lysosomal blood activity and milk content of urea and protein in different phases of milk production in dairy cows [in German]
Lothar Panicke, Jens Weingärtner, Marian Schmidt and Theodora Król

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 1, 17-25 | PDF | Abstract

Growth and development quality of dairy calves reared in groups with an automatic milk feeder. Physiological variables and their changes at specific age periods [in German]
Martin Steinhardt and Hans-Hermann Thielscher

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 1, 27-44 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of Booroola on fat content and fat quality of carcasses in crosses with German Mutton Merinos [in German]
Reinhard Suess, Katy Heylen and Gerhard von Lengerken

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 1, 45-56 | PDF | Abstract

Feeding behaviour and diet selection by West African Dwarf Goats (short communication)
Simisola M. Odeyinka

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 1, 57-61 | PDF | Abstract

The influence of MgS04, race and mating pattern on the concentration of some lipids in rabbit organs (short communication)
Jolanta Klusek, Adam Kolataj and Grazyna Swiderska-Kolacz

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 1, 63-68 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of genetic control of subcutaneous fat deposition via using restricted selection indexes on live performance and carcass characteristics of Pekin ducklings
Karima A. Shahin, Ahmed R. Shemeis, Omar Y. Abdallah and Kamal Saleh

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 1, 69-77 | PDF | Abstract

Changes in plasma lipaemia, glycaemia and uremia caused by the negative interaction of the genotype and environment during the laying period of hens of initial lines of laying hybrids
Ladislav Máchal and Stanislav Jerabek

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 1, 79-86 | PDF | Abstract

Joint genetic evaluation of purebred and crossbred data under dominance [in German]
Norbert Mielenz, Lutz Schüler and Eildert Groeneveld

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) 1, 87-98 | PDF | Abstract


Arch Tierz Vol 43 (2000)