Volume 43 (2000) Special Issue

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) Special Issue, 1-136 "3. Wilhelm-Stahl-Symposium", Mai 2000, Rostock, D Free access

Preface [in German]
Fritz Tack

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 5-6 | PDF

The Millennium Tour in the view ofthe European agriculture [in German]
Dirk Lange

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 7-12 | PDF | Abstract

Adjusting farms to a changing economic environment [in German]
Martin Odening

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 13-20 | PDF | Abstract

Methods of animal keeping appropriate to the species, environmental protection and efficient production [in German]
Norbert Kanswohl

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 21-27 | PDF | Abstract

Consumer-oriented aspects of the future development [in German]
Andreas Steiger

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 28-33 | PDF | Abstract

Breeding aspects of sustainable cattle production [in German]
E.W. (Pim) Brascamp; Piter Bijma; Ab F. Groen; Henk Vos; Henk Bovenhuis; Barbara Harlizius und Johan A.M. van Arendonk

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 34-39 | PDF | Abstract

Additional genetic progress in cattle breeding through a new biotechnology [in German]
Wilhelm Kanitz; Hannelore Alm; Frank Becker; Andreas Kuwer; Claus Leiding; Hans-Peter Nohner; Knut Roschlau; Miodrag Stojkovic; Helmut Torner and Hendrik Wenigerkind

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 40-50 | PDF | Abstract

Housing of milking cows considering high milk yields [in German]
Johannes Wolf

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 51-57 | PDF | Abstract

Profitability of future milk production [in German]
Günter Hasert

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 58-61 | PDF | Abstract

Nutrient and energy supply to the high yielding dairy cow [in German]
Martin Gabel and Jürgen Voigt

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 62-70 | PDF | Abstract

Silages of good quality as a precondition to feed high-yielding dairy cows [in German]
Friedrich Weissbach

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 71-76 | PDF | Abstract

Problematic grassland sites: Grassland management on peat soils in the north-east of Germany - economic and ecological aspects [in German]
Heidi Jänicke

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 77-83 | PDF | Abstract

Beef - meat of high nutritional value [in German]
Klaus Ender; Karin Nürnberg and Britta Ender

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 84-90 | PDF | Abstract

The French beef industry: how can consumer expectations be met? [in German]
Jean-Luc Simon and Dominique Gillot

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 91-97 | PDF | Abstract

reeding aspects in mature lamb production [in German]
Kurt J. Peters

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 98-105 | PDF | Abstract

Breeding and management aspects of broiler production [in German]
Peter Horn

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 106-110 | PDF | Abstract

Prospective organizational arrangements for competitive production structures [in German]
Thomas Blaha

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 111-115 | PDF | Abstract

Integrated quality management - the base of future pig production
Peter C. Vesseur and Leo A. den Hartog

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 116-123 | PDF | Abstract

Rearing piglets without in-feed antibiotics [in German]
Wolfgang Hackl; Gerhard Bolduan and Margitta Beck

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 124-130 | PDF | Abstract

Management of animal health as a strategie function [in German]
Klaus Hörügel

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI1, 131-136 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) Special Issue, 137-234 "Animal well-being in husbandry", Mai 2000, Dummerstorf, D Free access

Animal well-being in husbandry and coping with stress: Introductory remarks
Gerhard Manteuffel and Birger Puppe

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 140-143| PDF | Abstract

Stress and coping in farm animals
Eberhard von Borell

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 144-152 | PDF | Abstract

Behavioural and endocrinological changes during the process of domestication in guinea pigs [in German]
Christine Künzl and Norbert Sachser

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 153-158 | PDF | Abstract

Prenatal stress in pigs: effects on growth, physiological stress reactions and immune function
Winfried Otten; Ellen Kanitz and Margret Tuchscherer

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 159-164 | PDF | Abstract

Assessment of cortisol in swine by saliva: new methodological approaches
Sandra Schönreiter and Adroaldo J. Zanella

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 165-170 | PDF | Abstract

Heart rate variability as stress indicator
Elmar Mohr; Elke Witte and Barbara Voss

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 171-176 | PDF | Abstract

Classification of stress calls of the domestic pig (Sus scrofa) using LPC-Analysis and a seif organizing neuronal network
Peter-Christian Schön; Birger Puppe and Gerhard Manteuffel

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 177-183 | PDF | Abstract

Locomotive behaviour of hens and cocks (Gallus gallus f. dorn.) - Implication for housing Systems
Christiane Keppler and Detlef W. Fölsch

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 184-188 | PDF | Abstract

Aspects of animal behaviour and product quality of fattening turkeys influenced by modified husbandry
Jutta Berk and Gisela Hahn

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 189-195 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of housing conditions during farrowing and nursing of sows on growth and behaviour of piglets before and after weaning [in German]
Beate Bünger; Edna Hillmann and Felicitas von Hollen

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 196-202 | PDF | Abstract

Investigations on the hiding behaviour of calves at pasture [in German]
Jan Langbein and Marie-Luise Raasch

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 203-210 | PDF | Abstract

Evaluation of a loose housing system for suckler cows with regard to the behavioural needs of resting behaviour
Marie-Luise Raasch; Regina Huhn and Armin Tuchscherer

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 211-217 | PDF | Abstract

Beasts, humans and the ethics of animal breeding [in German]
Heiner Hastedt

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 218-225 | PDF | Abstract

Social support in female guinea pigs [in German]
Gudrun Hornschuh; Melanie Kirtzeck and Norbert Sachser

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 226 | PDF

Dominance Status affects immune response after social disturbance in pigs
Margret Tuchscherer and Birger Puppe

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 227 | PDF

Effects of stress on glucocorticoid receptor binding in limbic areas of domestic pigs
Ellen Kanitz; Winfried Otten; Margret Tuchscherer and Gerhard Manteuffel

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 228 | PDF

Post-mortem muscle metabolism of phosphorus compounds assessed by 31P NMR spectroscopy in relation to vitamin E administration of pigs genotyped on malignant hyperthermia and stress susceptibility
Peter Krska; Rudolf Lahucky; Ulrich Küchenmeister; Karin Nürnberg and Gerda Kuhn

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 229 | PDF

Usage of the Internet in research and practice of animal production [in German]
Marianne Andres

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 230 | PDF

Effects of long-term selection for exploratory behaviour of mice in an unknown surrounding
Ulla Renne and Martina Langhammer

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 231 | PDF

Registration of behaviour patterns of laying hens by a special electronic system [in German]
Georg Wendl; Klaudia Klindworth; Stephan Bock and Hans M. Eichinger

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 232 | PDF

The suckling behaviour in the domestic pig: modeling and behavioural consequences
Birger Puppe and Armin Tuchscherer

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 233 | PDF

Learning ability of farm animals [in German]
Hartmut Franz

Arch Tierz 43 (2000) SI2, 234 | PDF


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