Volume 44 (2001) 1-6, 1-698

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 6, 575-698 Free access

Prot Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans Joachim Schwark 75 years [in German]
Franz Pirchner

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 6, 577-578 | PDF

Multiple-trait genetic analyses of racing performances of German trotters with disentanglement of genetic and driver effects
Rainer Röhe; Türker Savas; Muhamed Brka; Friedrich Willms and Ernst Kalm

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 6, 579-587 | PDF | Abstract

Estimation of genetic parameters in the dairy cattle population of Saxonia [in German]
Andriana Michailowskaja; Norbert Mielenz; Lutz Schüler; Uwe Bergfeld and Ulf Müller

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 6, 589-597 | PDF | Abstract

Heat production of dairy cows in dependence on milk yield - a study [in German]
Werner Jentsch; Michael Derno and Ottfried Weiher

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 6, 599-610 | PDF | Abstract

Milk yield an milk quality of beef cows during the suckling period [in German]
Heiko Scholz; Attila Zoltan Kovács; Josef Stefler; Rolf-Dieter Fahr and Gerhard von Lengerken

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 6, 611-620 | PDF | Abstract

Growth, slaughter Performance and meat quality of pasture fattening calves raised on cattle out ofthe mother cows with beef cattle [in German]
Manfred Golze

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 6, 621-627 | PDF | Abstract

Investigations on feed intake behaviour of ad libitum fed group housed pregnant sows at tube feeders [in German]
Steffen Hoy; Martin Ziron; Peter Leonhard and Kingsley Oppong Sefa

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 6, 629-638 | PDF | Abstract

Relationship between feed intake, side fat thickness and special parameters of rearing Performance of lactating sows [in German]
Martin Wähner; Heiko Scholz and Bert Kämmerer

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 6, 639-648 | PDF | Abstract

Selection to improve birth and weaning weight of Javanese Fat Tailed Sheep
Ronny Rachman Noor; Andi Djajanegara and Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 6, 649-659 | PDF | Abstract

A comparison of learning performance of dwarf goats in Visual discrimination tasks with two or four simultaneously offered Stimuli [in German]
Hartmut Franz and Evgeny Roitberg

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 6, 661-669 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of inbreeding and selection on fertility and growth in mice [in German]
Bassam Sallah Issa and Gerhard Seeland

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 6, 671-676 | PDF | Abstract

H-Y antigens as Y chromosome-encoded gene products and serologically detectable male antigens (SDM) as testis- or spermatogenesis-linked autosomal gene products
Shizuyo Sutou; Masaaki Kondo; Miyuki Matsuda; Kazuhiko Kawakura; Yasuhide Ohinata; Youji Mitsui and Shoichi Matsukuma

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 6, 677-686 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 5, 471-574 Free access

Characteristics of steers of six beef breeds fattened from eight months of age and slaughtered at a target level of intramuscular fat II. Meat quality
Alain Chambaz; Michael Kreuzer; Martin R. L. Scheeder and Pierre-Alain Dufey

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 5, 473-488 | PDF | Abstract

Heritability of reproductive traits in Asturiana de los Valles beef cattle breed
Felix Goyache and Juan P. Gutierrez

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 5, 489-496 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of breed and lactation number on udder traits of dairy cows [in German]
Martin Wufka and Henning Willeke

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 5, 497-504 | PDF | Abstract

The impact of nutrition and non nutrition factors on milk urea concentration. II. The impact of non nutrition factors on milk urea concentration [in German]
Wolfram Richardt; Heinz Jeroch and Joachim Spilke

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 5, 505-519 | PDF | Abstract

Graph analysis of animals' pedigrees
Antonios P. Kominakis

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 5, 521-530 | PDF | Abstract

Selection for meat quality within pure bred lines in swine - a study [in German]
Joachim Krieter and Ernst Tholen

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 5, 531-546 | PDF | Abstract

Prolactin receptor gene polymorphism and its association with litter size in Polish Landrace
Marek Kmiec; Andrzej Dybus and Arkadiusz Terman

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 5, 547-551 | PDF | Abstract

The Influence of training methods on learning behaviour of dwarf goats on an automatic learning device [in German]
Hartmut Franz

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 5, 553-560 | PDF | Abstract

Selection indexes for improved weaning and marketing body weights of the Burundi local rabbits
M. Reda Anous

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 5, 561-567 | PDF | Abstract

Comfort behaviour in harco strain of cockerels with different drinkers and at different periods ofthe day (short communication)
Olajumoke C. Daniyan; Opes Matanmi; Oladimej1 P Oladipo and OLU.Yinka A. Olukosi

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 5, 569-573 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 4, 345-463 Free access

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Horst Kräußlich 75 years [in German]
Gottfried Brem

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 4, 347-349 | PDF

Somatic nuclear transfer in livestock species
Birgit Kühholzer and Gottfried Brem

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 4, 351-363 | PDF | Abstract

Imphcations of health traits in breeding of dairy eattle [in German]
Ottmar Distl

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 4, 365-380 | PDF | Abstract

Variation and suitability of physiological indicators ofthe glucose tolerance test for the indirectly evaluation of young bulls [in German]
Lothar Panicke; Eckhard Fischer and Rudolf Staufenbiel

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 4, 381-394 | PDF | Abstract

Characteristics of steers of six beef breeds fattened from eight months of age and slaughtered at a target level of intramuscular fat I. Growth performance and carcass quality
Alain Chambaz; Isabelle Morel; Martin R. L. Scheeder; Michael Kreuzer and Pierre-Alain Dufey

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 4, 395-411 | PDF | Abstract

Follicular development and preovulatory oocyte maturation in Hungarian Mangalica and Landrace gilts
István Egerszegi; Helmut Torner; Joszef Rátky and Klaus-Peter Brüssow

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 4, 413-419 | PDF | Abstract

The social behaviour of East Friesian dairy sheep in larger groups
Christine Gräser-Herrmann and Hans Hinrich Sambraus

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 4, 421-433 | PDF | Abstract

Suitability of microsatellites BM1329 and OarAE1O1 as markers for the introgression of the FecB locus into different sheep breeds
Christina Weimann; Birgit Leyhe-Horn; Matthias Gauly and Georg Erhardt

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 4, 435-440 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of exercise on sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ transport in muscle of mouse lines long-term selected for different performance traits
Ulrich Küchenmeister; Martina Langhammer; Ulla Renne; Gerd Nürnberg and Klaus Ender

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 4, 441-450 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of intensive growth on constitutional traits in a mouse outbred stock: comparison of life performance results of G 89/90 in the 90th with results of G 8/9 in the 60th [in German]
Joachim Meyer

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 4, 451-460 | PDF | Abstract

Liposome supported leukocyte cultures and standardisation for zytogenetic preparations [in German]
Beata Zsuzsanna Kovács and Gerald Stranzinger

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 4, 461-468 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 3, 237-344 Free access

Relations between genetic variants of K-casein and ß-lactoglobulin and performance of Black and White and Polish Red cattle [in German]
Jerzy Juszczak; Georg Erhardt; Marian Kuczaj; Ryszard Zieminski and Lothar Panicke

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 3, 239-249 | PDF | Abstract

The impact of nutrition and non nutrition factors on milk urea concentration. I. The impact of nutrition factors on milk urea concentration [in German]
Wolfram Richardt; Heinz Jeroch and Joachim Spilke

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 3, 251-262 | PDF | Abstract

Lactation and Sample Test-Day Multi-trait animal model for genetic evaluation of somatic cell scores in Hungarian Holstein-Friesian crossbreeds
Ashraf A. Amin

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 3, 263-275 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of growth and side fat thickness on reproduction and rearing performance of gilts. II. Relations between characteristics and discussion [in German]
Angelika John; Martin Wähner and Cord Hoffmeyer

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 3, 277-290 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of leptin gene polymorphism on growth and carcass traits in pigs (short communication)
Hanna Kulig; Wilhelm Grzesiak and Iwona Szatkowska

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 3, 291-296 | PDF | Abstract

A comparison of alternatives of milk recording schemes for dairy sheep
Jacek Wojtowski; Adam Gut; Piotr Slósarz and Krzysztof Molinski

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 3, 297-303 | PDF | Abstract

A Different Point of View of Glutathione Peroxidase: its Relationship to the Metabolic Changes Associated with Nutritional Management in Assaf ovine breed
Cristina Castillo; Joaquin Hernandez; Marta Lopez-Alonso; Marta Miranda and Jose Luis Benedito

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 3, 305-312 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of intensive group condition and sex on the oral stereotypes and some behaviour traits in fattening lambs [in German]
Türker Savas; I. Yaman Yurtman; Fevzi Karaagac and Ertan Köycü

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 3, 313-322 | PDF | Abstract

The Effect ofthe Slaughter Method, Inbred, Age and Race on the Glutathione Level in some Organs of Rabbits (short communication)
Grazyna Swiderska-Kolacz; Adam Kolataj and Jolanta Klusek

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 3, 323-327 | PDF | Abstract

Use of a non-starch-polysaccharide (NSP) hydrolysing enzyme as feed supplement for laying hens [in German]
Kerstin Oloffs; Heinz Jeroch and Proben Sorensen

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 3, 329-337 | PDF | Abstract

Cholesterol concentration in yolks and blood plasma in five species of game birds (short communication) [in German]
Eva Straková; Frantisek Vitula; Pavel Suchý; Vladimír Vecerek and Jiri Skaloud

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 3, 339-343 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 2, 115-236 Free access

Prof. Dr. Erhard Kallweit 65 years [in German]
Diedrich Smidt; Frielingen and Martina Henning

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 2, 117-118 | PDF

Considering health traits in breeding of sport horses [in German]
Erich Bruns

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 2, 119-127 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic and phenotypic parameters for individual cow somatic cell counts in Zimbabwean Holstein-Friesian cattle
Edward V. Imbayarwo-Chikosi; Stanley M. Makuza; Clemens B. A. Wollny and James W. Banda

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 2, 129-137 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic analysis of the course of individual growth and feed intake of group-penned performance tested boars [in German]
Volker Schulze; Rainer Röhe; Holger Looft and Ernst Kalm

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 2, 139-156 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of growth and side fat thickness on reproduction and rearing performance of gilts. I. Comparison of characteristics growth, side fat thickness and reproduction performances [in German]
Martin Wähner; Angelika John and Cord Hoffmeyer

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 2, 157-166 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic foundation of AutoFOM-traits [in German]
Ernst Tholen; Horst Brandt; Hubert Henne; Franz-Josef Stork and Karl Schellander

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 2, 167-179 | PDF | Abstract

Studies of carcass and meat quality by means of MR tomography and MR spectroscopy [in German]
Ulrich Baulain and Martina Henning

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 2, 181-192 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of dietary organic selenium and vitamin E supplementation on post mortem oxidative deterioration in muscles of pigs
Peter Krska; Rudolf Lahucky; Ulrich Küchenmeister; Karin Nürnberg; Olga Palanska; Ivan Bahelka; Gerda Kuhn and Klaus Ender

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 2, 193-201 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of the malignant hyperthermia Syndrome (MHS) on meat quality, muscle fibre characteristics and metabolic traits of the Longissimus muscle in Piétrain pigs [in German]
Ilse Fiedler; Gerda Kuhn; Margitta Härtung; Ulrich Küchenmeister; Karin Nürnberg; Charlotte Rehfeldt; Korinna Huber and Danuta Klosowska

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 2, 203-217 | PDF | Abstract

Colour brightness L*, haem pigment and iron content in the musculus longissimus dorsi at Thuringian pig origins [in German]
Werner Reichardt; Simone Müller and Matthias Leiterer

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 2, 219-230 | PDF | Abstract

Heterozygosity between populations - a possible alternative to measures of genetic distance
Jochen Wolf; Gerhard Dietl; Dana Peskovicová; Dieter Sumpf and Martina Langhammer

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 2, 231-236 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 1, 1-114 Free access

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Fritz Hofmann in memory [in German]
Ernst Ritter

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 1, 3-4 | PDF

Ecological total merit index for an Austrian dual purpose cattle breed
Roswitha Baumung; Johann sölkner; Erwin Gierzinger and Alfons Willam

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 1, 5-13 | PDF | Abstract

Relationship between the somatic cell count and certain udder-morphologic traits [in German]
Laszlo Gulyas and Janos Ivancsics

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 1, 15-22 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic trends for milk, fat and protein in the Zimbabwean Holstein-Friesian population from 1973 to 1994
Kizito Kunaka; Stanley M. Makuza; Clemens B. A. Wollny and James W. Banda

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 1, 23-31 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of the conformation scoring and the body measurement based on four linear traits of Holstein Friesian cows [in German]
János Püski; Sándor Bozó; István Györkös; András Gáspárdy and Endre Szücs

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 1, 33-45 | PDF | Abstract

Body composition in newbom piglets of the breeds German Landrace and German Saddleback (short communication) [in German]
Gerda Kuhn; Heinz Falkenberg; Martina Langhammer; Margitta Härtung; Jochen Wegner and Klaus Ender

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 1, 47-52 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of bovine seminal ribonuclease (BS-RNase) on pigs bone marrow cells
Josef Matousek Vojtech Hruban; Jan Hradecky; Alena Hrubá and Josef Soucek

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 1, 53-63 | PDF | Abstract

Early pregnancy diagnosis in ewes by means of transrectal realtime ultrasonography (short communication)
Dursun A. Dinc; Hüseyin Erdem; Ibrahim Tasal; Ahmet Semacan and Ali Ergin

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 1, 65-69 | PDF | Abstract

Development of body weight in rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) after embryo transfer of reciprocal nuclear combinations to a neutral line of reeipients. [in German]
Hendrik Harant; Ralf Porzig; Jens Thielebein; Werner Saar and Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 1, 71-88 | PDF | Abstract

Physiologie effects of individual fatty acids in animal and human body, with particular attention to coronary heart disease risk modulation
Maria Pfeuffer

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 1, 89-98 | PDF | Abstract

Direct and correlated responses to selection for 4-week body weight in two lines of Japanese quails
Gurvinder S. Brah; Moti L. Chaudhary and Jagtar S. Sandhu

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 1, 99-108 | PDF | Abstract

Relationships between electrical impedance and fluid losses from turkey breast meat
Howard J. Swatland; Bethany Uttaro; Jeff Mohr and Nico Buddiger

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) 1, 109-113 | PDF | Abstract


Arch Tierz Vol 44 (2001)