Volume 44 (2001) Special Issue

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) Special Issue, 1-186 "Management of reproduction", September 2001, Bernburg, D

Preface [in German]
Wilhelm Kanitz and Martin Wähner

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 3-4 | PDF

Comparative Aspects of Follicular Development, Follicular and Oocyte Maturation and Ovulation in Cattle and Pigs
Wolfgang Kanitz; Klaus-Peter Brüssow; Frank Becker; Helmut Torner; Falk Schneider; Michael Kubelka and Wolfgang Tomek

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 9-23 | PDF | Abstract

Intrafollicular health markers during antral follicle wave development in cattle
Monika Mihm

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 24-29 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of large follicle aspiration on superovulatory response of beef cows
Takeshige Otoi

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 30-32 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of cdk kinase inhibitors on resumption of meiosis and activation of porcine oocytes
Jan Motlik and Michal Kubelka

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 33-36 | PDF | Abstract

Corpus Luteum function and parturition in cattle and pigs
Marcel A. M. Taverne

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 37-50 | PDF | Abstract

Regulatory factors for luteolysis in ruminants
Dieter Schams and Bajram Berisha

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 51-53 | PDF | Abstract

Involvement of neural component in corpus luteum function in cow
Jan Kotwica; Marek Bogacki and Robert Rekawiecki

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 54-56 | PDF

Non-genomic actions of Estradiol in the porcine corpus luteum: Effects on Progesterone release and intracellular signal transduction
Hubertus Jarry; Sabine Lüdemann; Wolfgang Wuttke and Tamara Becker

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 57 | PDF

Synchronization of estrus and Ovulation in cattle
Raja Rajamahendran; Divakar J. Ambrose; Julie A. Small and Nelson Dinn

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 58-67 | PDF | Abstract

Timed Artificial Insemination in Cattle - Mission Impossible?
Frank Becker; Wilhelm Kanitz and Falk Schneider

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 68-70 | PDF

Synchronisation ofthe reproductive cycle in pigs
Wouter Hazeleger; Roy N. Kirkwood and Nicoline M. Soede

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 71-76 | PDF | Abstract

Synchronization of Ovulation and conception rates in Holstein heifers given an intravaginal progesterone-releasing device (CIDR), and estradiol cypionate, porcine LH or gonadotropin releasing hormon
Divakar J. Ambrose; Raja Rajamahendran; John P. Kastelic and Julie A. Small

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 77-79 | PDF | Abstract

New embryo-technologies: implications for animal health and welfare
Torben Greve and Helene Jacobsen

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 80-90 | PDF | Abstract

Physiological Status of bovine cumulus-oocyte-complexes - basic for embryo production in vitro
Bassiouni Heleil; Hannelore Alm; Tatjana Kuzmina; Wolfgang Tomek; Thomas Greising and Helmut Torner

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 91-93 | PDF

Efficient production of transgenic bovine by microinjection and cloning technology of early embryos
Tatsuyuki Suzuki

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 94-98 | PDF | Abstract

Practical use of OPU/IVP in modern cattle breeding
Knut Roschlau; Andreas Kuwer; Daniela Roschlau; Ute Michaelis; Uwe Dexne; Carsten Kuhnt and Petra Poppe

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 99-101 | PDF | Abstract

Sperm function in cattle and pigs: morphological and functional aspects
Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 102-113 | PDF | Abstract

Glycobiology of Fertilization
Edda Töpfer-Petersen

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 114-117 | PDF | Abstract

Biotesting of spermatozoa function for the use in in-vitro-systems
Markus Gilles; Ulrich Severin; Michael Schaefer and Peter Glatzel

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 118-120 | PDF | Abstract

Efficient use of bulls and boars for AI
Hartmut Nehring and Burghard Staehr

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 121-133 | PDF | Abstract

Boar spermatozoa survival rate in different selected commercial extenders for artificial insemination
Pavlína Hrstková; Josef Cerovsky and Miroslav Rozkot

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 134-137 | PDF | Abstract

Extending and Utilizing of Wild Yak Semen in Yak Raising Areas
Luo Xiao Lin

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 138-140 | PDF

Sex-sorting boar sperm: problems and possibilities
Juan M. Vazquez; Emilioa. Martinez; Jordi Roca; Xiomara Lucas and Inmaculda Parrilla

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 141-144 | PDF

Induction and synchronization of parturition in cattle
Toshihiko Nakao

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 145-150 | PDF | Abstract

Control of parturition in sows by using a combined treatment with Cloprostenol® plus Depotocin®
Martin Wähner and Uwe Hühn

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 151-154 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of addition of buffalo follicular fluid (buFF) to maturation medium on the development of in vitro produced buffalo embryos
Ahmed S. Abdoon

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 155 | PDF

Factors affecting number of surface ovarian follicles and oocytes yield and quality in Egyptian buffaloes
Ahmed. S. Abdoon and Omaima M. Kandil

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 156 | PDF

Influence of oocyte quality, culture media and gonadotropins on cleavage rate and development of in vitro fertilized buffalo embryos
Ahmed S. Abdoon; Omaima M. Kandil; Takeshige Otoi and Tatsuyuki Suzuki

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 157 | PDF

Factors affecting follicular population, oocytes yield and quality in cameis (Camelus dromedarius) ovary with special reference to maturation time in vitro
Ahmed S. Abdoon

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 158 | PDF

The influence of mycotoxin (cx-zearalenol) on maturation of pig oocytes and embryo eulture in vitro
Hannelore Alm; Thomas Greising; Klaus-Peter Brüssow; Helmut Torner and Ute Tiemann

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 159 | PDF

Effect of GnRH and its antagonist on LH release from cultured bovine anterior pituitary cells
Annett Bellmann; Falk Schneider; Wilhelm Kanitz; Gerd Nürnberg and Ute Tiemann

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 160 | PDF

Studying the efficaey of a combination of GnRH and Prostaglandin treatment for Estrus Synchronisation in Holstein Friesian Heifers
Sanjay Bhojwan; Frank Becker and Wilhelm Kanitz

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 161 | PDF

Evidence of the involvement of porcine follicular fluid on in vivo fertilization
Klaus-Peter Brüssow; Helmut Torner and Jozsef Ratky

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 162 | PDF

Superovulatory response in bos indicus breeds, borders or lack of knowledge
Reinaldo de Armas; N. Aparicio and C. Nader

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 163 | PDF

The use of cryopreserved fetal tissues derived somatic cells as donor karyoplast in bovine somatic nuclear transfer
Mokhamad Fahrudin; Takeshige Otoi and Tatsuyuki Suzuki

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 164 | PDF

Stimulation of cows ovarian funetion
Nina Fedosova and Victor Lavushev

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 165 | PDF

Intracytoplasmic sperm injeetion in horse ooeytes using sperms immobilized by deep freezing
Thomas Greising; Hannelore Alm and Wilhelm Kanitz

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 166 | PDF

Effect of growth hormone and type of incubators on cleavage rate and development of in vitro fertilized bovine embryos
Omaima M. T. Kandil; Ahmed S. Abdoon; Takeshige Otoi and Tatsuyuki Suzuki

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 167 | PDF

Assessment of the functional status of bovine and pig oocytes
Tatjana Kuzmina and Yuli Kiriokova

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 168 | PDF

Influence of different hormonal treatment on number and quality of obtained embryos
Ratko Lazarevic and Branislav Miscevic

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 169 | PDF

Somatotropin and prolactin binding to granulosa cells from antral follicles of cattle with different reproduetive status
Irene Lebedeva; Vladimir Lebedev and Tatjana Kuzmina

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 170 | PDF

Cytogenetic analysis of early stage buffalo embryos matured and fertilized in vitro
Karjma Gh. M. Mahmoud; A.M.M. Hamam; M.F. Nawito; A.A.A. Seida; S.M.A. Nawar

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 171 | PDF

Comparison of viability of frozen and vitrified in vivo, in vitro bovine embryo using one step straw method
Hiroko Matsukawa; Takeshige Otoi and Tatsuyuki Suzuki

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 172 | PDF

Inhibition of MAPK Activation Prevents Phosphorylation of Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor eIF4E (Cap Binding Protein) During IVM of bovine Oocytes
Fabiana Melo Sterza; Michal Kubelka; Zdneka Vohnikova and Wolfgang Tomek

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 173 | PDF

Effects of growth factors in eulture medium on freezing sensitivity and post-warming survival of bovine blastocysts developed in vitro, vitrified after the diluent portion of the straw was pre-frozen
Namdori R. Mtango; Modest D. Varisanga; Dong Y. Juan; Takeshige Otoi and Tatsuyuki Suzuki

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 174 | PDF

The use of adult bovine skin fibroblasts eultured at different intervals prior to nuclear transfer
Masao Murakami; Arief Boediono; Oscar Perez; Edward Ferguson; Richard S. Denniston; E. Behboodi and Robert A. Godke

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 175-177 | PDF | Abstract

Microencapsulation of Bull Sperm Cells: Theoretical and Methodical Aspects
Reiner Petzoldt

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 178 | PDF

Effects of a simulated chronic stress in pregnant pigs by repeated ACTH administration
Falk Schneider and Klaus-Peter Brüssow

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 179 | PDF

H-Y antigens as Y chromosome-encoded gene products and serologically detectable male antigens (SDM)as testis- or spermatogenesis-linked autosomal gene products
Shizuyo Sutou; Masaaki Kondo; Miyuki Matsuda; Youji Mitsui and Shoichi Matsukuma

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 180 | PDF

The effect of negative reduced air and 02 pressure on the developmental competence in vitro, of bovine embryos reconstituted by somatic cell nuclear transfer
Modest D. Varisanga; Dong-Ya Juan; Namdori R. Mtango and Tatsyuki Suzuki

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 181 | PDF

Synchronization of oestrus and Ovulation in pigs
Martin Wähner

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 182-183 | PDF

Changes of movement and morphology in stallion spermatozoa between breeding and non-breeding season
Christina Warnke; Steffen Blottner; Wilhelm Kanitz; Armin Tuchscherer and Helmut Torner

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 184 | PDF

Calf obtained after vitrification of in vivo embryos using ethylene glycol, sucrose and Dextran
Bai Xuejin; Dong Y. Juan and Tatsuyuki Suzuki

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI1, 185 | PDF

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) Special Issue, 187-398 "Results of new studies on small ruminants", March 2001, Poznan, PL

Gerhard von Lengerken; Eberhard von Borell and Reinhard Süß

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 189-190 | PDF | Abstract

The influence of date of mating on reproduction performance in relation to ovulation time [in German]
Karl-Heinz Kaulfuss and Simone Moritz

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 191-202 | PDF | Abstract

Pattern of follicular development during the oestrous cycle of prolific Olkuska sheep
Dorota Anna Zieba; Maciej Murawski and Edward Wierzchos

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 203-212 | PDF | Abstract

The influence of milking method on reproductive features and wool performance of ewes as well as growth rate and fleshiness value of their progeny
Witold Rant; Roman Niznikowski; Aurelia Radzik-Rant; Danuta Sztych and Ewa Kuznicka

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 213-218 | PDF | Abstract

Level of selected biochemical indices in blood serum and health state of mainmary glands in sheep under different environment systems
Maria Tietze; Tomasz Gruszecki; Czeslawa Lipecka; Anna Szymanowska; Jaroslaw Markiewicz and Monika Bryl

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 219-223 | PDF | Abstract

The behaviour of sheep of different breeds on pastures recultivated after mining [in German]
Knut Strittmatter

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 224-229 | PDF | Abstract

Vigour and endoparasite incidence of outdoor sheep [in German]
Ralf Wassmuth; Eva Moors and Hans-Jürgen Langholz

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 230-239 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of the feeding system (ad libitum or rationed) on the feed conversion rate and weight gains of Merino ram lambs
Kazimierz Korman

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 240-248 | PDF | Abstract

Some problems and perspectives of sheep breeding research [in German]
Rudolf Wassmuth; Reiner Beuing and Stefan Hiendleder

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 249-257 | PDF | Abstract

The application of BLUP breeding-value estimation in sheep [in German]
Lutz Schüler; Kefelegn Kebede; Reinhard Süss and Norbert Mielenz

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 258-262 | PDF | Abstract

Reproduction Performance and degree of inbreeding in a small Finnsheep population during a 34-year period
Erhard Kallweit and Ulrich Baulain

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 263-270 | PDF | Abstract

Molecular data on wild sheep genetic resources and domestic sheep evolution
Stefan Hiendleder; Axel Janke and Rudolph Wassmuth

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 271-279 | PDF | Abstract

Breeding for resistance to scrapie: Detection of polymorphisms in the prion protein gene in German sheep breeds
Cord Drögemüller; Tosso Leeb and Ottmar Distl

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 280-287 | PDF | Abstract

A comparative study on factors affecting somatic cell counts in goat and sheep milk [in German]
Rolf-Dieter Fahr; Reinhard Süß; Joachim Schulz and Gerhard von Lengerken

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 288-298 | PDF | Abstract

Fatty acid composition and cholesterol content of sheep and goat milk fat during lactation [in German]
Jacek Wójtowski; Romualda Danków; Adam Gut; Jan Pikul; Piotr Slósarz; Marek Stanisz and Ryszard Steppa

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 299-308 | PDF | Abstract

The level of consumption milk production of Polish Lowland sheep depends on milking method
Roman Niznikowski; Witold Rant; Danuta Sztych; Aurelia Radzik-Rant and Ewa Kuznicka

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 309-314 | PDF | Abstract

Milking and milk production of dairy sheep in Spain
Dunixi Gabina and Eva Ugarte

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 315-321 | PDF | Abstract

Studies on conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in sheep milk fat
Wieslawa Walisiewicz-Niedbalska; Bozena Patkowska-Sokola; Andrzej W. Lipkowski; Robert Bodkowski; Jacek Kwiatkowski and Hanna Gwardiak

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 322-328 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of protected fat on fatty acid composition and conjugated linoleic acid level in meat and milk of sheep
Malgorzata Szumacher-Strabel; Andrzej Potkanski and Adam Cieslak

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 329-335 | PDF | Abstract

Evaluation of lamb carcass quality - a critical investigation to the EUROP-classification system [in German]
Peter Freudenreich; Andreas Dobrowolski and Wolfgang Branscheid

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 336-343 | PDF | Abstract

Assessment of intramuscular fat content in the longissimus dorsi muscle in live lambs on the basis of ultrasound image
Piotr Slósarz; Adam Gut; Marek Stanisz; Ryszard Steppa; Jacek Wójtowski and Romualda Danków

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 344-350 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of breed and production system on meat quality and fatty acid composition in lamb muscle
Karin Nürnberg; Sven Grumbach; Gerd Nürnberg; Margitta Hartung; Wolfgang Zupp and Klaus Ender

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 351-360 | PDF | Abstract

Practicability and limits of carcass composition assessment by the use of impedance spectroscopy [in German]
Reinhard Süß; Monika Altmann; Uwe Pliquett and Gerhard von Lengerken

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 361-369 | PDF | Abstract

Meat Performance of hybrid ram lambs with different shares of a prolific breed
Czeslawa Lipecka; Tomasz M. Gruszecki; Miroslaw Pieta; Anna Szymanowska; Krzysztof; Patkowski; Marek Szymanowski and Andrzej Junkuszew

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 370-376 | PDF | Abstract

Body weight and in-vivo assessed slaughter Performance in Olkuska sheep lambs
Elzbieta Martyniuk; Wanda Olech and Józef Klewiec

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 377-384 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of genotype, sex and final weight on slaughter performance of kids [in German]
Ferdinand Ringdorfer

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 385-390 | PDF | Abstract

The use of Tiroler Bergschaf and Weisses Alpenschaf for the production of slaughter lambs in Polish mountainous areas
Pawel Paraponiak and Maciej Roborzynski

Arch Tierz 44 (2001) SI2, 391-397 | PDF | Abstract


Arch Tierz Vol 44 (2001)