Volume 45 (2002) 1-6, 1-608

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 6, 509-608 Free access

Supplementation of grain to suckling beef calves during the grazing period [in German]
Heiko Scholz, Friedrich Mörchen, Stephan Schäfer and Rolf-Dieter Fahr

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 6, 511-521 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of development quality on heart rate, activity and resting times and their diurnal rhythmicity and on growth of group housed feeder-fed dairy calves [in German]
Martin Steinhardt and Hans – Hermann Thielscher

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 6, 523-534 | PDF | Abstract

Prediction of the in vivo Body Composition of Pigs Based on Cross- Sectional Region Analysis of Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) Scans
Alva D. Mitchell, Armin Scholz and Vernon Pursel

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 6, 535-545 | PDF | Abstract

Development to Blastocyst Stage of Pig Oocytes Matured, Fertilized and Electroactivated In Vitro
Namdori R. Mtango, Modest D. varisanga, Dong Y. Juan, Pimprapar Wongrisekeao and Tatsuyuki Suzuki

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 6, 547-556 | PDF | Abstract

Ethological study of social behaviour of pigs from the point of view of housing restriction
Anton Hvozdik, Jana Kottferová and Jorge da Silva Alberto

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 6, 557-563 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic and environmental factors of macroelements concentration in blood serum and osseous tissue of lambs in north-west Poland
Piotr Baranowski

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 6, 565-574 | PDF | Abstract

Central nervous regulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and its impact on fertility, immunity, metabolism and animal welfare – a review
Gerhard Manteuffel

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 6, 575-595 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 5, 419-508 Free access

Associations between Leu/Val polymorphism of growth hormone gene and milk production traits in Black-and-White cattle
Andrzej Dybus

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 5, 421-428 | PDF | Abstract

Is there linkage between supernumerary teats in cattle and BTA3 markers?
Muhamed Brka, Norbert Reinsch and Ernst Kalm

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 5, 429-432 | PDF | Abstract

Optimization of a specialized beef breeding program with a crossbreeding component
Birgit Fuerst-Waltl, Alfons Willam and Johann Sölkner

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 5, 433-441 | PDF | Abstract

Induced parturition in recipient cattle carrying nuclear transfer calves
Daryl J. Funk

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 5, 443-449 | PDF | Abstract

Hematological variables and plasma cortisol in dairy cattle kept loose house and in their newborn calves. Effects of some constant and variable factors [in German]
Martin Steinhardt and Hans-Hermann Thielscher

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 5, 451-464 | PDF | Abstract

Teat number, hairiness and set of ears in a Piétrain cross: variation and effects on performance traits
Norbert Borchers, Norbert Reinsch and Ernst Kalm

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 5, 465-480 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic association for daily gain (lifetime) in an crossbreeding program [in German]
Ralf Fischer, Ulf Müller and Uwe Bergfeld

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 5, 481-490 | PDF | Abstract

Efficient heating of piglet nests
Ivan Štuhec, Milena Kovač and Špela Malovrh

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 5, 491-499 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic parameters for egg production and egg weight of laying hens housed in single and group cages
Veronica Nurgiartiningsih, Norbert Mielenz, Rudi Preisinger, Mathias Schmutz and Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 5, 501-508 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 4, 315-418 Free access

An experimental approach for studying the genetic and physiological background of nutrient transformation in cattle with respect to nutrient secretion and accretion type
Christa Kühn, Olaf Bellmann, Jürgen Voigt, Jochen Wegner, Volker Guiard and Klaus Ender

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 4, 317-330 | PDF | Abstract

Estimating effective population size (Ne) from allele frequency changes in Bavarian Simmental (FV) and Tyrolean Grey (GV) cattle [in German]
Franz Pirchner

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 4, 331-339 | PDF | Abstract

Distribution of milk flow in Holstein Friesian and Fleckvieh cows in Croatia
Pero Mijić, Ivan Knežević, Matija Domaćinović, Mirjana Baban and Davor Kralik

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 4, 341-348 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of time of day the milk and season on the somatic cell count under Hungarian conditions
Zsombor Baltay

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 4, 349-357 | PDF | Abstract

Heart rate, activity and resting times and growth in group reared feeder-fed dairy calves reared at transition from winter to spring [in German]
Martin Steinhardt and Hans – Hermann Thielscher

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 4, 359-373 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic parameters of production traits of Hungarian Pig populations evaluated in separate and joint (field and station) tests
László Csató, István Nagy, János Farkas and László Radnóczi

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 4, 375-386 | PDF | Abstract

Visual discrimination learning of group-housed goats at an automated learning device
Hartmut Franz, Evgeny Roitberg, Berthold Löhrke, Gerd Nürnberg, Gerhard Dietl and Ragnar Kinzelbach

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 4, 387-401 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of selection on body fat content by means of the TOBEC method on some reproductive traits of rabbit does and on the body composition of growing rabbits [in German]
András Lévai and Gábor Milisits

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 4, 403-411 | PDF | Abstract

Growth, carcass traits and meat quality of different local ducks and Turkish Pekins (short communication)
Ergul Işguzar, Cetin Kocak and Heinz Pingel

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 4, 413-418 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 3, 211-314 Free access

Systematic effects on activity, milk yield, milk flow rate and electrical conductivity
Regina Firk, Eckhard Stamer, Wolfgang Junge and Joachim Krieter

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 3, 213-222 | PDF | Abstract

Evaluation of different pig production systems including economic, welfare and environmental aspects
Joachim Krieter

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 3, 223-235 | PDF | Abstract

Content of lipid components in m. longissimus dorsi of progeny of the boars descending from reciprocal crossing of the Pietrain and Duroc breeds
Eugenia Jacyno, Arkadiusz Pietruszka, Anita Kołodziej and Roman Czarnecki

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 3, 237-245 | PDF | Abstract

Fattening, slaughter performance and meat quality of different pig breeds in indoor or outdoor housing (short communication) [in German]
Delia Micklich, Heide-Dörte Matthes, Margitta Hartung and Horst Möhring

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 3, 247-253 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of energy level and dietary protein quality and quantity on the lactation performance of German Fawn Goats [in German]
Claudia Kijora, Kurt-Johannes Peters, Hildegard Rexroth and Sharif Chowdhury

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 3, 255-268 | PDF | Abstract

Changes in sources of shared variability of body size and shape in Egyptian local and New Zealand White breeds of rabbits during growth
Karima A. Shahin and Nagy S. Hassan

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 3, 269-277 | PDF | Abstract

The variation in amino acid levels in the blood plasma of breeding roosters during sexual maturation
Eva Straková, Pavel Suchý, Vladimír Večerek and Ladislav Máchal

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 3, 279-285 | PDF | Abstract

The relationship of shortening and strength of eggshell to some egg quality indicators and egg production in hens of different initial laying lines
Ladislav Máchal and Jana Simeonovová

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 3, 287-296 | PDF | Abstract

Crossbreeding Nigeria Indigenous with the Dahlem Red chickens for improved productivity and adaptability
Sunday A. Adedokun and Emmanuel B. Sonaiya

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 3, 297-305 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of exogenous glutathione (GSH), as stressfactor, on the activity of lysosome enzymes in some organs of mice
Anna Śliwa-Jóźwik, Artur Jóźwik and Adam Kołątaj

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 3, 307-314 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 2, 109-210 Free access

Investigations into the haem pigment content, reflection results as well as into the fatty acid pattern of the intramuscular fat of the Musculus longissimus dorsi (M.l.d.) Thuringian cattle, dependent on fattening system and genotype [in German]
Werner Reichardt, Horst Warzecha, Erhard Gernand, Horst Hartung and Bärbel Eckert

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 2, 111-127 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic and environmental relationship among udder conformation traits and mastitis incidence in Holstein Friesian into two different environments
Ashraf A. Amin, Tibor Gere and Walid H. Kishk

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 2, 129-138 | PDF | Abstract

Testing a continuous variation in preweaning expression of muscular hypertrophy in beef cattle using field data
Felix Goyache, Luis J. Royo, Isabel Alvarez and Juan P. Gutierrez

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 2, 139-149 | PDF | Abstract

The impact of nutrition and non nutrition factors on milk urea concentration. III. A new milk urea model to indicate the dietary crude protein / energy balance in dairy cows [in German]
Wolfram Richardt, Heinz Jeroch and Joachim Spilke

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 2, 151-157 | PDF | Abstract

The role of the myostatin protein in meat quality - a review
Julianna Kobolák and Elen Gócza

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 2, 159-170 | PDF | Abstract

Association of polymorphisms in the promotor region of porcine HSP70.2-gene of boars to litter size [in German]
Cornelia Schlingmann, Gerhard Dietl and Inge Räder

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 2, 171-180 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of monensin sodium on fermentation efficiency in sheep rumen (short communication)
Miroslav Baran and Rudolf Žitňan

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 2, 181-185 | PDF | Abstract

The genetic character of goats breed in Pomerania based on the polymorphism of blood proteins
Katarzyna Wojdak-Maksymiec

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 2, 187-197 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of cholesterol-enriched diet on the activity of some lysosomal enzymes in the liver and blood plasma of rabbits
Anna M. Konecka, Tadeusz Jezierski, Anna Śliwa-Jóźwik, Artur Jóźwik and Adam Kołątaj

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 2, 199-203 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of feeder space allowance on agonistic behaviour and growth performance of broilers (short communication)
Oluyinka A. Olukosi, Olajumoke C. Daniyan and Opes Matanmi

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 2, 205-209 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 1, 1-108 Free access

Professor Pirchner 75 years [in German]
Gerald Stranzinger

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 1, 3-4 | PDF

Development of cattle breeding strategies in Europe
Ernst Kalm

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 1, 5-12 | PDF | Abstract

Intragenic haplotypes at the bovine CSN1S1 locus
Oliver Jann, Eva-Maria Prinzenberg, Horst Brandt, John L. Williams, Paolo Ajmone-Marsan, Pilar Zaragoza, Ceyhan Özbeyaz and Georg Erhardt

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 1, 13-21 | PDF | Abstract

Prediction of the body weight of Simmental heifers using heart girth measurements [in German]
Henning Willeke and Thomas Dürsch

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 1, 23-28 | PDF | Abstract

Shortening of the oestrous cycle and repeated induction of heat as a method of treatment of repeat breeder cows
Adel A. Ramoun, Abd el-Gaoad K. Kadoom and Fikry M. Fouad

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 1, 29-34 | PDF | Abstract

Systematic crossbreeding as a tool to conserve endangered pig breeds [in German]
Worawut Chainetr, Peter Glodek, Horst Brandt, Burchardt Möllers, Martina Henning, Erhard Kallweit and Klaus Fischer

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 1, 35-43 | PDF | Abstract

Investigations on fertility of sows kept in single crates or in groups with tube feeders during pregnancy [in German]
Steffen Hoy and CHRISTINE Räthel

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 1, 45-52 | PDF | Abstract

A better welfare for nursing sows without increased piglet loss applying peri-parturition short term crating
Bernd Stabenow and Gerhard Manteuffel

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 1, 53-60 | PDF | Abstract

Estimation of genetic parameters for test day results of milk performance in East Friesian milk sheep using Bayesian methods for longitudinal data [in German]
Annette Horstick and Ottmar Distl

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 1, 61-68 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic analysis of udder score and milk traits in test day records of Sfakia dairy ewes
Manousos Volanis, Antonios Kominakis and Emmanouel Rogdakis

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 1, 69-77 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of protein starvation on some lysosomal enzyme activities in blood serum of sheep
Adam Kołątaj, Józef Klewiec, Anna Maria Konecka, Artur Jóźwik and Anna Śliwa-Jóźwik

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 1, 79-85 | PDF | Abstract

Long-term selection by using QTL-information [in German]
Norbert Mielenz and Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 1, 87-97 | PDF | Abstract

Transvaginal ultrasound-guided oocyte aspiration for production of embryos in vitro
Joel A. Carter, Shane Bellow, Marius Meintjes, Oscar Perez, Edward Ferguson and Robert A. Godke

Arch Tierz 45 (2002) 1, 99-108 | PDF | Abstract


Arch Tierz Vol 45 (2002)