Volume 46 (2003) 1-6, 1-606

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 6, 499-606 Free access

Prof. Günter Herrendörfer 65 years [in German]
Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 6, 501-502 | PDF

The Use of HEL9 and INRA035 Microsatellites as Specific Markers for Bali Cattle
Eko Handiwirawan, Ronny Rachman Noor, Muladno and Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 6, 503-512 | PDF | Abstract

Body condition and metabolic stability as basis of high milk yield, reproductive performance, and general health in dairy cows [in German]
Rudolf Staufenbiel, Ulf Schröder, Carl-Christian Gelfert and Lothar Panicke

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 6, 513-526 | PDF | Abstract

Associations between polymorphisms of growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) and pituitary transcription factor 1 (PIT1) genes and production traits of Limousine cattle
Andrzej Dybus, Marek Kmieć, Zbigniew Sobek, Witold Pietrzyk and Bogdan Wiśniewski

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 6, 527-534 | PDF | Abstract

Relative importance of risk factors concerning the introduction and spread of classical swine fever and foot-and-mouth disease in Germany
Bettina Nissen and Joachim Krieter

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 6, 535-545 | PDF | Abstract

Studies on the growth and the development of the Claw capsule in new born calves of different breeding lines using linear measurements
Stefan Nüske, Armin M. Scholz and Martin Förster

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 6, 547-557 | PDF | Abstract

Biotechnical control of reproduction in sows and the opportunity of a hidden change of gene frequency for estrous behaviour [in German]
Kathleen Fischer and Martin Wähner

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 6, 559-568 | PDF | Abstract

Culling reasons and their effect on lifetime productivity in sows of the breeds German Large White, German Landrace and Pietrain [in German]
Melanie Heusing, Henning Hamann and Ottmar Distl

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 6, 569-583 | PDF | Abstract

Non-invasive body composition measurement of broiler chickens between 4 – 18 weeks of age by computer tomography
Gabriella Andrássy-Baka, Róbert Romvári, Gábor Milisits, Zoltán Sütő, András Szabó, Làszló Locsmándi and Peter Horn

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 6, 585-595 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 5, 403-498 Free access

Hygienic quality of cow bulk tank milk depending on the method of udder preparation for milking (short communication)
Ryszard Skrzypek, Jacek Wójtowski and Rolf-Dieter Fahr

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 5, 405-411 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of different statistical-genetic approaches of QTL detection by Evaluating results from a real dairy cattle data set
Gertraude Freyer, Christa Kühn and Rosemarie Weikard

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 5, 413-423 | PDF | Abstract

Activities of Proteolytic Lysosomal Enzymes in Blood and Liver of Growing Cattle
Lothar Panicke, Marian Schmidt, Levante Czegledi, Uwe Lendeckel, Jochen Wegner, P. Eberhard Rudolph and Rudolf Staufenbiel

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 5, 425-433 | PDF | Abstract

Bayesian estimation of genetic parameters for growth and carcass traits of grass-fed beef cattle by Full Conjugate Gibbs
Rodolfo J. C. Cantet; Juan Pedro Steibel; Ana N. Birchmeier and Luis F. Santa Coloma

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 5, 435-443 | PDF | Abstract

Regulation of intracellular Ca2+ concentration and meat quality in pigs
Ulrich Küchenmeister and Gerda Kuhn

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 5, 445-454 | PDF | Abstract

On the importance of inbreeding at Tauernschecken goats [in German]
Ruth M. Wokac

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 5, 455-469 | PDF | Abstract

Growth, carcass traits and meat quality of Bronze and White turkeys in Isparta province of Turkey
Ergül Işgüzar

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 5, 471-481 | PDF | Abstract

The process of embryonic mortality in seven initial laying strains during incubation
Ladislav Máchal, Marek Zatloukal, Stanislav Jeřábek and Zuzana Molnárová

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 5, 483-489 | PDF | Abstract

Estimation of variance components from group mean records of laying hens housed in group cages
Norbert Mielenz, Veronica Nurgiartiningsih, Matthias Schmutz and Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 5, 491-498 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 4, 305-402 Free access

Genetic analysis of the population of Hinterwald cattle [in German]
Günter Biedermann, Susanne Waldmann and Franz Maus

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 4, 307-319 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of a single oral iron application on growth and on hematological variables, hemoglobin derivatives and blood gas content in group housed feeder-fed dairy calves [in German]
Martin Steinhardt and Hans – Hermann Thielscher

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 4, 321-330 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of milk protein loci on content of their proteins
Rudolf Graml and Franz Pirchner

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 4, 331-340 | PDF | Abstract

Investigations on the effects of puerperal diseases in sows on the fertility [in German]
Steffen Hoy

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 4, 341-346 | PDF | Abstract

Phenotypic differentiation of exterior traits in local Criollo Goat Population in Patagonia (Argentina)
Maria Rosa Lanari, Héctor Taddeo, Ernesto Domingo, Marcelo Pérez Centeno and Leonardo Gallo

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 4, 347-356 | PDF | Abstract

Rabbits behaviour under modern commercial production conditions – a review
Fayez M. Marai and A. A. Rashwan

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 4, 357-376 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of reproduction and carcass traits in light type of ducks of four conservative flocks over eight generations
Juliusz M. Książkiewicz

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 4, 377-389 | PDF | Abstract

Progress of aggressive pecks and several behavioral traits in rank-order-instable cage groups in laying hens (short communication) [in German]
Fevzi Karaağaç, Mustafa Özcan and Türker Savaş

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 4, 391-396 | PDF | Abstract

In vivo measurement of total body lipid content of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) by electrical conductivity
Csaba Hancz, Gábor Milisits and Péter Horn

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 4, 397-402 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 3, 213-304 Free access

Prediction of 305-day first lactation milk yield in cows with selected regression models
Wilhelm Grzesiak, Jerzy Wojcik and Barbara Binerowska

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 3, 215-226 | PDF | Abstract

Values of plasma lipid hydroperoxides and total antioxidant status in healthy dairy cows: preliminary observations
Cristina Castillo, Joaquín Hernández, Marta López-Alonso, Marta Miranda and José Luís Benedito

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 3, 227-233 | PDF | Abstract

Factors affecting actual weaning weight, preweaning average daily gain and relative growth rate in Asturiana de los Valles beef cattle breed
Felix Goyache; Iván Fernández, Luis J. Royo, Isabel Álvarez and Juan Pablo Gutiérrez

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 3, 235-243 | PDF | Abstract

Mangalica - an indigenous swine breed from Hungary (Review)
Istvan Egerszegi, Jozsef Rátky, László Solti and Klaus-Peter Brüssow

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 3, 245-256 | PDF | Abstract

Examinations to the fatty acid composition of backfat at Thuringian pigs as well as to the fat of Thuringian cracking sausages from the retail trade [in German]
Werner Reichardt, Erhard Gernand, Simone Müller, Horst Hartung, Bärbel Eckert and Uta Braun

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 3, 257-267 | PDF | Abstract

Method comparison to the fat extraction from back bacon at the determination of the fatty acid composition and the iodine value (short communication) [in German]
Werner Reichardt and Bärbel Eckert

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 3, 269-272 | PDF | Abstract

Analysis of the fatty acid composition of the raw fat from the feed of pigs which are examined to her performance (short communication) [in German]
Simone Müller, Werner Reichardt, Horst Hartung and Bärbel Eckert

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 3, 273-276 | PDF | Abstract

Offspring sex ratio in domestic goat (Capra hircus)
Marcin Tadeusz Górecki and Krzysztof Kościński

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 3, 277-284 | PDF | Abstract

Comparative study of the body composition of different turkey genotypes by means of CT (short communication)
Gabriella Andrássy-Baka, Róbert Romvári, Zoltán Sütő, András Szabó and Peter Horn

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 3, 285-292 | PDF | Abstract

Optimization of the population structure for a two-line crossbreeding scheme – a Monte-Carlo study [in German]
Norbert Mielenz, Monika Wensch-Dorendorf and Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 3, 393-203 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 2, 99-212 Free access

Prof. Georg Schönmuth 75 years [in German]
Hans-Joachim Schwark

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 2, 101-102 | PDF

Relations between milk yield and fertility after strong increased milk yield [in German]
Gerhard Seeland and Carsten Henze

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 2, 103-112 | PDF | Abstract

Examinations using the results of breeding value estimation for Holstein sires and cows in Germany [in German]
Hermann H. Swalve and Kerstin Höver

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 2, 113-126 | PDF | Abstract

Oestrus detection in dairy cows based on serial measurements using univariate and multivariate analysis
Regina Firk, Eckhard Stamer, Wolfgang Junge and Joachim Krieter

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 2, 127-142 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of growth traits of eight beef cattle breeds in the Czech Republic
Václav Jakubec, Werner Schlote, Jan Říha and Ivan Majzlík

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 2, 143-153| PDF | Abstract

Genetic analysis of claw measurements from the performance test of young bulls [in German]
Dirk Hinrichs, Tim Ove Kuhlmann, Eckhard Stamer and Ernst Kalm

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 2, 155-165 | PDF | Abstract

Level estimation of metabolic parameters in the glucose tolerance test (GTT) of young bulls [in German]
Lothar Panicke, Eckhard Fischer, Bernd Fischer and Rudolf Staufenbiel

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 2, 167-176 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic predisposition for productive life is associated with functional inactivation of a AP2-binding site in the promoter of the stress protein 70.1-encoding gene in cattle
Manfred Schwerin, Hanka Sanftleben and Sven Gruppe

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 2, 177-185 | PDF | Abstract

Follicular dynamic and ovulation in cattle – a review
Wilhelm Kanitz

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 2, 187-198 | PDF | Abstract

13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy – a non-invasive in vivo method to measure muscle glycogen metabolism in pigs of different genotypes
Armin M. Scholz, Alva D. Mitchell, Huafu Song and Paul C. Wang

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 2, 199-211 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 1, 1-98 Free access

Reliability of milk recording applying automatic milking - comparison of German and Canadian model approaches [in German]
Ernst Bohlsen, Ralf Waßmuth and Dieter Ordolff

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 1, 3-15 | PDF | Abstract

Analysis of plasma IGF-I hormone level and its correlation with live weight and age in Holstein-Friesian heifers
Maria Horvai Szabo

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 1, 17-24 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of the DNA amount per microinjection on the development and EGFP expression in bovine embryos
Masao Murakami, Shinobu Ideguchi, Mokhamad Fahrudin, Takeshige Otoi, Robert A. Godke and Tatsuyuki Suzuki

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 1, 25-30 | PDF | Abstract

Fibre-optic spectrophotometry of beef relative to sarcomere length (short communication)
Howard J. Swatland

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 1, 31-34 | PDF | Abstract

Test-day model of daily milk yield prediction across stages of lactation in Egyptian buffaloes
Ashraf A. Amin

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 1, 35-45 | PDF | Abstract

Induction of fertile cycles in the Blackhead sheep during the anoestrus period
Falk Schneider and Frank Rehbock

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 1, 47-61 | PDF | Abstract

Preliminary results on associations between leptin gene (LEP) and some reproduction performance traits of boars
Marek Kmiec, Hanna Kulig and Andrzej Konik

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 1, 63-70 | PDF | Abstract

Growth, carcass composition and nutrient content of meat of different local geese in Isparta region of Turkey (short communication)
Ergul Isguzar and Heinz Pingel

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 1, 71-76 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic evaluation of egg production traits based on additive and dominance models in laying hens [in German]
Norbert Mielenz, Milena Kovac, Eildert Groeneveld, Rudolf Preisinger, Mathias Schmutz and Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 1, 77-84| PDF Abstract

An algorithm for genetic variance estimation of reproductive traits under a threshold model
Krzysztof Molinski, Maciej Szydlowski, Tomasz Szwaczkowski, Anita Dobek, and Ewa Skotarczak

Arch Tierz 46 (2003) 1, 85-91 | PDF | Abstract


Arch Tierz Vol 46 (2003)