Volume 47 (2004) 1-6, 1-620

Arch Tierz 47 (2004) 6, 501-620 Free access

Prof. Dr. habil. Peter Glodek – 70 years [in German]
Ernst Ritter

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 503-504 | PDF

Development of genetic models for estimation of racing performances in German thoroughbreds
Antke-Elsabe Bugislaus, Rainer Roehe, Hubert Uphaus and Ernst Kalm

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 505-516 | PDF | Abstract

Domestication of the horse: results based on microsatellite and mitochondrial DNA markers
Kerstin S. Aberle and Ottmar Distl

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 517-535 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of systematic effects on fertility traits in Swiss Brown cows
Jan Christof Bielfeldt, Ruth Badertscher, Karl-Heinz Tölle and Joachim Krieter

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 537-549 | PDF | Abstract

Connection of milk flow curve to the somatic cell count in bovine milk
Pero Mijić, Ivan Knežević and Matija Domaćinović

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 551-556 | PDF | Abstract

PIT1-HinfI gene polymorphism and its associations with milk production traits in polish Black-and-White cattle
Andrzej Dybus, Iwona Szatkowska, Ewa Czerniawska-Piątkowska, Wilhelm Grzesiak, Jerzy Wójcik, Edyta Rzewucka and Sławomir Zych

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 557-563 | PDF | Abstract

Ethological investigations on occupation with the bedding of boars in Artificial Insemination stations [in German]
Stefan Rohrmann and Steffen Hoy

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 565-574 | PDF | Abstract

Comparative investigations into the subpartal application of Oxytocin preparations in sows [in German]
Uwe Hühn, Thomas Udluft, Axel Wehrend and Wolfgang Zaremba

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 575-584 | PDF | Abstract

Organometric data of the reproductive tract in cycling and early pregnant Hungarian Mangalica pigs
Klaus-Peter Brüssow, Istvan Egerszegi, Jozsef Rátky, Ferenc Soós, Pedro Garcia Casado, Armin Tuchscherer and Peter Toth

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 585-594 | PDF | Abstract

Model simulations for genetic random drift in the outbred strain Fzt:DU
Gerhard Dietl, Martina Langhammer and Ulla Renne

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 595-604 | PDF | Abstract

Use of inbred sires to exploit epistatic variance (short communication)
Franz Pirchner

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 605-608 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 47 (2004) 5, 403-500 Free access

The influence of calf rearing methods and milking methods on performance traits of crossbred dairy cattle in Thailand. 3. Calf performance
Narintorn Boonbrahm, Kurt J. Peters and Claudia Kijora

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 405-414 | PDF | Abstract

Polymorphism of blood leukocyte acid phosphatase and the profile of peripheral blood lymphocytes in the first of lactation trimester of cows naturally-infected with bovine leukaemia virus
Ewa Kaczmarczyk, Barbara Bojarojć-Nosowicz, Anna Fiedorowicz and Wiesław Demianowicz

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 415-430 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of recipient dams of different breeds on performance of Japanese Black calves produced by embryo transfer
Akihiro Kurihara, Junjiro Sekine, Mitsugu Hishinuma,Tatsuyuki Suzuki and Takeshige Otoi

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 431-441 | PDF | Abstract

Growth performance and adaptation of suckler calves with a different hemoglobin content of blood from a cow-calf operation [in German]
Martin Steinhardt and Hans-Hermann Thielscher

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 443-453 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of different genetic origins on fattening and carcass performance, on quality of meet and fat as well as fatty acid pattern of phospholipids from pigs [in German]
Brigitte Volk, Günter Biedermann, Michael Kuhn and Christiane Jatsch

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 455-462 | PDF | Abstract

Different allele frequencies of MC4R gene variants in Chinese pig Breeds
Min Chen, Aiguo Wang, Jinlian Fu and Ning Li

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 463-468 | PDF | Abstract

Rabbits behavioural response to climatic and managerial conditions – a review
Ibrahim Fayez M. Marai and Ali A. Rashwan

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 469-482 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of Increasing Zinc Concentration in the Diets of Brown Parent Stock Layers on Various Production and Hatchability Traits (short communication)
Ismail Durmuş, Cengiz Ataşoğlu, Cengizhan Mizrak, Süeda Ertaş and Muhammet Kaya

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 483-489 | PDF | Abstract

Sample size for estimation of dominance variance with hierarchical full- and half-sib structure [in German]
Norbert Mielenz and Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 491-499 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 47 (2004) 4, 301-396 Free access

The influence of calf rearing methods and milking methods on performance traits of crossbred dairy cattle in Thailand. 2. Reproductive performance and cow body weight
Narintorn Boonbrahm, Kurt J. Peters and Wanchai Intisang

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 303-312 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of feeding on fattening performance and carcass quality of young Hungarian Grey and Holstein Friesian bulls [in German]
Gabriella Holló, Karin Nürnberg, János Seregi, István Holló,Imre Repa and Kaus Ender

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 313-323 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of Protein Sources with Different Rumen Degradability in a Diet on the Efficiency of Utilization of Metabolizable Energy by Calves
Junjiro Sekine, Hossam E. M. Kamel, Mitsugu Hishinuma, Abdel Nasir M. A. Fadel El-Seed, Shigeru Morita, Masaaki Hanada and Seiji Kondo

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 325-335 | PDF | Abstract

Evaluation of Salmonella surveillance in pigs using a stochastic simulation model
Joachim Krieter

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 337-349 | PDF | Abstract

Estimation of genetic parameters in land sheep breeds
Frerich De Vries, Henning Hamann and Ottmar Distl

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 351-358 | PDF | Abstract

Case study of a Hungarian breeding program using imported Booroola rams
Mariann Árnyasi, Attila Zsolnai, István Komlósi, László Fésüs and András Jávor

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 359-366 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of physical and qualitative traits of meat of two Polish conservative flocks of ducks
Tomasz Kisiel and Juliusz M. Książkiewicz

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 367-375 | PDF | Abstract

A statistical analysis of population variability in Bronze Turkey considering gene conservation
Szilvia Szőke, István Komlósi, Edit Korom, Márton Ispány and Sándor Mihók

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 377-385 | PDF | Abstract

Estimation of variance components under dominance with simulated purebred lines [in German]
Monika Wensch-Dorendorf, Norbert Mielenz, Eildert Groeneveld, Milena Kovac and Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 387-395 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 47 (2004) 3, 209-300 Free access

The influence of calf rearing methods and milking methods on performance traits of crossbred dairy cattle in Thailand. 1. Milk yield and udder health
Narintorn Boonbrahm, Kurt J. Peters and Wanchai Intisang

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 211-224 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of starvation and sex on some lysosomal enzymes activity in young dairy cattle
Adam Kołątaj, Edward Dymnicki, Jolanta Oprządek, Artur Jóźwik, Anna Śliwa-Jóźwik and Artur Oprządek

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 225-230 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic variability of the CRC and MYF4 genes in genetic resource, Přeštice Black-Pied pig
Pavel Horák, Tomáš Urban and Josef Dvořák

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 231-238 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of animal/feeder-trough space ratio on health, behaviour and performance of group housed sows fed ad libitum [in German]
Steffen Sendig, Annerose Rudovsky, Joachim Spilke, Eckhard Meyer and Eberhard von Borell

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 239-248 | PDF | Abstract

Comparative investigations for ultrasonic fat thickness measurements of pigs at the performance testing [in German]
Simone Müller and Siegrid Polten

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 249-263 | PDF | Abstract

The influence of age and the reproductive status to the blood indicators of the ewes
Zvonko Antunović, Marcela Šperanda and Zvonimir Steiner

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 265-273 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of systematic environmental effects on milk performance traits in German Improved Fawn [in German]
Dominika Bömkes, Henning Hamann and Ottmar Distl

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 275-285 | PDF | Abstract

Slaughter value and meat quality of Muscovy ducks, Pekin ducks and their crossbreeds, and evaluation of the heterosis effect
Kazimierz Wawro, Elżbieta Wilkiewicz-Wawro, Katarzyna Kleczek and Wiesław Brzozowski

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 287-299 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 47 (2004) 2, 103-208 Free access

Prof. Dr. habil. Ernst Ritter - 75 years [in German]
Manfred Schwerin

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 105-106 | PDF

Parameters and trends of mare inspections of Mecklenburger Warmblut Horse [in German]
Gerhard Dietl, Siegfried Hoffmann and Satu Albrecht

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 107-117 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic and environmental effects on twin pregnancy and length of reproduction in Thoroughbred mares
Anna Bresińska, Laura Wachowska and Tomasz Szwaczkowski

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 119-127 | PDF | Abstract

Investigations on breeding plans for organic dairy cattle
Birte Harder, Wolfgang Junge, Jörn Bennewitz and Ernst Kalm

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 129-139 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic analysis of the population of Vorderwald cattle
Günter Biedermann, Bettina Ott, Karin Rübesam and Franz Maus

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 141-153 | PDF | Abstract

A comparison of protein polymorphisms in milk produced by two dairy farms in West Pomerania
Ewa Czerniawska-Piątkowska, Henryk Kamieniecki, Renata Pilarczyk and Edyta Rzewucka

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 155-163 | PDF | Abstract

Polymorphism of the GPX-5 gene and characteristics of boar semen
Mariusz Mackowski, Marek Switonski, Joanna Mackowska and Wojciech Perz

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 165-171 | PDF | Abstract

STREMODO, an innovative technique for continuous stress assessment of pigs in housing and transport [in German]
Gerhard Manteuffel and Peter C. Schön

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 173-181 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of dietary magnesium oxide supplementation on fatty acid composition, antioxidative capacity and meat quality of heterozygous and normal malignant hyperthermia (MH) pigs
Rudolf Lahucky, Karin Nürnberg, Ulrich Küchenmeister, Ivan Bahelka, Jozef Mojto, Gerd Nürnberg and Klaus Ender

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 183-191 | PDF | Abstract

Estimation of genetic parameters for test day records of milk performance traits in German Improved Fawn [in German]
Dominika Bömkes, Henning Hamann and Ottmar Distl

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 193-202 | PDF | Abstract

Stability of milking order in goat over a long period(short communication)
Marcin Tadeusz Górecki and Jacek Wójtowski

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 203-208 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 47 (2004) 1, 1-102 Free access

Prof. Dr. habil. Klaus Löhle - 75 years [in German]
Ernst Ritter

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 3-4 | PDF

Prof. Dr. habil. Ernst Pfeffer - 65 years [in German]
Manfred Anke

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 5-6 | PDF

Modifying influence of 11-months training on results of ‘timidity’ test of young half bred stallions
Jolanta Janiszewska, Joanna Ignor and Angelika Cieśla

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 7-13 | PDF | Abstract

Use of milk samples from a milk evaluation program for the genotyping of cows
Johannes Buitkamp and Kay-Uwe Götz

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 15-26 | PDF | Abstract

Practical application of timed artificial insemination in cattle using a GnRH and Prostaglandin treatment [in German]
Frank Becker, Ellen Kanitz, Falk Schneider, Gerd Nürnberg and Wilhelm Kanitz

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 27-36 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of sire line on growth, ambulating in novel environmentand maze learning in heifers
Jan Broucek, Stefan Mihina, Michal Uhrincat, Peter Kisac, Anton Hanus and Vladimir Tancin

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 37-46 | PDF | Abstract

Milk ingestion and growth performance of suckler calves born during winter stalling from German Red and White breed and from old type German Black and White breed in a cow-calf operation [in German]
Martin Steinhardt and Hans-Hermann Thielscher

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 47-58 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of sire breeds in commercial pig crosses on growth, carcass composition, meat and fat quality [in German]
Peter Glodek, Rüdiger Kratz, Edgar Schulz and Gerhard Flachowsky

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 59-74 | PDF | Abstract

Macroelements concentration in the osseous tissue of caudal vertebrae in domestic sheep lambs and of mandibular bone in roe deer bucks coming from the northern and the southern region of Western Pomerania in Poland
Piotr Baranowski, Wiesława Klata And Stanisław Baranow–Baranowski

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 75-84 | PDF | Abstract

Optimalization of Salmonella detection in chickens’ caecum using PCR method (short communication)
Robert Herich, Andrea Lauková, Viola Strompfová, Viera Revajová, Mikuláš Levkut and Juraj Pistl

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 85-91 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of the high environmental temperature on some blood parameters and the laying performance of Japanese quails with different body weights (short communication)
Mahiye Ozcelik and Orhan Ozbey

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 93-98 | PDF | Abstract

In memoriam - Prof. Dr. habil. Rolf-Dieter Fahr 2.10.1946 – 25.11.2003 [in German]
Hans-Joachim Schwark and Gerhard von Lengerken

Arch Tierz 47 (2004), 102 | PDF


Arch Tierz Vol 47 (2004)