Volume 48 (2005) 1-6, 1-638

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) 6, 535-638 Free access

Effect of feeding on the composition of the intramuscular fat in longissimus muscle and different fatty tissues of Hungarian Grey and Holstein Friesian bulls. 1. Fatty acid profile [in German]
Gabriella Holló, Karin Nuernberg, Imre Repa, Istvan Holló, János Seregi, Gabriella Pohn and Klaus Ender

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 537-546 | PDF | Abstract

Association between leptin combined genotypes and milk performance traits of Polish Black-and-White cows
Hanna Kulig

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 547-554 | PDF | Abstract

Growth and milk performance of yak in southern Qinghai area (short communication)
Xiao-Lin Luo, Jingtao Xu, Quan Li, Yaping Wei and Xin-Quan Zhao

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 555-561 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of culture methods on cumulus and oocyte morphology and meiotic competence of bovine oocytes from early antral follicles
Lucyna Kątska-Książkiewicz and Hannelore Alm

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 562-571 | PDF | Abstract

Partial characterization of two ruminal bacteriophages with similar restriction patterns and different capsids morphology
Igor Štyriak, Alena Španová and Rudolf Žitňan

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 572-579 | PDF | Abstract

Estimation of body composition of pigs by a near-infrared interactance probe technique
Alva D. Mitchell, Armin M. Scholz and Morse B. Solomon

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 580-591 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of vitamin E by dietary supplementation and of calcium ascorbate by post mortem injection in muscle on the antioxidativestatus and on meat quality of pigs
Rudolf Lahucky, Ulrich Kuechenmeister, Ivan Bahelka, Katarina Novotna, Katarina Vasickova and Klaus Ender

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 592-600 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of probiotic supplementation shortly before and after weaning on growth of Turkish Saanen kids
Kevser Ayişiği, Cengiz Ataşoğlu, Ismail Yaman Yurtman, Mehmet Mendeş and Akin Pala

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 601-611 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of breed, sex and diet and their interactions on carcass composition and tissue weight distribution of broiler chickens
Karima A. Shahin and Fathy Abd Elazeem

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 612-626 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) 5, 413-534 Free access

Professor Dr. Peter Horst - 75 years [in German]
Anne Valle Zárate

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 415-416 | PDF

Rearing diet effects on body condition and milk performance in first lactating dairy cows – A longitudinal study
Uwe Müller, Ahmad R. Sharifi, Rudolf Staufenbiel, Lutz Hasselmann, Robert Tripmacher, Julia Wiebe and Gudrun A. Brockmann

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 417-427 | PDF | Abstract

In vivo analysis of body composition and growth of calves of different genetic origin using dualenergy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) [in German]
Julia Hampe, Stefan Nüske, Armin M. Scholz and Martin Förster

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 428-444 | PDF | Abstract

The reproductive and milk performance merit of Butana cattle in Sudan
Lutfi M.-A. Musa, Mohamed-Khair A. Ahmed, Kurt J. Peters,Birgit Zumbach and Kamal E. A. Gubartalla

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 445-459 | PDF | Abstract

Simplifications of marker-assisted genetic evaluation and accounting for non-additive interaction effects
Yuefu Liu and Pramod K. Mathur

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 460-474 | PDF | Abstract

Welfare in Farm Animal Husbandry – Current definitions and concepts as basis for practical oriented research with focus on fattening pig husbandry [in German]
Ragnhild E. F. Weber und Anne Valle Zárate

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 475-489 | PDF | Abstract

Characterizing polymorphism and multiplex feasibility of 142 microsatellite markers from a commercial German Landrace line
Sebastean Schwarz, Ulrich Presuhn, Ernst Kalm and Norbert Reinsch

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 490-493 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of light intensity on reproduction of Polish, Swedish, and Danish chinchillas
Lidia Felska-Błaszczyk and Marian Brzozowski

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 494-504 | PDF | Abstract

Skeletal muscle and liver protein degradation in mice divergently selected for low and high body weight over 108 generations
Stanisław J. Rosochacki, Elżbieta Wirth-Dzięciołowska, Małgorzata Zimowska, Tomasz Sakowski, Jarosław Połoszynowicz, Edyta Juszczuk-Kubiak and Magda Gajewska

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 505-517 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of storage period and egg weight of Japanese quail eggs on hatching results (short communication)
Ibrahim Seker, Selim Kul and Metin Bayraktar

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 518-526 | PDF | Abstract

Divergent selection for ω3:ω6 polyunsaturated fatty acid ratio in quail eggs
Lothar Mennicken, Siriluck Ponsuksili, Ernst Tholen,Nguyen Thi Kim Khang, Katharina Steier, Johannes Petersen, Karl Schellander and Klaus Wimmers

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 527-534 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) 4, 302-412 Free access

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Ernst Kalm - 65 years [in German]
Diedrich Smidt

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 303-304 | PDF

Studies on the development of the claws in new born calves of different breeds and crossbreds using Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA)
Stefan Nüske, Julia Hampe, Armin M. Scholz and Martin Förster

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 305-317 | PDF | Abstract

On correlating penetrometry with photometry in beef roasts(short communication)
Howard J. Swatland

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 318-323 | PDF | Abstract

Identification of genetic variants in differentially expressed sequences in cattle of different metabolic type – potential genetic markers of nutrient utilization
Manfred Schwerin, Tom Goldammer, Christa Kuehn, Christina Walz and Siriluck Ponsuksili

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 324-333 | PDF | Abstract

Functional analysis of the bovine beta- and kappa casein gene promoters using homologous mammary gland derived cell line
Maruša Debeljak, Polona Frajman, Tina Lenasi, Mojca Narat, Antonella Baldi and Peter Dovc

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 334-345 | PDF | Abstract

Computer-based analysis of sow herd performance
Joachim Krieter, Katrin Kirchner, Julia Engler and Karl-Heinz Tölle

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 346-358 | PDF | Abstract

The effects of breed cross on performance and meat quality of once-bred gilts in a seasonal outdoor rearing system
Anke Heyer, Kristina Andersson, Sara Leufvén, Lotta Rydhmer and Kerstin Lundström

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 359-371 | PDF | Abstract

Polymorphisms of the androgen receptor gene associate with fatness, uterus and ovary measurements in the pig
Klaus Wimmers, Nares Trakooljul, Karl Schellander and Siriluck Ponsuksili

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 372-382 | PDF | Abstract

Association between prion – protein - haplotypes and yield traits of station and field tested sheep [in German]
Erhard Gernand, Heike Lenz, Udo Moog and Ralf Wassmuth

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 383-395 | PDF | Abstract

Persistency within and between lactations in morning, evening and daily test day milk in dairy goats (short communication)
Akin Pala and Türker Savaş

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 396-403 | PDF | Abstract

Mortality of laying hens housed in single and group cages [in German]
Norbert Mielenz, Matthias Schmutz and Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 404-411 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) 3, 207-300 Free access

The use of molecular genetics in eliminating of inherited anomalies in cattle
Ottmar Distl

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 209-218 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of missing sire information on genetic evaluation
Birte Harder, Jörn Bennewitz, Norbert Reinsch,Manfred Mayer and Ernst Kalm

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 219-232 | PDF | Abstract

Estimation of variance components for production and fertility traits in Northern Thai dairy cattle to define optimal breeding strategies
Sven König, Nattaphon Chongkasikit And Hans-Jürgen Langholz

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 233-246 | PDF | Abstract

Thyroid hormones in loose housed dairy cattle and in their newborn calves. Effects of some constant and variable factors [in German]
Martin Steinhardt and Hans-Hermann Thielscher

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 247-260 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic parameter of birth and weaning weights for Friesian calves by using an animal model
Hulya Atil, Adel Salah Khattab and Lila Badawy

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 261-269 | PDF | Abstract

Application of Echinacea-extract in pregnant and suckled sows [in German]
Gerda Kuhn, Klaus Ender, Ralph Thomann, Margret Tuchscherer, Armin Tuchscherer, Bernd Stabenow, Monika Krüger and Wieland Schrödl

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 270-282 | PDF | Abstract

The relationship among pre and post slaughter traits of American Bronze Turkey
Mehmet Mendes, Ali Karabayir, I.Erbil Ersoy and Turker Savas

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 283-289 | PDF | Abstract

Variation in the chemical composition of muscles in young pheasants during their growth
Vladimír Večerek, Pavel Suchý, Eva Straková, František Vitula and Markéta Mikundová

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 290-298 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) 2, 111-206 Free access

Impact of trainer and judges in the mare performance test of Warmblood Horses
Gerhard Dietl, Siegfried Hoffmann and Norbert Reinsch

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 113-120 | PDF | Abstract

Phenotypic and Genetic Parameter Estimates for Racing Traits of Thoroughbred Horses in Turkey
Bülent Ekiz, Ömür Kocak and Alper Yilmaz

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 121-129 | PDF | Abstract

A note on inbreeding in dairy cattle breeding
Gertraude Freyer, Jules Hernández-Sánchez and Bennet G. Cassell

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 130-137 | PDF | Abstract

Machine learning as an aid to management decisions on high somatic cell counts in dairy farms
Félix Goyache, Jorge Díez, Secundino López, Gerardo Pajares, Begoña Santos, Iván Fernández and Miguel Prieto

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 138-148 | PDF | Abstract

Association of genetic variants of bovine prolactin with milk production traits of Black-and-White and Jersey cattle
Andrzej Dybus, Wilhelm Grzesiak, Henryk Kamieniecki, Iwona Szatkowska, Zbigniew Sobek, Piotr Błaszczyk, Ewa Czerniawska-Piątkowska, Sławomir Zych and Magdalena Muszyńska

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 149-156 | PDF | Abstract

Parturient behaviour and raising of calves in bison (Bison bison) kept on farms [in German]
Tanja Haßpacher and Hans Hinrich Sambraus

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 157-173 | PDF | Abstract

Using of Ultrasound for estimation of carcass composition and prediction of breeding value for sheep’s [in German]
Erhard Gernand and Heike Lenz

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 174-184 | PDF | Abstract

Growth curves of Turkish Saanen goats’ kids grouped for weight and body mass index
Akin Pala, Türker Savaş, Feyzi Uğur and Gürbüz Daş

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 185-193 | PDF | Abstract

Preliminary investigation into thermal stress during diurnal road transportation of young ostriches (Struthio Camelus)
Giuseppe Piccione, Anna Costa, Elisabetta Giudice and Giovanni Caola

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 194-200 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) 1, 1-110 Free access

PD Dr. Klaus Wimmers – new Editor in Chief of the journal “Archives Animal Breeding” [in German]
Manfred Schwerin

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 3 | PDF

Inheritance of some fertility traits in three successive generations of Holstein-Friesian cattle
Ratko Lazarevic and Branislav Miscevic

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 5-11 | PDF | Abstract

Milk ingestion and growth performance of suckler calves (cross breeds Galloway x F1 Galloway x Holstein Friesian) from a cow-calf operation. Effects of sex and of life age of calf and of the age of dam [in German]
Martin Steinhardt and Hans-Hermann Thielscher

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 12-23 | PDF | Abstract

Variances of direct and maternal genetic effects for milk yield and age at first calving in a herd of Friesian cattle in Egypt
Adel Salah Khattab, Hulya Atil and Lila Badawy

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 24-31 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of quality of sperm chromatin structure on in -vitro production of cattle embryos
Lucyna Kątska-Książkiewicz, Michał Bochenek and Bożenna Ryńska

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 32-39 | PDF | Abstract

Fattening, carcass and meat quality traits of hybrid pigs as influenced by MHS genotype and feeding systems
Goran Kusec, Ulrich Baulain, Martina Henning, Peter Köhler and Erhard Kallweit

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 40-49 | PDF | Abstract

An association between genotypes at the porcine loci MSTN (GDF8) and CAST and microstructural characteristics of m. longissimus lumborum : a preliminary study
Danuta Kłosowska, Jolanta Kurył, Gabriela Elminowska-Wenda, Wojciech Kapelański, Konrad Walasik, Mariusz Pierzchała, Danuta Cieślak and Joanna Bogucka

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 50-59 | PDF | Abstract

Parthenogenetic Activation of Porcine Oocytes by CalciumIonophore A23187
Sai Yin, Mitsugu Hishinuma, Katsumi Hamana and Junjiro Sekine

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 60-67 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of selenium and vitamin E supplementation on reproductive performance of young boars
Anita Kołodziej and Eugenia Jacyno

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 68-75 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic parameters for reproduction traits in land sheep breeds [in German]
Frerich De Vries, Henning Hamann and Ottmar Distl

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 76-85 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of Three Different Lighting Programs on Live Weight Change of Bronze Turkeys under Semi-Intensive Conditions
Mehmet Mendes, Ali Karabayir, I. Erbil Ersoy and Cengiz Atasoglu

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 86-93 | PDF | Abstract

Some egg and hatching traits of local ducks, Turkish Pekins and Muscovy ducks in Isparta/Turkey (short communication)
Ergul Isguzar

Arch Tierz 48 (2005), 94-100 | PDF | Abstract


Arch Tierz Vol 48 (2005)