Volume 48 (2005) Special Issues

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) Special Issue, 1-150 "COST ACTION 925", Oktober 2004, Porto, POR Free access

Niels Oksbjerg, Marinus F.W. te Pas, Neil Stickland and Klaus Wimmers

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 3 | PDF | Abstract

Prenatal influences on skeletal muscle development in mammals, birds and fish
Clare Ashton, Stephanie Bayol, Gráinne McEntee, V. Maltby and Neil Stickland

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 4-10 | PDF | Abstract

Prenatal events that determine the number of muscle fibres are important for lean growth and meat quality in pigs
Charlotte Rehfeldt

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 11-22 | PDF | Abstract

Combining QTL- and expression-analysis: identification of functional positional candidate genes for meat quality and carcass traits
Klaus Wimmers, Eduard Murani, Karl Schellander and Siriluck Ponsuksili

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 23-31 | PDF | Abstract

Molecular characterisation of the porcine skeletal myosin heavy chain cluster and a major candidate regulatory domain
Nuno da Costa and Kin-Chow Chang

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 32-39 | PDF | Abstract

The influence of increased maternal nutrition on offspring muscle development, growth and meat quality, and endocrine concentrations of IGFs and IGFBPs in both sow and foetuses
Pia M. Nissen, Mogens Vestergaard and Niels Oksbjerg

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 40 | PDF

The influence of dietary energy level in double-muscled Belgian Blue cows during the indoor period on calf birth weight and development
Leo O. Fiems, Wim van Caelenbergh, Sam de Campeneere and Daniël L. de Brabander

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 41-47 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of sow feed intake during gestation on the growth performance of progeny to slaughter
Peadar G. Lawlor and Patrick B. Lynch

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 48-55 | PDF | Abstract

Non-invasive measurement of muscle development in lambs postnatally – implications for meat quality
Malin P. Tygesen, M. Therkildsen and Adrian P. Harrison

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 56-62 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of pre- and postnatal exposure to maternal low and high dietary protein levels on body mass development and energy expenditure in rat progeny
Cornelia C. Metges

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 63-67 | PDF | Abstract

The long-term influences of birth weight on muscle characteristics and eating meat quality in pigs individually reared and fed during fattening
Florence Gondret, Louis Lefaucheur, Isabelle Louveau, and Benedicte Lebret

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 68-73 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of maternal nutrition levels on growth rate and muscle gene expression in the offspring in the rat
Stéphanie Bayol and Neil C. Stickland

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 74 | PDF

Expression of the myosin light chains 1 and 2 in the developing fast muscle of gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata)
Katerina A. Moutou, Nadia Silva, Zissis Mamuris and Deborah M. Power

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 75 | PDF

Selection for growth rate alters the expression of rapid myosin heavy chain isoforms in chicken breast muscle
Michel J. Duclos, Cecile Berri, Nadim Haj Hattab

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 76 | PDF

Isolation and identification of two slow Troponin T genes in the Sparus aurata: In Silico comparative genomic analysis with Fugu rubripes
Marco A. Campinho, Deborah M. Power and G. Sweeney

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 77-78 | PDF

Insulin accelerates mitochondrial gene expression during L6 cell myogenesis
Michał Mikula, Artur Dzwonek, Ewa E. Hennig and Jerzy Ostrowski

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 79-80 | PDF

Associations between polymorphism of some candidate genes and growth rates, feed intake and utilisation, slaughter indicators and meet quality in cattle
Jolanta Oprządek, Krzysztof Flisikowski, Lech Zwierzchowski, Edyta Juszczuk-Kubiak, Stanisław Rosochacki, and Edward Dymnicki

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 81-87 | PDF | Abstract

Marker assisted introgression of the Compact mutant myostatin allele: MstnCmpt-dl1Abc into a mouse line with extreme growth: effects on body composition, muscularity and skeletal muscle cellularity
Lutz Bünger, Gerhard Ott, László Varga, Werner Schlote, Ulla Renne, John L. Williams, William G. Hill and Charlotte Rehfeldt

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 88-97 | PDF | Abstract

The influence of divergent selection for body weight at 63 days of age in rabbits on muscle characteristics at a same age or at similar weight
Florence Gondret, Sylvie Combes, Catherine Larzul and Hubert de Rochambeau

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 98-104 | PDF | Abstract

Role of mitochondria in insulin-dependent perinatal muscle development
Patrycja Pawlikowska and Arkadiusz Orzechowski

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 105 | PDF

The influence of mitochondrial function on meat quality in turkey and swine
Carsten Werner, Jens R. Opalka, Frank N. Gellerich and Michael Wicke

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 106-114 | PDF | Abstract

Muscle development in cultured blackspot seabream Pagellus bogaraveo: preliminary histochemical and immunohistochemical data on the fibre types
Anthea M. Rowlerson, Paula Silva., Eduardo Rocha, Mercedes Olmedo and Luisa M.P. Valente

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 115 | PDF

Insulin and insulin-like growth factors in muscle growth in trout and sea bream
Nuria Montserrat, G. Bellini, D. García, J. Castillo, M. Codina, J. Ch. Gabillard, I. Navarro and Jooaquim Gutiérrez

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 116 | PDF

Pattern of muscle fiber formation in Large White and Meishan pigs
Louis Lefaucheur and Patrick Ecolan

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 117-122 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic foundation of meat quality traits of station tested slaughter pigs in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany). A status report
Ernst Tholen, Heinz Jüngst, Christiane Schulze-Langenhorst and Karl Schellander

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 123-130 | PDF | Abstract

Technological quality of broiler breast meat in relation to muscle Hypertrophy
Cecile Berri, Martine Debut, Elisabeth Lebihan-Duval, Veronique Sante-Lhoutellier, Nadim Haj Hattab, Nathalie Jehl and Michel J Duclos

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 131 | PDF

Functional genomics applied to the analysis of bovine muscle Hypertrophy
Brigitte Picard, Julien Bouley, Isabelle Cassar-Malek, Carine Bernard, Gilles Renand and Jean-Francois Hocquette

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 132 | PDF

Transcript analysis using the microarray technology to investigate the stress response in the common carp Cyprinus carpio L.
Hilde van Pelt-Heerschap, Hans Komen and Judith Kramer

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 133 | PDF

Early differentiation of the fish myotome as shown by in situ hybridisation of numerous muscle-specific transcripts
F. Chauvigne, C. Cauty, C. Ralliere and Pierre-Yves Rescan

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 134 | PDF

Analysis of gene expression in specific muscles of swine and turkey
Steffen Maak, Michael Wicke and Hermann H. Swalve

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 135-140 | PDF | Abstract

Muscle transcriptomes of Duroc and Pietrain pig breeds during prenatal formation of skeletal muscle tissue using microarray technology
Marinus F.W. te Pas, Massimo Cagnazzo, Agnes A.C. de Wit, Jan Priem, Marco Pool and Roberta Davoli

Arch Tierz 48 (2005) SI, 141-147 | PDF | Abstract


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