Volume 49 (2006) Special Issues

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) Special Issue, 1-154 "COST ACTION 925", September 2005, Volos, GR Free access


Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 3 | PDF | Abstract

Myofibre typing and its relationships to growth performance and meat quality
Louis Lefaucheur

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 4-17 | PDF | Abstract

Eating “junk food” during pregnancy and lactation impairs skeletal muscle development and metabolism in rat offspring at weaning
Stephanie A. Bayol, Bigboy H. Simbi and Neil C. Stickland

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 18 | PDF

Prenatal undernutrition increases fat deposition and collagen content within skeletal muscle in the porcine fetus.
Joanne F. Karunaratne, Clare J. Ashton and Neil C. Stickland

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 19 | PDF

Changes of the histochemical properties and meat quality traits of porcine muscles during growth. I) Effect of feed restriction in pigs slaughtered at the same age and varying body weight
Guiseppe Bee, M. Calderini, C. Biolley, G. Guex and W. Herzog

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 20-24 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of maternal undernutrition on ruminant carcass and meat quality
John Brameld, Zoe Daniel, Angela Fahey, Tim Parr, Nigel Scollan and Peter Buttery

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 25 | PDF

Metabolic and contractile characteristics of muscles longissimus thoracis and Semimembranosus from two porcine lines
Marta Gil, Marina Gispert, Ronald Klont, Andrzej Sosnicki and Graham Plastow

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 26-30 | PDF | Abstract

Growth and differentiation of the chicken Pectoralis major muscle: Effect of genotype and early nutrition
Cécile Berri, Estelle Godet, Nadim Haj Hattab and Michel J. Duclos

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 31-32 | PDF

Role of insulin and IGFs in fish muscle development and quality
Marta Codina, N. Montserrat, D. García de la Serrana, C. Rallière, J. Ch. Gabillard, I. Navarro, Py. Rescan and Joaquim Gutiérrez

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 33-38 | PDF | Abstract

The influence of two temperatures maintained constant during incubation and larval life on the early myotomal red muscle growth and activity of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.)
Hélène Alami-Durante, Virginie Olhasque, Clare Ashton, Neil Stickland, Maroudio Kentouri and Pascal Divanach

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 39 | PDF

Effect of water temperature on GH receptor expression during embryonic and post-larval growth of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Jean – Charles Gabillard, Claudine Weil, Pierre – Yves Rescan, Isabel Navarro, Joaquim Gutierrez and Pierre – Yves le Bail

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 40 | PDF

Sodium ascorbate (ASC) and ascorbic acid phosphate (ASC-P) differently modulate glucocorticoid-dependent metabolic effects in growing rats
Małgorzata Łokociejewska, Jolanta Wagner, Joanna Zarzyńska, Michał Jank, Piotr Ostaszewski, Anna Burdzińska, Tomasz Sadkowski, Justyna Olczak, Anna Mrówczyńska and Arkadiusz Orzechowski

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 41-51 | PDF | Abstract

Antioxidants protect mitogenicity of undifferentiated muscle cells
Arkadiusz Orzechowski

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 52-53 | PDF

Replacement feeding of reindeer cows in late pregnancy and its influence on calf skeletal muscle characteristics
Brigitta Essén-Gustavsson, K. Karlström and E. Ågren

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 54 | PDF

The influence of maternal low and high protein nutrition during pregnancy on postnatal growth, body composition, muscle development and energy metabolism in the offspring of German Landrace sows - Project presentation
Cornelia C. Metges and Charlotte Rehfeldt

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 55 | PDF

Feeding and management of sows during gestation and its effect on, muscle fibre, fat level, growth rate and carcass quality of progeny
Peadar G. Lawlor, P. B. Lynch, M. K. O’Connell, J. F. Karunaratne, C. J. Ashton, G. M. McEntee and N. C. Stickland

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 56 | PDF

Effect of maternal feed intake during mid-gestation on pig performance and meat quality at slaughter
Alba Cerisuelo, Roser Sala, Jaume Coma, Domingo Carrión, Josep Gasa and Maria D. Baucells

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 57-61 | PDF | Abstract

Changes of the histochemical properties and meat quality traits of porcine muscles during growth. II) Effect of feed restriction in pigs slaughtered at the same body weight and varying age
Guiseppe Bee, M. Calderini, C. Biolley, G. Guex and W. Herzog

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 62-66 | PDF | Abstract

The influence of postnatal growth rate on meat quality within litters of pigs reared and slaughtered under commercial production conditions
Pia M. Nissen, Margrethe Therkildsen and Niels Oksbjerg

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 67 | PDF

The influence of calf birth weight on selected beef quality characteristics
Aidan P. Moloney and Michael J. Drennan

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 68-71 | PDF | Abstract

Environmental influences on the development of lordosis and musculo-skeletal tissues in sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax): the ORCIS project
Neil C. Stickland, C. Ashton, G. Koumoundouros, E. Georgakopoulou, M. Kentouri, D.G. Sfakianakis, P. Divanach, A. Oliva-Teles, M. Guedes, B. Fauconneau, A. Kacem, H. Alami-Durante, G. Goldspink, J. Weaden, J. van Leeuwen, and S. Kranenberg

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 72 | PDF

Preservation of mitochondrial function in muscle samples – a prerequisite for the extension of physiological experiments
Carsten Werner and Michael Wicke

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 73-79 | PDF | Abstract

Preliminary study of octopus arm muscle: general arrangement and fibre types
Pedro F. Seixas, Ian A. Johnston, Manuel Rey-Méndez and Luisa M.P. Valente

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 80 | PDF

Influence of estrogens and isoflavones on porcine muscle satellite cell growth
Marcus Mau, Torsten Viergutz and Charlotte Rehfeldt

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 81-85 | PDF | Abstract

Egg quality in Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus)
Jana Pickova and Eva Brännäs

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 86-89 | PDF | Abstract

Use of casein zymography to measure the activities of μ- and mM calcium-dependent calpains during myogenesis in primary porcine satellite cell cultures (preliminary data)
M. Therkildsen, I. L. Sørensen, and N. Oksbjerg

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 90 | PDF

Is the myosin heavy chain IIb isoform expressed in bovine muscles?
Brigitte Picard, C. Jurie and I. Cassar-Malek

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 91 | PDF

The two isoforms of myosin light chain 2 in gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata); alternative polyadenylation site selection and tissue expression
Elena Sarropoulou, Deborah M. Power, Zissis Mamuris and Katerina A. Moutou

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 92-96 | PDF | Abstract

Expression patterns of MLC isoforms during halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus L.) metamorphosis
Nádia Silva, Vitor M. Baptista and Deborah M. Power

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 97-101 | PDF | Abstract

Identification and characterization of potential regulatory elements for the porcine MYF5 gene
Steffen Maak, K. Neumann and H.H. Swalve

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 102 | PDF

Variability of myostatin genes in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) strains exhibiting distinct hyperplastic growth: preliminary results
Luisa M.P. Valente, Sandra Moreira, Cecile Rallière, António M. Ramos and Pierre-Yves Rescan

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 103-108 | PDF | Abstract

Target genes of myostatin loss-of-function in bovine foetuses
Isabelle Cassar-Malek, F. Passelaigue, C. Bernard, P. Gautier and J.-F. Hocquette

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 109 | PDF

Analysis of the differential transcriptome expression profiles during prenatal muscle tissue development in pigs
Marinus F.W. te Pas, Marco H. Pool, Ina Hulsegge and Luc L.G. Janss

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI1, 110-115 | PDF | Abstract

Linkage and expression analysis to elucidate the genetic background of muscle structure and meat quality in the pig
Klaus Wimmers, Nguyen Trong Ngu, Eduard Murani, Karl Schellander and Siriluck Ponsuksili

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 116-125 | PDF | Abstract

Growth rate, muscle physiology, carcass traits and meat quality in pigs - A collage of studies on pigs at the University of Helsinki
Eero Puolanne, Marita Ruusunen, Liisa Voutila and Maria Ylä-Ajos

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 126-131 | PDF | Abstract

The impact of bone development on final carcass weight
M.R. Tatara, M.P. Tygesen, B. Sawa-Wojtanowicz and A.P. Harrison

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 132-136 | PDF | Abstract

Muscle fibre growth and quality in fish
Anders Kiessling, Kari Ruohonen and Marit Bjørnevik

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 137-146 | PDF | Abstract

Cellular aspects of breast muscle development in chickens with high or low growth rate
Michel J. Duclos, Caroline Molette, Anthony Guernec, Herve Remignon and Cecile Berri

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 1, 147-151 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) Special Issue, 155-372 "Strategies of animal production", June 2006, Lublin, PL Free access


Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 157 | PDF | Abstract

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Czesława Lipecka, on she’s 45 years of scientific activity
Prof. Dr. Tomasz M. Gruszecki

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 158-159 | PDF

The relations between breed and age associated susceptibility/resistance of sheep infection with meadi-visna virus (MVV)
Czesława Lipecka, Jacek Kuźmak, Andrzej Junkuszew, Bożena Kozaczyńska and Tomasz M. Gruszecki

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 160-165 | PDF | Abstract

Concentration of total cholesterol in milk of Polish White Improved goats during the whole lactation
Nina Strzałkowska, Emilia Bagnicka, Artur Jóźwik and Józef Krzyżewski

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 166-173 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of some factors on the yield and culinary quality of roasted and grilled lamb meat
Andrzej Borys, Bronisław Borys, Eugenia Grzeskowiak, Jerzy Strzelecki and Karol Borzuta

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 174-180 | PDF | Abstract

Composition of fatty acids of muscle tissue of lambs fed feedstuff supplemented with flax seeds
Tomasz M. Gruszecki, Andrzej Junkuszew, Antoni Lipiec, Czesława Lipecka, Anna Szymanowska, Krzysztof Patkowski and Marek Szymanowski

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 181-185 | PDF | Abstract

Estimates of maternal genetic and permanent environmental effects in sheep
Tomasz Szwaczkowski, Jacek Wójtowski, Elżbieta Stanisławska and Adam Gut

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 186-192 | PDF | Abstract

Lipid profile of intramuscular fat in kids fattened to 60, 90 and 180 days of age
Jacek Sikora and Bronisław Borys

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 193-200 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of lactation on the hygiene quality and some milk physicochemical traits of the Wielkopolska mares
Romualda Danków, Jacek Wójtowski, Jan Pikul, Roman Niżnikowski and Dorota Cais-Sokolińska

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 201-206 | PDF | Abstract

Technological usefulness of milk from two local breeds maintained in the regions with great grassland share
Joanna Barłowska and Zygmunt Litwińczuk

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 207-213 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of packaging systems on the quality and shelf-life of the Rokpol type mould cheese from goat milk
Romualda Danków, Jan Pikul, Jacek Wójtowski and Dorota Cais-Sokolińska

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 214-218 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of electromagnetic fields on the meat performance and wool performance of sheep
Stanisław Milewski and Wiesław Szczepański

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 219-225 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of early colostrum collection on selected performance traits in sheep
Roman Niżnikowski, Dominik Popielarczyk, Ewa Strzelec, Jacek Wójtowski, Romualda Danków, Jan Pikul, Wojciech Gosławski and Beata Kuczyńska

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 226-230 | PDF | Abstract

Ultrasound image of morphological changes of teat end in sheep caused by machine milking
Jacek Wójtowski, Piotr Ślósarz, Sylwia Bielińska, Sławomir Nowicki, Adam Gut and Romualda Danków

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 231-237 | PDF | Abstract

Cytological quality of milk from cows kept in different types of pens, according to the season of the year
Wojciech Neja and Anna Sawa

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 238-243 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of lin seeds supplement in mixtures on chemical composition and fatty acids profile in muscular tissue of male kids
Krystyna Pieniak-Lendzion, Roman Niedziółka, Teresa Borkowska and Elżbieta Horoszewicz

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 244-248 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of a disinfectant on the ammonia concentration on the surface of litter, air and the pathomorphological picture of kidneys and livers in broiler chickens
Dorota Witkowska, Janina Sowińska, Krystyna Iwańczuk-Czernik, Tomasz Mituniewicz, Anna Wójcik and Józef Szarek

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 249-256 | PDF | Abstract

Polymorphism in the melatonin receptor gene MT1 (locus MTNR1A) in sheep
Urszula Kaczor, Monika Kmiecik, Edyta Molik and Tadeusz Rychlik

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 257-262 | PDF | Abstract

The content and retention of some major and trace minerals in sheep‘s milk and cheese
Maria Borys, Tadeusz Pakulski, Bronisław Borys, Elżbieta Pakulska and Ewa Węgrzyn

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 263-267 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of crossbreeding and different feeding systems on slaughter value and meat quality of lambs reared in natural pastures of the Beskid Sądecki Mountains
Maciej Pompa-Roborzyński and Władysław Kędzior

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 268-274 | PDF | Abstract

Serum and saliva antibody isotypes against Haemonchus contortus in Żelaźnieńska and Wrzosówka sheep naturally infected with gastrointestinal nematodes over 2004 and 2005 grazing seasons
Paweł Górski, Dominik Popielarczyk, Ewa Strzelec, Roman Niżnikowski, Ewa Długosz, Agnieszka Gajewska, Agnieszka Kamińska and Halina Wędrychowicz

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 275-281 | PDF | Abstract

Factors affecting the longissimus dorsi muscle depth and backfat thickness measured by ultrasound technique in lambs
Michał Milerski, Milan Margetín and Jan Maxa

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 282-288 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic potential and reproductive performance of Whitebacks – Polish native breed of cows
Zygmunt Litwińczuk, Witold Chabuz, Piotr Stanek and Wioletta Sawicka

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 289-296 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of maintenance system on the reproduction of sheep as well as the level of some morphological and biochemical blood indicators
Krzysztof Patkowski, Mirosław Pięta and Czesława Lipecka

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 297-304 | PDF | Abstract

Evaluation of factors affecting the repeatability of ultrasound measurements of the musculus longissimus in lambs
Andrzej Junkuszew, Jan Knapik, Tomasz M. Gruszecki and Jędrzej Krupiński

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 305-309 | PDF | Abstract

A phylogenetic comparison of wild sheep (Ovis musimon) and domestic sheep (Ovis aries)represented by BCP synthetic line using mitochondrial cytochrome b gene sequence analysis
Mirosław Karpiński, Andrzej Junkuszew, Leszek Drozd and Tomasz M. Gruszecki

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 310-316 | PDF | Abstract

The level of some bioactive components in the fat fraction of sheep‘s milk and cheese
Tadeusz Pakulski, Bronislaw Borys and Elżbieta Pakulska

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 317-324 | PDF | Abstract

Different level of crude protein and energy – protein ratio in adult quail diets
Zofia Tarasewicz, Marek Ligocki, Danuta Szczerbińska, Danuta Majewska and Alicja Dańczak

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 325-331 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of the reproduction traits and body weight at birth of the Polish White Improved goat to its crossbreds with boer goat bucks
Roman Niżnikowski, Ewa Strzelec and Dominik Popielarczyk

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 332-336 | PDF | Abstract

Semen characters in reproductive AI boars depending on polymorphism in steroid 21-hydroxylase gene
Marek Kmieć, Arkadiusz Terman, Katarzyna Wojdak-Maksymiec and Katarzyna Romaniuk

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 337-344 | PDF | Abstract

Nutritional value of the meat of Pomeranian breed lambs and crossbreeds of Blackheaded and Texel rams
Henryk Brzostowski and Zenon Tański

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 345-352 | PDF | Abstract

Characteristic of Polish heath sheep grazing behaviour on fallow lands during vegetative period, concerning pasturage time and weather conditions
Daniel Chrupek, Jarosław Groberek, Roman Niżnikowski, Henryk Brzostowski, Ewa Strzelec, Dominik Popielarczyk and Michał Marciniec

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 353-358 | PDF | Abstract

The influence of length day on melatonin and prolactin secretion during lactation in asesonal sheep
Edyta Molik, Tomasz Misztal, Katarzyna Romanowicz and Edward Wierzchoś

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 359-364 | PDF | Abstract

Prion protein (PrP) gene polymorphisms and breeding for resistance to scrapie in Polish Merino sheep
Ewa Wiśniewska, Gesine Lühken, Sławomir Mroczkowski and Georg Erhardt

Arch Tierz 49 (2006) SI 2, 365-371 | PDF | Abstract


Arch Tierz Vol 49 (2006)