Volume 50 (2007) 1-6, 1-646

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) 6, 533-646 Free access

Genetic and permanent environmental variations in daily milk yield and milk flow rates in Hungarian Holstein Friesian
Ashraf A. Amin

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 535-548 | PDF | Abstract

Ontogeny of suckling behaviour in cattle - a model for several mammalian species?
Michael Mayntz and Grażyna Sender

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 549-561 | PDF | Abstract

Selection of a suitable data set and model for the estimation of genetic parameters of the weaning weight in beef cattle
Luboš Vostrý, Josef Přibyl, Zdeňka Veselá and Václav Jakubec

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 562-574 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of feeding on the composition of longissmus muscle of Hungarian Grey and Holstein Friesian bulls. III. Amino acid composition and mineral content
Gabriella Holló, Karin Nuernberg, Istvan Holló, János Csapó, János Seregi, Imre Repa and Klaus Ender

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 575-586 | PDF | Abstract

Comparing investigations of growth progresses of pigs. I. Growth progresses by comparisons of groups and individuals [in German]
Mathias Schlegel, Winfried Matthes, Norbert Kanswohl and Guillermo Expósito Polanco

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 587-596 | PDF | Abstract

Comparing investigations of growth progresses of pigs. II. Comparison of growth progresses from the year 2005 to the year 1989 [in German]
Mathias Schlegel, Winfried Matthes, Norbert Kanswohl and Guillermo Expósito Polanco

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 597-604 | PDF | Abstract

Evaluation of three pig crossbreed types with respect to strategies to improve the meat quality: MHS genotype rather than crossbreed type influences drip loss
Daniel Mörlein, Gregor Link, Eduard Murani, Klaus Wimmers and Michael Wicke

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 605-618 | PDF | Abstract

Index construction with restrictions in random regression models to change the pattern of the growth curve [in German]
Norbert Mielenz and Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 619-627 | PDF | Abstract

Phylogenic analysis of the SLA-1 gene variants observed from Korean Jeju pig (Brief Report)
Hoyoung Chung, Sungho Yoon, Myunggi Beck, Heejin Park and Jaeyoung Kim

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 628-629 | PDF

Five novel single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of the ghrelin receptor (GHSR) gene in cattle (Brief report)
Bao Zhang, Hong Chen, Yikun Guo, Liangzhi Zhang, Liushuai Hua, Miao Zhao, Xianyong Lan and Chuzhao Lei

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 630-631 | PDF

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) 5, 425-532 Free access

Effect of grazing intensively reared pregnant replacement German Holstein heifers on body development, calving and milk performance [in German]
Bernd Losand, Ewa Czerniawska-Piątkowska, Małgorzata Szewczuk, Elke Blum and Piotr Blaszczyk

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 427-441 | PDF | Abstract

A sexing protocol for wild ruminants based on PCR amplification of amelogenin genes AMELX and AMELY ( short communication)
Gerardo Pajares, Isabel Álvarez, Iván Fernández, Lucía Pérez-Pardal, Félix Goyache and Luis J. Royo

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 442-446 | PDF | Abstract

Estimation of genetic parameters and (co)variance components for weaning traits of Charolais population in Hungary
Ferenc Szabó, Zoltán Lengyel, Zoltán Domokos and Szabolcs Bene

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 447-454 | PDF | Abstract

The effects of inbreeding on service period and pregnancy length in Holsteins and Czech Fleckviehs after the first calving
Jiří Bezdíček, Jan Šubrt, Radek Filipčík, Marek Bjelka and Aleš Dufek

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 455-463 | PDF | Abstract

Evidence for autoregressive conditional heteroskedastic errors in growth traits of beef cattle
Rodolfo J. C. Cantet, María J. Suarez, Sebastián Munilla Leguizamón, Eduardo P. Cappa and Ana N. Birchmeier

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 464-475 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of birth weight and sex on pre-peaning growth rate of piglets
Dejan Škorjanc, Maksimiljan Brus and Marjeta Čandek Potokar

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 476-486 | PDF | Abstract

Non-invasive determination of body composition in pigs using a Norland XR-26 bone densitometer
Dorothea Lösel, Ulrich Küchenmeister, Margitta Hartung, Gerd Nürnberg, Olaf Bellmann and Elke Albrecht

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 487-500 | PDF | Abstract

Carcass composition and skeletal muscle morphology of swine expressing an insulin-like growth factor I transgene
Giuseppe Bee, Vernon G. Pursel, Alva D. Mitchell, Kimiaki Maruyama, Kevin D. Wells, Morse B. Solomon, Robert J. Wall, Michael E. Coleman and Robert J. Schwartz

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 501-519 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of feeding with low-protein feed mixes on the growth and slaughter value of young male Pharaoh quails
Zofa Tarasewicz, Jadwiga Gardzielewska, Danuta Szczerbińska, Marek Ligocki, Małgorzata Jakubowska and Danuta Majewska

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 520-530 | PDF | Abstract

A new ACRS-SNP in the 5’ flanking region of the bovine insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) gene (Brief report)
Sławomir Zych, Małgorzata Szewczuk, Ewa Czerniawska-Piątkowska and Iwona Szatkowska

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 531-532 | PDF

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) 4, 325-424 Free access

Estimates of genetic parameters for test day milk yields of a Holstein Friesian herd in Turkey with random regression models
Çiğdem Takma and Yavuz Akbaş

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 327-336 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of different time of pre-milking teat preparation on milking characteristics of dairy cows in Cuba [in German]
Norbert Kanswohl, Mathias Schlegel, Guillermo Polanco Expósito and Dietmar Rössel

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 337-347 | PDF | Abstract

Parameters for the estimation of live weight and for the visual appraisal of the muscular conformation in the (double-muscled) Belgian Blue beef breed
Frank Coopman, Alex Van Zeveren, Geert Verhoeven and Stefaan De Smet

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 348-355 | PDF | Abstract

Fattening- and slaughter performance of bulls and heifers of beef breeds and the cross breed German Angus x Simmental [in German]
Gregor Link, Henning Willeke, Manfred Golze and Uwe Bergfeld

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 356-362 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of body measurements of beef cows of different breeds
Szabolcs Bene, Barnabás Nagy, Lajos Nagy, Balázs Kiss, J. Péter Polgár and Ferenc Szabó

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 363-373 | PDF | Abstract

Hair whorls of Holstein Friesian heifers and affects on growth and behaviour
Jan Broucek, Peter Kisac, Stefan Mihina, Anton Hanus, Michal Uhrincat and Vladimir Tancin

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 374-380 | PDF | Abstract

Distribution of αS1-casein "welsh" variant in some Slovak and Czech sheep breeds
Juraj Banykó

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 381-387 | PDF | Abstract

Foot pad health, plumage condition, integument and claw length of Lohmann Silver laying hens kept in small aviary housing systems, furnished cages and an aviary housing system
Swaantje Rönchen, Britta Scholz, Henning Hamann and Ottmar Distl

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 388-402 | PDF | Abstract

Profile Analysis and growth curve for body mass index of broiler chickens reared under different feed restrictions in early age
Mehmet Mendeş, Ecmel Dinçer and Elif Arslan

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 403-411 | PDF | Abstract

Cytogenetic mapping and STR polymorphism of two candidate genes (DRD2 and HTR1D) for behaviour traits in four canids (short communication)
Izabela Szczerbal, Joanna Nowacka-Woszuk, Magdalena Racka, Jolanta Klukowska-Roetzler, Claude Schelling, Gaudenz Dolf and Marek Switonski

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 412-417 | PDF | Abstract

Mapping of the SMC6 gene to porcine chromosome 3 (Brief report)
Diana Boettcher, Hermann H. Swalve and Steffen Maak

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 418-420 | PDF

Five novel single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of the prophet of PIT1 (PROP1) gene in bovine (Brief report)
Chuanying pan, Xianyong Lan, Hong Chen, Liushuai Hua, Yikun Guo, Bao Zhang and Chuzhao Lei

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 421-423 | PDF

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) 3, 225-324 Free access

Genetic control of milk yield from lactations of different duration in Nili-Ravi buffaloes
M. Sajjad Khan, Faiz Ul Hassan, M. Saif Ur Rehman, Asad Ullah Hyder and Imran Rafique Bajwa

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 227-239 | PDF | Abstract

Milk production and reproduction traits of different grades of zebu x Friesian crossbreds under semi-arid conditions
Mohamed-Khair A. Ahmed, Ahmed B. Teirab, Lutfi M.-A. Musa and Kurt J. Peters

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 240-249 | PDF | Abstract

Campylobacter spp.: Risk factor analysis in fattening pig farms
Tanja Wehebrink, Nicole Kemper, Elisabeth Grosse Beilage and Joachim Krieter

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 250-259 | PDF | Abstract

The influence of vaccum pressure on quality and number of recovered oocytes aspirated from ovarian follicles of swine and cows
Paweł Antosik, Jędrzej M. Jaśkowski, Marcin Jeziorkowski and Jan Olechnowicz

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 260-266 | PDF | Abstract

Molecular characterization of the porcine DNAL4 gene
Béatrice Uhlmann, Heidi Kuiper, Ottmar Distl and Tosso Leeb

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 267-272 | PDF | Abstract

Dietary supplement of the rumen protected methionine and milk yield in dairy goats
Nina Poljičak-Milas and Terezija Silvija Marenjak

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 273-278 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic evaluation of laying hens under fixed regression animal models
Anna Wolc, Mirosław Lisowski and Tomasz Szwaczkowski

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 279-287 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of chitosan on body weight and protection against Salmonella gallinarum infection in broiler chickens (short communication)
Aleksandra Balicka-Ramisz, Anna Wojtasz-Pająk, Bogumiła Pilarczyk and Alojzy Ramisz

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 288-293 | PDF | Abstract

Computing the condensed conditional gametic QTL relationship matrix and its inverse
Christine Baes and Norbert Reinsch

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 294-308 | PDF | Abstract

Femoral morphometry and femur length in mice selected for different body conformations. A potential animal model suitable for QTLs mapping
Ricardo J. Di Masso, Cesar M. Zerpa, Patricia S. Silva and Maria Teresa Font

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 309-319 | PDF | Abstract

SNP analysis, genotyping and mapping of the porcine PTHR1 gene to chromosome 13 (Brief report)
Sylvio Tetzlaff, Siriluck Ponsuksili, Eduard Murani, Karl Schellander and Klaus Wimmers

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 320-321 | PDF

Assignment of the TYK2 gene to equine chromosome 7q12-q13 (Brief report)
Dorothee Stübs, Heidi Kuiper, Stefanie Mömke, Bhanu P. Chowdhary and Ottmar Distl

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 322-323 | PDF

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) 2, 123-224 Free access

Principal component analysis of performance test traits in Hungarian Sporthorse mares
János Posta, István Komlósi and Sándor Mihók

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 125-135 | PDF | Abstract

The breeding values of German Holstein sires and the DGAT1 polymorphism
Jindrich Citek, Vaclav Rehout, Eva Hradecka, Libor Vecerek and Lothar Panicke

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 136-146 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of breeding values for daily ains of bulls estimated with multi-trait and random regression models
Hana Krejčová, Norbert Mielenz, Josef Přibyl and Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 147-154 | PDF | Abstract

Milk yield and reproductive performance of Friesian cows under Sudan tropical conditions
Amani z. Abdel Gader, Mohamed-Khair a. Ahmed, Lutfi M.-A. Musa and Kurt J. Peters

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 155-164 | PDF | Abstract

Investigations on live weight development of weaner pigs fed with different piglet-feeding place ratios [in German]
Steffen Hoy, Carmen Weirich and Stephanie Knoop

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 165-173 | PDF | Abstract

Breed-specific classification potentials of sheep in different grassland biotopes
Andreas Fischer, Gisbert Schalitz and Christoph Behling

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 174-185 | PDF | Abstract

Growth, carcass and meat quality parameters of purebred and crossbred goat kids in extensive pasture
Pera Herold, Hinrich Snell and Ezzat S. Tawfik

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 186-196 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of inbreeding on growth and reproduction traits of Beetal goats (short communication)
M. Sajjad Khan, Afzal Ali, Asad Ullah Hyder and Amjad Iqbal Chatta

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 197-203 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of body weights of day-old Muscovy ducklings on growths and carcass traits
Katarzyna Kleczek, Elżbieta Wilkiewicz-Wawro, Kazimierz Wawro and Włodzimierz Makowski

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 204-213 | PDF | Abstract

Analyze of effect selected indices on litter size of minks in relation to colour variety (short communication) [in German]
Małgorzata Sulik, Beata Seremak and Anna Matyja

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 214-219 | PDF | Abstract

Eleven single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were found at coding region of hypocretin receptor1 (HCRTR1 ) gene in cattle (Brief report)
L. Zhang, A. L. Zhang, H. Chen, C. L. Zhang, L. Z. Zhang, Z. Y. Zhu, C. Z. Lei, X. Y. Lan and X. Z. Wang

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 220-222 | PDF

The novel SNPs of the IGFBP3 gene and their associations with litter size and weight traits in goat (Brief report)
X. Y. Lan, C. Y. Pan, H. Chen, M. Zhao, J. Y. Li, J. Yu, C. L. Zhang, C. Z. Lei, L. S. Hua and X. B. Yang

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 223-224 | PDF

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) 1, 1-122 Free access

50 Jahre „Archiv Tierzucht“ [in German]
50th anniversary of "Archives Animal Breeding"
Ernst Ritter and Klaus Wimmers

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 3-6 | PDF

Mapping the horse genome and its impact on equine genomics for identification of genes for monogenic and complex traits – a review
Dorothee Stübs and Ottmar Distl

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 7-24 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of feeding on the fatty acid composition of different fatty tissues of Hungarian Grey and Holstein Friesian bulls. II. 1H-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) investigations [in German]
Gabriella Holló, Gerd Nuernberg, Péter Bogner, Gyula Kotek, Karin Nuernberg, Istvan Holló, János Seregi, Klaus Ender and Imre Repa

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 25-36 | PDF | Abstract

Estimation of genetic parameters for daily gains of bulls with multi-trait and random regression models
Hana Krejčová, Norbert Mielenz, Josef Přibyl and Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 37-46 | PDF | Abstract

Fitting a fixed regression model for daily gain of bulls using information criterion [in German]
Norbert Mielenz, Hana Krejčová, Josef Přibyl and Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 47-58 | PDF | Abstract

Beef versus dairy cattle: a comparison of feed conversion, carcass composition, and meat quality
Ralf Pfuhl, Olaf Bellmann, Christa Kühn, Friedrich Teuscher, Klaus Ender and Jochen Wegner

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 59-70 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of Holstein bull semen sources on milk traits in Isfahan province in Iran
Mohammad Ali Nilforooshan and Mohammad Ali Edriss

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 71-83 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic relationship of drip loss to further meat quality traits in purebred Piétrains
Norbert Borchers, Gerald Otto and Ernst Kalm

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 84-91 | PDF | Abstract

Evaluation of measures for the control of classical swine fever using a simulation model
Susanne Karsten, Gerhard Rave, Jürgen Teuffert and Joachim Krieter

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 92-104 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of a low-growth rate on the frequency of osteochondrosis in Danish Landrace pigs (short communication)
Jens Arnbjerg

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 105-111 | PDF | Abstract

Two new PCR-RFLPs in the domestic pigeon (Columba livia var. domestica) lactate dehydrogenase A (LDH-A) gene (Brief report)
Andrzej Dybus

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 112-113 | PDF

Assignment of solute carrier family 2 (facilitated glucose transporter), members SLC2A2, SLC2A3, SLC2A5, SLC2A8 and SLC2A12 to porcine chromosomes by somatic cell and radiation hybrid panel mapping (Brief report)
Ke Liu, Shuhong Zhao, Bang Liu, Bin Fan, Changchun Li and Mei Yu

Arch Tierz 50 (2007), 114-115 | PDF


Arch Tierz Vol 50 (2007)