Volume 50 (2007) Special Issues

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) Special Issue, 1-98 "COST ACTION 925", September 2006, Antalya, TR Free access


Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 3-4 | PDF | Abstract

Potential mechanisms for the nutritional control of muscle composition in developing pigs
Joanne Karunaratne, Stephanie Bayol, Clare Ashton and Neil Stickland

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 5 | PDF

Temperature effects on muscle fibres number at hatch and first feeding in blackspot seabream (Pagellus bogaraveo)
Paula Silva, Eduardo Rocha, Mercedes Olmedo, B. Álvarezblázquez, M.H. Galante and Luisa M.P. Valente

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 6-7 | PDF

How is the embryonic development of the M. pectoralis superficialis in turkey embryos influenced by the incubation temperature? Theoretical background and hypothetical investigations
Carsten Werner and Michael Wicke

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 8-14 | PDF | Abstract

Changes in muscle proteome during development in the pig
Louis Lefaucheur and Patrick Ecolan

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 15-16 | PDF

Isoflavones modify the growth response of porcine muscle satellite cell cultures to IGF-I and EGF
Marcus Mau, Claudia Kalbe, Karin Wollenhaupt and Charlotte Rehfeldt

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 17-21 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of maternal undernutrition on ruminant carcass and meat quality
Zoe Daniel, John Brameld, Nigel Scollan and Peter Buttery

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 22-23 | PDF

The effect of feeding regime on growth and muscle structure in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)
C.A. Johnsen, M. Bjørnevik and C. Solberg

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 24 | PDF

Do European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) juveniles coming from different temperatures have the same white muscle growth process?
Hélène Alami-Durante, Nellie Olive and Michèle Rouel

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 25-26 | PDF

Pathway analysis: Combining microarray data and physiological data to study myogenesis
Marinus F.W. te Pas, Ina Hulsegge and Marco H. Pool

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 27-31 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of genotype and early nutrition on the number and activity of satellite cells in chicken Pectoralis major muscle
Cécile Berri, Estelle Godet, Nadim Haj Hattab and Michel J. Duclos

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 32-33 | PDF

Dynamic gene expression in fish muscle during the compensatory growth induced by a food deprivation-refeeding sequence
Pierre-Yves Rescan, Jerome Montfort and Aurelie Lecam

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 34 | PDF

Allele frequency of chosen candidate genes of a MyoD family and somatotropin axis in two groups of Polish Landrace and Polish Large White pigs of a high and low meatiness
J. Wyszyńska-Koko, M. Pierzchała, P. Urbański, and T. Blicharski

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 35-43 | PDF | Abstract

Polymorphic, putative regulatory elements at the MYF5/MYF6 loci and expression analysis in neonatal piglets
Steffen Maak, Karsten Neumann and Hermann H. Swalve

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 44-48 | PDF | Abstract

Investigation of genetic and epigenetic mechanisms underlying stageand breed-specific differences in the transcription of SPP1 gene during porcine myogenesis
Eduard Muráni, Siriluck Ponsuksili and Klaus Wimmers

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 49-56 | PDF | Abstract

The Expression Profiles of Myostatin and Follistatin Genes in Quail (Quoturnix quoturnix) Embryonic Development
H. Kocamis

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 57 | PDF

Sexual dimorphism of fast muscle fibre recruitment in Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus L.)
Ø. Hagen, I. A. Johnston and C. Solberg

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 58 | PDF

Heart size and mean muscle fibre cross sectional area related to birth weight in pigs
M. Ruusunen, K. Partanen, and E. Puolanne

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 59 | PDF

The influence of the IGF-II genotype on muscle fibre type composition, cross sectional area and number of nuclei
K. van den Maagdenberg, E. Claeys, A. Stinckens, N. Buys and S. de Smet

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 60-61 | PDF

Mitofusin 2 (Mfn2) – a switch to stop mitogenesis in insulin-dependent myogenesis in vitro
P. Pawlikowska and A. Orzechowski

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 62 | PDF

Comparative analysis of fTNT genes in Seabream (Sparus auratus) and (Hippoglossus hippoglossus)
N. Silva, M.A. Campinho and D.M. Power

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 63 | PDF

In vitro variation in primary satellite cell proliferation and differentiation within litters of pigs
Pia M. Nissen and Niels Oksbjerg

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 64 | PDF

Epigenesis does not affect myogenicity of muscle progenitor cells after extracorporeal propagation followed by autotransplantation
A. Burdzińska, U. Bartoszuk-Bruzzone and A. Orzechowski

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 65 | PDF

The use of primary muscle cell cultures as a tool to study nutritional regulation of myogenesis in pigs
Niels Oksbjerg and Pia M. Nissen

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 66 | PDF

Long-term culture of muscle explants from Sparus aurata
A. Rowlerson, B. Funkenstein, V. Balas, T. Skopal and G. Radaelli

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 67-69 | PDF | Abstract

Growth performance, carcass characteristics, and meat quality traits as affected by the birth weight and the applied feeding strategies during the growing and finishing period in pigs
G. Bee, C. Biolley, B. Dougoud, G. Guex and W. Herzog

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 70-71 | PDF

Evaluation of the influence of dietary fat content and fatty acid composition in four diets based on different fat sources on loins (M. Longissimus dorsi) of newborn piglets
Núria Panella-Riera, Maria Neil and Jana Pickova

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 72-78 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of dietary non-protein energy levels on muscle lipids and oxidative status in Senegal Sole (Solea senegalensis) juveniles
J. Dias, R. Rueda-Jasso, L. Conceição and M.T. Dinis

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 79 | PDF

Metabolic programming establishes resistance of soleus muscle to glucocorticoid-induced muscle cachexia
P. Pawlikowska, B. Pajak and A. Orzechowski

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 80 | PDF

Environmental Influences on Early Muscle Development and Consequences for Posthatch Muscle Growth and Activity in Atlantic salmon
Ibrahim Albokhadaim and Neil Stickland

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 81 | PDF

The influence of over feeding sows during gestation on reproductive performance and pig growth to slaughter
Peadar G. Lawlor, P. Brendan Lynch, M. Karen O’Connell, Louise McNamara, Paula Reid and Neil C. Stickland

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 82-91 | PDF | Abstract

Looking for markers of muscle growth and flesh quality in fish
D. García de la Serrana, N. Montserrat, M. Codina, J. Sánchezgurmaches, A. Ibarz, M. Beltrán, I. Navarro and J. Gutiérrez

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 1, 92-96 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) Special Issue, 99-214 "Modern pig production", June 2006, Bydgoszcz, PL Free access

Prof. Dr. hab. Wojciech Kapelański (Chairman of the Conference)

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 2, 101 | PDF | Abstract

Survival time and chromatin damage of boar semen stored in different diluents
Barbara Szczęśniak-Fabiańczyk, Michał Bochenek and Zdzisław Smorąg

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI2, 102-106 | PDF | Abstract

Characteristics of genetic parameters and genetic gain in breeding herd of PL pigs over 25- year breeding work period
Anna Kasprzyk

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 2, 107-115 | PDF | Abstract

Estimates of genetic parameters and genetic gain for reproductive traits in the herd of Polish Landrace sows for the period of 25 years of the breeding work
Anna Kasprzyk

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 2, 116-124 | PDF | Abstract

Estimation of conditionality of pork sensory quality by using multivariate analysis
Wiesław Przybylski, Leszek Sieczko, Danuta Jaworska, Ewa Czarniecka-Skubina and Stanisław Niemyjski

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 2, 125-135 | PDF | Abstract

The Effect of HERB-mix® in Piglets’ Diarrhea Prevention
Anna Rząsa, Tadeusz Stefaniak, Paulina Jawor, Stanisław Gosiewski and Paweł Toborowicz

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 2, 136-143 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of linseed in pig diet on meat quality and fatty acid content
Eva Václavková and Růžena Bečková

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 2, 144-151 | PDF | Abstract

Investigations of the factors influencing damages of the spinal column and muscles during electrical stunning of swine
Karol Borzuta, Andrzej Borys, Eugenia Grześkowiak, Jerzy Strzelecki, Dariusz Lisiak and Piotr Janiszewski

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 2, 152-160 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of husked and naked oat used in the diets supplemented with linseed oil on the growth performance of pigs, carcass and meat quality
Marianna Flis, Wiesław Sobotka, Zofia Antoszkiewicz, Krzysztof Lipiński and Zenon Zduńczyk

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 2, 161-171 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of addition of feed antibiotic flavomycin or prebiotic BIOMOS on production results of fatteners, blood biochemical parameters, morphometric indices of intestine and composition of microflora
Anna Rekiel, Justyna Więcek, Wojciech Bielecki, Julita Gajewska, Marzena Cichowicz, Józef Kulisiewicz, Martyna Batorska, Tomasz Roszkowski and Karolina Beyga

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 2, 172-180 | PDF | Abstract

Retinol binding protein 4 gene and reproductive traits in pigs
Arkadiusz Terman, Marek Kmieć, Daniel Polasik and Konrad Pradziadowicz

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 2, 181-185 | PDF | Abstract

Differences in muscle fibre composition and tenderness of m. longissimus lumborum between heterozygous and homozygous negative Polish Landrace pigs for the RYR1
Dorota Wojtysiak and Władysław Migdał

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 2, 186-193 | PDF | Abstract

RLFP/HinfI polymorphism within intron 1 of glutathioneperoxidase- 5 (GPX5) gene in AI boars
Marek Kmieć, Arkadiusz Terman, Filip Napierała and Daniel Polasik

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 2, 194-199 | PDF | Abstract

Restriction polymorphism FABGL/BbvI in herd of sows derived from crossing Polish Large White x Polish Landrace breeds
Daniel Polasik, Marek Kmieć, Arkadiusz Terman and Filip Napierała

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 2, 200-204 | PDF | Abstract

Association of growth hormone (GH) gene polymorphism with carcass and meat quality traits in PIC hybrid pigs
Artur Rybarczyk, Marek Kmieć, Tadeusz Karamucki and Arkadiusz Terman

Arch Tierz 50 (2007) SI 2, 205-213 | PDF | Abstract


Arch Tierz Vol 50 (2007)