Volume 51 (2008) 1-6, 1-644

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) 6, 515-644 Free access

Carcass characteristics and meat quality of Hungarian Simmental young bulls fed different forage to concentrate ratios with or without linseed supplementation
Gabriella Holló, Klaus Ender†, Katalin Lóki, János Seregi, István Holló and Karin Nuernberg

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 517-530 | PDF | Abstract

Differentiation between fore and hind hoof dimensions in the horse (Equus caballus)
Anna Stachurska, Ryszard Kolstrung, Miroslaw Pieta, Piotr Silmanowicz and Anna Klimorowska

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 531-540 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of inbreeding on lean meat percentage and average daily gain in Hungarian Landrace pigs
Zsófia Vígh, Petra Gyovai, László Csató, Árpád Bokor, János Farkas, László Radnóczi, István Komlósi and István Nagy

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 541-548 | PDF | Abstract

Straw or hay as environmental improvement and its effect on behaviour and production traits of fattening pigs
Dušanka Jordan, Silvester Žgur, Gregor Gorjanc and Ivan Štuhec

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 549-559 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of backfat loss during lactation on weaning-to-oestrus interval of sows at gonadotropin application
Dejan Škorjanc, Marko Hohler and Maksimiljan Brus

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 560-571 | PDF | Abstract

Characterization of the fast skeletal troponin C (TNNC2) gene in three Chinese native sheep breeds
Qiuliang Xu, Kang Kang, Feng Yan, Jiajun An and Yulin Chen

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 572-581 | PDF | Abstract

N-acetylcysteine supplementation may affect somatic cell count in goat milk (short communication)
Emilia Bagnicka, Artur Józwik, Nina Strzalkowska, Anna Sliwa-Józwik, Józef Krzyzewski and Adam Kolataj

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 582-587 | PDF | Abstract

Multivariate analyses on morphological traits of goats in Burkina Faso
Amadou Traore, Hamidou H. Tamboura, Adama Kabore, Luis J. Royo, Ivan Fernandez, Isabel Alvarez, Mamadou Sangare, Didier Bouchel, Jean Paul Poivey, Dominique Francois, Laya Sawadogo and Felix Goyache

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 588-600 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of unfavourable population structure on estimates of heritability, systematic effects and breeding values
Antonios P. Kominakis

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 601-610 | PDF | Abstract

Asymmetry measures and allometric growth parameter estimates for investigate effect of early feed restriction on deviation from bilateral symmetry in broiler chickens
Mehmet Mendes

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 611-619 | PDF | Abstract

SNP analysis, genotyping and mapping of the porcine GPCR142 gene (Brief report)
Saowaluck Yammuen-Art, Chirawath Phatsara, Siriluck Ponsuksili, Klaus Wimmers, Karl Schellander and Elisabeth Jonas

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 620-621 | PDF

PCR-SSCP and Hin6I PCR-RFLP detecting novel anonymous SNPs within ovine PROP1 gene (Brief report)
Xianyong Lan, Chuanying Pan, Shenrong Hu and Hong Chen

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 622-623 | PDF

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) 5, 413-514 Free access

The effect of inbreeding on of milk traits in Holstein cattle in the Czech Republic
Jiří Bezdíček, Jan Šubrt and Radek Filipčík

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 415-425 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic characterization among some Austrian and Hungarian cattle breeds
Supawadee Manatrinon, Franz Fischerleitner and Roswitha Baumung

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 426-412 | PDF Abstract

Genetic evaluation for length of productive life in Slovak Pinzgau cattle
Gábor Mészáros, Christian Fuerst, Birgit Fuerst-Waltl, Ondrej Kadlečík, Radovan Kasarda and Johann Sölkner

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 438-448 | PDF | Abstract

ANKOM – a new instrument for the determination of fat in muscle and meat cuts – a comparison
Julianna Seenger, Gerd Nuernberg, Margitta Hartung, Endre Szűcs, Klaus Ender† and Karin Nuernberg

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 449-457 | PDF | Abstract

Investigation on occupational behaviour of female and castrated male fattening pigs [in German]
Anne Elkmann and Steffen Hoy

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 458-466 | PDF | Abstract

Development and characterization of lambs’ coats of East Prussian Skudden and Rough-coated Pomeranian Landrace sheep
Gunhild Kurt and Horst R. Brandt

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 467-478 | PDF | Abstract

Erythrocyte potassium, sodium and glutathione concentrations and their relationship with reproduction, body weight and fleece weight traits in Awassi sheep
Nazmiye Gunes, Cenk Aydin, C. Duygu Udum, Serdal Dikmen and Ozlem Ozmen

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 479-486 | PDF | Abstract

Comparative studies on the grazing behaviour of fallow deer and sheep in winter
Andreas Fischer, Gisbert Schalitz and Axel Behrendt

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 487-497 | PDF | Abstract

Some production traits of indigenous Hair goats bred under extensive conditions in Turkey. 1st communication: reproduction, milk yield and hair production traits of does
H. Deger Oral Toplu and Ahmet Altinel

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 498-506 | PDF | Abstract

Some production traits of indigenous Hair goats bred under extensive conditions in Turkey. 2nd communication: viability and growth performances of kids
H. Deger Oral Toplu and Ahmet Altinel

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 507-514 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) 4, 303-412 Free access

Factors affecting first lactation performance of Sahiwal cattle in Pakistan
Zia Ur Rehman, M. Sajjad Khan, Shaukat Ali Bhatti, Javed Iqbal and Arshad Iqbal

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 305-317 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of body weight and reproduction performance in cows of various beef breeds managed under equal conditions in West Pomerania
Renata Pilarczyk and Jerzy Wójcik

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 318-328 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of different lactation curve models in Holstein cows raised on a farm in the south-eastern Anatolia region
Ömür Koçak and Bülent Ekiz

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 329-337 | PDF | Abstract

Activity behaviour and social interactions of pigs raised outdoors and indoors
Magdalena Høøk Presto, H. Kristina andersson, Sofia Folestam and Jan Erik Lindberg

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 338-350 | PDF Abstract

Impact of rank position on fertility of sows [in German]
Steffen Hoy, Jörg Bauer, Catrin Borberg and Carmen Weirich

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 351-358 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of microstructural traits of Musculus longissimus lumborum in wild boars, domestic pigs and wild boar/domestic pig hybrids
Joanna Bogucka, Wojciech Kapelanski, Gabriela Elminowska-Wenda, Konrad Walasik and Katarzyna Lidia Lewandowska

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 359-365 | PDF | Abstract

Feed intake and eating behaviour of growing lambs. 1st communication: heritabilities and genetic correlations [in German]
Ralf Wassmuth, Erhard Gernand, Heike Lenz and Christian Mendel

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 366-371 | PDF | Abstract

Feed intake and eating behaviour of growing lambs. 2nd communication: genetic correlations between feed intake and performance traits [in German]
Erhard Gernand, Ralf Wassmuth, Heike Lenz and Christian Mendel

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 372-380 | PDF | Abstract

Quality of goat meat from purebred French Alpine kids and Boer crossbreeds
Henryk Brzostowski, Roman Niżnikowski and Zenon Tański

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 381-388 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of heat stress and age on the percentage of calcium carbonate in eggshell and the percentage of broken and cracked eggs
Nedeljka Nikolova, Zlatica Pavlovski, Niko Milošević and Martin Wahner

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 389-396 | PDF | Abstract

ECOWEIGHT 2.0 – C programs for modelling the economic efficiency of production systems in beef and dairy cattle (short communication)
Jochen Wolf, Marie Wolfová, Emil Krupa and Dana Peškovičová

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 397-401 | PDF | Abstract

TIGER: A software system for fine-mapping quantitative trait loci
Christine Baes and Norbert Reinsch

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 402-412 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) 3, 205-302 Free access

Analysis of population and heterosis effects in crossbred cattle of Czech Fleckvieh and Beef Simmental parentage for growth traits
Luboš Vostrý, Václav Jakubec, Werner Schlote, Marek Bjelka, Jiří Bezdíček and Ivan Majzlík

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 207-215 | PDF | Abstract

Yield and composition of milk from Polish Holstein-Friesian and Jersey cows in particular months of the first lactations as dependent on milk protein polymorphism (short communication)
Jan Miciński, Mariusz Jastrzębski and Janusz Klupczyński

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 216-223 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of oocyte recovery method, in vitro fertilization method and serum source on embryonic development of in vitro matured bovine oocytes
Hannelore Alm, Helmut Torner, Wilhelm Kanitz and Knut Roschlau

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 224-234 | PDF | Abstract

Estimation of direct and maternal effects on body weight in Mehraban sheep using random regression models
Farhad Ghafouri Kesbi, Moradpasha Eskandarinasab and Mohammad Hosein Shahir

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 235-246 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of temperament on weight gain of Hungarian Merino, German Merino and German Blackhead lambs
Ferenc Pajor, Andrea Szentléleki, Edina Láczó, János Tőzsér and Péter Póti

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 247-254 | PDF Abstract

Changes in selected physicochemical parameters of breast muscles of geese from Polish conservation flocks depending on duration of the post slaughter period
Andrzej Okruszek, Juliusz Książkiewicz, Janina Wołoszyn, Gabriela Haraf, Agnieszka Orkusz and Grzegorz Szukalski

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 255-265 | PDF | Abstract

Tissue composition of carcass, meat quality and fatty acid content of ducks of a commercial breeding line at different age
Barbara Witak

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 266-275 | PDF | Abstract

Single nucleotide polymorphism discovery of peroxisome proliferators- activated receptors gamma gene and its association with carcass traits in duck
Yan Wu, Xiaolin Liu, Shuisheng Hou and Jie Wang

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 276-282 | PDF | Abstract

Carcass and meat characteristics of male chickens between Thai indigenous compared with improved layer breeds and their crossbred
Sanchai Jaturasitha, Autchara Kayan and Michael Wicke

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 283-294 | PDF | Abstract

Polymorphism of leptin gene (LEP/TaqI) in horses according to their breed and utility type (Brief Report)
Żaneta Borowiec-Chopek and Ryszard Pikuła

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 295-297 | PDF

Genotyping of the polymorphism within exon 3 of prolactin gene in various dairy breeds by PCR RFLP (Brief report)
A. Ratna Kumari, K.M. Singh, K.J. Soni, R.K. Patel, J.B. Chauhan and Krs Sambasiva Rao

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 298-299 | PDF

Association of polymorphisms of the GHRHR gene with growth traits in cattle (Brief report)
Cunfang Zhang, Hong Chen, Liangzhi Zhang, Miao Zhao, Yikun Guo, Chunlei Zhang, Xianyong Lan, Shenrong Hu

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 300-301 | PDF

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) 2, 97-203 Free access

Effects of missing pedigree information on dairy cattle genetic evaluations
Mohammad Ali Nilforooshan, Amir Khazaeli and Mohammad Ali Edriss

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 99-110 | PDF | Abstract

Association of the BoLA-DRB3 alleles with estimated breeding value for somatic cell count in Polish dairy cattle
Grazyna Sender, Karima Galal Abdel Hameid, Agnieszka Korwin-Kossakowska, Magdalena Sobczynska

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 111-119 | PDF | Abstract

The relationship of parameters of body measures and body weight by using digital image analysis in pre-slaughter cattle
Serkan Ozkaya and Yalcin Bozkurt

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 120-121 | PDF | Abstract

Evaluation of performance and metabolism of dairy cows fed pea seeds (Pisum sativum) with different anti-nutritional content
Veronika Melicharová, Alena Pechová, Rudolf Dvořák, Leoš Pavlata and Veronika Lubojacká

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 129-142 | PDF Abstract

Seroprevalence of Neospora caninum in repeat breeder dairy cows in Turkey* (short communication)
Sami Simsek, Armagan Erdem Utuk, Ergun Koroglu, Nazir Dumanli and Ali Risvanli

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 143-148 | PDF | Abstract

Mn2+: A potent antioxidant and stimulator of sperm capacitation and acrosome reaction in crossbred cattle bulls
Gurmail Singh Bilaspuri and Amrit Kaur Bansal

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 149-158 | PDF | Abstract

Efficiency of energy and protein deposition in swine measured by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA)
Alva D. Mitchell and Armin M. Scholz

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 159-171 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic parameters of direct and ratio traits from field and station tests of pigs
István Nagy, László Csató, János Farkas, Petra Gyovai, László Radnóczi, István Komlósi

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 172-178 | PDF | Abstract

Evaluation of bone strength, keel bone deformity and egg quality of laying hens housed in small group housing systems and furnished cages in comparison to an aviary housing system
Britta Scholz, Swaantje Rönchen, Henning Hamann, Christian Sürie, Ulrich Neumann, Josef Kamphues and Ottmar Distl

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 179-186 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic variability and linkage of selected microsatellite markers in the Chinese raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides procyonoides)
Brygida Ślaska, Grażyna Jeżewska, Grzegorz Zięba, Mariusz Pierzchała

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 187-198 | PDF Abstract

An intronic SNP of PPARG and its association with fat traits in four meat-type duck populations (Brief report)
Yan Wu, Xiaolin Liu, Shuisheng Hou, Jie Wang, Yu Liu and Xiangjie Kong

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 199-200 | PDF

In memoriam Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Klaus Ender [in German]
Manfred Schwerin

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 201-202 | PDF Abstract

Communication of the editorial office [in German]
Ernst Ritter and Klaus Wimmers

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 203 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) 1, 1-96 Free access

Genetic efficiency parameters of Slovak warm-blood horses
Marko Halo, Juraj Mlynek, Peter Strapák and Peter Massányi

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 5-15 | PDF | Abstract

Characteristic of selected rheological parameters of stallion ejaculate
Libor Severa, Ladislav Máchal, Ivo Křivánek, Marie Machatková and Ondřej Mamica

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 16-22 | PDF | Abstract

Marker assisted selection of heifers improved milk somatic cell count compared to selection on conventional pedigree breeding values
Christa Kühn, Friedrich Reinhardt and Manfred Schwerin

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 23-32 | PDF | Abstract

Mapping and association of GAD2 and GIP gene variants with feed intake and carcass traits in beef cattle (short communication)
Hong Guo, Wan-Shang Liu, Akiko Takasuga, Katie Eyer, Earl Landrito, Shang-Zhong Xu, Xue Gao, Hong-Yan Ren

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 33-41 | PDF | Abstract

Quality of semen of young boars of the breeds Pietrain and Duroc and their reciprocal crosses
Maria Kawęcka, Arkadiusz Pietruszka, Eugenia Jacyno, Roman Czarnecki and Marian Kamyczek

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 42-54 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of suckling schedule on growth characteristics of Saanen kids
Figen Diken, Feyzi Ugur, Cemil Tolu and Mine Dosay Akbulut

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 55-63 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of Supplementation of Fructooligosaccharide and/or Bacillus Subtilis to Diets on Performance and on Intestinal Microflora in Broilers
Xiangqian Li, Li Qiang, Liu and Chuanlai Xu

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 64-70 | PDF | Abstract

Flesh characteristics of pan-size triploid and diploid rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) reared in a commercial fish farm
Carsten Werner, Keratikorn Poontawee, andreas Mueller-Belecke, Gabriele Hoerstgen-Schwark and Michael Wicke

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 71-83 | PDF Abstract

The statistical power analysis of tests used in animal breeding studies on lamb birth weight in Turkey
Ismet Doğan and Nurhan Doğan

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 84-88 | PDF Abstract

Linkage mapping of five genes on SSC12 in a Berkshire × Yorkshire cross (Brief report)
Mei Yu, Max F. Rothschild, Jine Yang, Shuhong Zhao and Kui Li

Arch Tierz 51 (2008), 89-91 | PDF


Arch Tierz Vol 51 (2008)