Volume 51 (2008) Special Issues

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) Special Issue, 1-90 "COST ACTION 925", September 2007, Viborg, DK Free access

Niels Oksbjerg, Marinus F.W. te Pas, Neil Stickland, Klaus Wimmers

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 3 | PDF | Abstract

Intrauterine growth retardation in livestock: Implications, mechanisms and solutions
Guoyao Wu, Fuller W. Bazer, Sujay Datta, Haijun Gao, Gregory A. Johnson, Arantzatzu Lassala, Peng Li, M. Carey Satterfield and Thomas E. Spencer

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 4-10 | PDF | Abstract

Increasing the temperature at a certain period during the incubation of broiler eggs improves the carcass and breast yields without a negative impact on the meat quality
Carsten Werner and Michael Wicke

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 11-16 | PDF | Abstract

The influence of maternal feed allowance during mid-pregnancy on prenatal muscle fibre development and postnatal growth and carcass and meat quality at slaughter of the progeny
Alba Cerisuelo, Maria D. Baucells, Domingo Carrión, Jaume Coma, Josep Gasa and Roser Sala

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 17 | PDF

The effect of maternal feed intake during the peri-conception period on myogenesis in fetal sheep
Mehmet Kuran, Ugur Şen, Emre Şirin, Yüksel Aksoy and Zafer Ulutas

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 18 | PDF

Early programming of muscle mosaic hyperplasia in European sea bass
Héléne Alami-Durante, Nellie Olive and Michéle Rouel

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 19-20 | PDF

Impact of litter size and birth weight on growth performance, carcass characteristics, meat quality, and post mortem proteolysis in pigs
Joel Bérard, Michael Kreuzer and Guiseppe Bee

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 21-22 | PDF

The influence of increasing feed intake during gestation on litter size, piglet growth and within litter variation from birth to weaning
Louise B. MCNamara, Neil C. Stickland, P. Brendan Lynch, M. Karen O’Connell and Peadar G. Lawlor

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 23-24 | PDF

Influence of five gestation feeding regimes for sows on lactation feed intake, lactation weight loss, subsequent farrowing rate and litter size
Louise B. MCNamara, Neil C. Stickland, P. Brendan Lynch, M. Karen O’Connell and Peadar G. Lawlor

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 25-26 | PDF

Glucose tolerance and muscle characteristics in mice offspring are nutritionally programmed by a maternal high protein diet
Cornelia C. Metges, Nils Dietrich, Marzena Kucia, Martina Langhammer, Gerd Nürnberg and Charlotte Rehfeldt

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 27-28 | PDF

The influence of maternal nutrition on porcine skeletal muscle fibre phenotype in the offspring
Tamsyn C.W. Markham, Rafael M. Latorre, Peadar G. Lawlor, Clare J. Ashton, Louise B. MCNamara, Rebecca Natter, Anthea Rowlerson and Neil C. Stickland

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 29 | PDF

Effect of egg incubation temperature on expression of specific genes associated with embryonic development and post-hatch muscle growth in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
Ibrahim Albokhadaim and Neil Stickland

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 30 | PDF

Foetal programming of postnatal growth and health
Pia M. Nissen, Rodrigo Labouriau and Niels Oksbjerg

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 31 | PDF | Abstract

The influence of sow dietary PUFA source on the fatty acid profile of piglet tissues and blood and on piglet performance
Joris A. M. Missotten, Erik Claeys, Katleen Raes and Stefaan de Smet

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 32 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of feeding different protein levels to sows during pregnancy on adipose tissue development in the offspring
Florence Gondret, Claudia Kalbe, Cornelia C. Metges and Charlotte Rehfeldt

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 33 | PDF | Abstract

Flesh quality in rainbow trout with high or low fillet yield
Jérôme Bugeon, Florence Lefèvre, Mireille Cardinal, Ayhan Uyanik, Armel Davenel and Pierrick Haffray

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 34 | PDF | Abstract

Growth performance, muscle development, carcass characteristics and meat quality of lambs with varying birth weights
Ümran Ensoy, Yüksel Aksoy, Emre Şirin, Uğur Şen, Zafer Ulutaş and Mehmet Kuran

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 35-36 | PDF | Abstract

The influence of fatty acid composition in broodstock nutrition and of temperature during hatching on muscle development and growth in Arctic charr fingerlings
Eva Brännäs, Christina Nilsson, Torleif Andersson and Jana Pickova

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 37 | PDF | Abstract

Development of a real-time PCR method for determining skeletal muscle fibre type composition in sheep
Krystal Hemmings, Tim Parr, Peter Buttery and John Brameld

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 38-39 | PDF | Abstract

Relative abundance of MyHC isoform transcripts and its association with muscularity and meat quality
Siriluck Ponsuksili, Nguyen Trong Ngu, Eduard Murani, Karl Schellander and Klaus Wimmers

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 40 | PDF | Abstract

A method for determining the muscle fibre length
Eero Puolanne and P. Räsänen

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 41-44 | PDF | Abstract

Can functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) be used for the estimation of the numbers and types of muscle fibres in sheep?
Emre Şirin, Omer Sayli, Zafer Ulutaş, Uğur Şen, Sinem Burcu Erdogan, Yüksel Aksoy, Ata Akin and Mehmet Kuran

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 45-46 | PDF | Abstract

Repeatability of muscle fibre measurements in pig longissimus muscle
Alba Cerisuelo, Roser Sala, Gerd Nürnberg, Maria Baucells and Charlotte Rehfeldt

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 47 | PDF | Abstract

Identification of pork quality parameters by proteomics
Dick F. M. van de Wiel and Weili Zhang

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 48-49 | PDF | Abstract

Surface electromyography as a tool for measuring aspects of meat quality
Ninette K. Andersen and Adrian p. Harrison

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 50 | PDF | Abstract

Description of in vivo bovine myogenesis using proteomic approach gives new insights for muscle development
Thibault Chaze, Bruno Meunier and Brigitte Picard

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 51-57 | PDF | Abstract

Muscle molecular profiles in myostatin-null mice
Ilham Chelh, Bruno Meunier, Brigitte Picard, James Reecy, Jeanfrançois Hocquette and Isabelle Cassar-Malek

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 58-59 | PDF | Abstract

Muscle markers and regulatory factors in marine fish under different developmental stages and treatments
D. Garcia de la Serrana, Marta Codina, Isabell Navarro and Joaquim Gutiérrez

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 60 | PDF | Abstract

Quantitative Real Time PCR of differentially expressed genes in pigs with extreme glycolytic potential values of skeletal muscle
Roberta Davoli, C. Fecci, Paolo Zambonelli, S. Schiavina, A. Stella, Marco Colombo, Luca Fontanesi, L. Buttazzoni and Vincenzo Russo

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 61 | PDF | Abstract

Post mortem proteome degradation profiles of longissimus muscle in Yorkshire and Duroc
Marinus F. W. te Pas, Jaap Jansen, Konrad C. J. A. Broekman, Henny Reimert and Henri C. M. Heuven

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 62-68 | PDF | Abstract

Role of STATs in muscle development
Beata Pajak and Arkadiusz Orzechowski

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 69-70 | PDF | Abstract

Investigation of the porcine SMAD7 gene as a functional-positional candidate for muscle-related traits
Eduard Murani, Philipp Westphal, Siriluck Ponsuksili and Klaus Wimmers

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 71 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of isoflavones on mRNA expression of IGF1, IGF2, EGF and related growth factor receptors in porcine muscle satellite cell cultures
Claudia Kalbe, Marcus Mau and Charlotte Rehfeldt

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 72 | PDF | Abstract

Divergent selection on "residual feed intake” in pigs: impact on growth performance, muscle compositional traits and meat quality
Louis Lefaucheur, Benedicte Lebret, Patrick Ecolan, Miguel Galian, Marie Damon, Isabelle Louveau, Armelle Prunier, Pierre Sellier and Helene Gilbert

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 73-74 | PDF | Abstract

Relationship between the expression of development-related genes and properties of porcine hind limb muscles
Diana Boettcher, René Schmidt, Charlotte Rehfeldt, Hermann H. Swalve, Georg Thaller and Steffen Maak

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 75 | PDF | Abstract

The analysis of MYF5, MYF6, GHR and IGFR1 expression profile in muscle and liver in growing pigs of different breeds, regarding to their muscle and carcass quality
Mariusz Pierzchała, Joanna Wyszyńska-Koko, Paweł Urbański and Marian Różycki

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 76-77 | PDF | Abstract

Stunning fish
Deborah M. Power, Juan Fuentes and Adrian P. Harrison

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 78-79 | PDF | Abstract

Metabolic programming establishes resistance of oxidative-type skeletal muscles to glucocorticoid-induced muscle cachexia in rats
Patrycja Pawlikowska, Małgorzata Łokociejewska, Beata Pająk, Małgorzata Gajewska, Michał Jank, Jean-François Hocquette and Arkadiusz Orzechowski

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 1, 80-89 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) Special Issue, 1-97 "5. Wilhelm-Stahl-Symposium", Oktober 2008, Dummerstorf, D Free access

Climate change and scenarios for Germany and potential impacts on land and water management [in German]
Manfred Stock

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 2, 5-11 | PDF | Abstract

Future economic challenges in agricultural production: Structural change in the face of changing markets, policies and technologies [in German]
Alfons Balmann and Franziska Schaft

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 2, 13-24 | PDF | Abstract

Prospects of animal breeding in tension between science and practice [in German]
Georg Thaller

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 2, 25-38 | PDF | Abstract

Approaches for saving limited phosphate resources [in German]
Markus Rodehutscord

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 2, 39-48 | PDF | Abstract

Infectious diseases in a changing environment [in German]
Thomas C. Mettenleiter and Wolfgang W. Boehle

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 2, 49-56 | PDF | Abstract

Welfare conform farm animal housing – a field study based on Critical Control Points from pig farms [in German]
Eberhard von Borell and Dirk Schäffer

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 2, 57-65 | PDF | Abstract

How do we receive CO2-footprints for food of animal origin? [in German]
Gerhard Flachowsky

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 2, 67-82 | PDF | Abstract

Improvement of functional traits: a challenge for a profound characterisation of phenotypes [in German]
Wilhelm Kanitz, Klaus-Peter Brüssow, Antke-Elsabe Bugislaus, Christa Kühn, Winfried Matthes and Anke Wangler

Arch Tierz 51 (2008) SI 2, 83-97 | PDF | Abstract


Arch Tierz Vol 51 (2008)