Volume 52 (2009) 1-6, 1-649

Arch Tierz 52 (2009) 6, 553-649 Free access

Genetic parameters for calving ease, gestation length and stillbirth in three endangered Austrian blond cattle breeds
Supawadee Manatrinon, Birgit Fürst-Waltl and Roswitha Baumung

Arch Tierz 52 (2009) 6, 553-560 | PDF | Abstract

Population genetic analysis of White Park Cattle in Germany
Günter Biedermann, Werner Hecht, Eike Fandrey, Heike Rudolph and Kai Frölich

Arch Tierz 52 (2009) 6, 561-573 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of the stage and number of lactation on milk yield of dairy cows kept in open barn during high temperatures in summer months
Pavel Novak, Jitka Vokralova and Jan Broucek

Arch Tierz 52 (2009) 6, 574-586 | PDF | Abstract

Quantitative results for methane production of cattle in Germany
Werner Jentsch, Bernhard Piatkowski, Monika Schweigel and Michael Derno

Arch Tierz 52 (2009) 6, 587-592 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of the backfat thickness of sows in late pregnancy on the composition of colostrum and milk
Karolina Beyga and Anna Rekiel

Arch Tierz 52 (2009) 6, 593-602 | PDF | Abstract

Analysis of agonistic interactions between sows with different rank position during mixing
Catrin Borberg and Steffen Hoy

Arch Tierz 52 (2009) 6, 603-612 | PDF | Abstract

Association between PrP genotypes and selected growth traits of Hungarian Merino and German Mutton Merino rams (Short Communication)
Barbara Nagy, István Anton, László Sáfár, László Fésüs and Attila Zsolnai

Arch Tierz 52 (2009) 6, 613-617 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of dietary vitamin E supplementation on fattening performance, carcass characteristics and meat quality traits of Karya male lambs
Okan Atay, Özdal Gökdal, Vadullah Eren, Şevki Çetiner and Hakan Yikilmaz

Arch Tierz 52 (2009) 6, 618-626 | PDF | Abstract

Changes in milk fatty acid composition of goats during lactation in a semi-intensive production system
Cengiz Ataşoğlu, Çiğdem Uysal-Pala and Yonca Karagül-Yüceer

Arch Tierz 52 (2009) 6, 627-636 | PDF | Abstract

Oxidative stability and quality of raw Saanen and Alpine goats milk
Terezija Silvija Marenjak, Nina Poljičak-Milas, Jasna Piršljin, Blanka Beer Ljubić and Suzana Milinković Tur

Arch Tierz 52 (2009) 6, 637-646 | PDF | Abstract

Amplification created restriction sites for genotyping SNPs in the bovine ABCG2 and its association with milk production traits (Brief Report)
Inga Kowalewska-Łuczak, Hanna Kulig and Marek Kmieć

Arch Tierz 52 (2009) 6, 647-649 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 52 (2009) 5, 451-552 Free access

Analysis of Hungarian sport horse show jumping results using different transformations and models
János Posta, Sándor Mihók, Szilárd Márkus and István Komlósi

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 451-458 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of some seasonal conditions on oestrus occurrence in cows
Bülent Bülbül and Mehmet Bozkurt Ataman

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 459-465 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of non-protected sunflower oil supplementation on milk fatty acid profile and oxidative status in Simmental cows
Terezija Silvija Marenjak, Ivancica Delaš, Nina Poljičak-Milas and Jasna Piršljin

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 466-475 | PDF | Abstract

A comparison between different selection indices for some productive traits on Egyptian buffaloes
Kawther Abel Moniem Mourad and Adel Salah Khattab

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 476-484 | PDF | Abstract

Relationship between carbon dioxide production and performance in cattle and pigs
Werner Jentsch, Bernhard Piatkowski and Michael Derno

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 485-496 | PDF | Abstract

Performance traits of purebred Ossimi and Rahmani lambs and their crosses with Finnsheep born under two accelerated mating systems
Ibrahim Fayez Mahmoud Marai, Ahmed Hassan Daader and Layla Bekir Bahgat

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 497-511 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of roasted cereals and soybean in feed mixtures on fattening and slaughter traits as well as blood composition in fattening lambs
Zvonko Antunović, Matija Domaćinović, Marcela Šperanda, Branko Liker, Boro Mioč, Vatroslav Šerić and Tomislav Šperanda

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 512-526 | PDF | Abstract

Characteristic of meat colour of different duck populations
Gabriela Haraf, Juliusz Książkiewicz, Janina Wołoszyn and Andrzej Okruszek

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 527-537 | PDF | Abstract

Relationships between breast muscle thickness measured by ultrasonography and meatiness and fatness in broiler chickens
Katarzyna Kleczek, Kazimierz Wawro, Elzbieta Wilkiewicz-Wawro, Wlodzimierz Makowski and Daniel Konstantynowicz

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 538-545 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of three single-nucleotide polymorphisms in CAPN1 gene on beef tenderness (Brief Report)
Liliana A Soria, Pablo M Corva, Andrea Brandia Sica, Alejandro Schor, Lilia M Melucci, Edgardo L Villarreal, Carlos A Mezzadra, Rodolfo J C Cantet and María C Miquel

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 546-549 | PDF

Genetic variants in the repeat region of MHC class I for miniature pig (Brief Report)
Hoyoung Chung and Jaeyoung Kim

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 550-552 | PDF

Arch Tierz 52 (2009) 4, 343-450 Free access

Selection in the genetic resource: genetic variation of the linear described type traits in the Old Kladrub horse
Václav Jakubec, Lubos Vostrý, Werner Schlote, Ivan Majzlík and Karel Mach

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 343-355 | PDF | Abstract

Physicochemical properties of milk fat from three breeds of cows during summer and winter feeding
Joanna Barłowska, Tomasz Grodzicki, Barbara Topyła and Zygmunt Litwińczuk

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 356-363 | PDF | Abstract

Relationships between production and fertility traits in first lactation and life time performances of Holstein cows under subtropical condition
Mustafa Tekerli and Serdar Koçak

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 364-370 | PDF | Abstract

The accuracy of prediction of body weight from body measurements in beef cattle
Serkan Ozkaya and Yalcin Bozkurt

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 371-377 | PDF | Abstract

Evaluating welfare in practical farm animal husbandry – discussion of criteria selection using the example of fattening pig husbandry [in German]
Ragnhild E F Weber-Jonkheer and Anne Valle Zárate

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 378-394 | PDF | Abstract

Histochemical analysis of skeletal muscular tissues of pigs according to genotype MYF 4 (Short communication)
Peter Makovický, Pavol Makovický, Miroslava Kačániová, Simona Pavličová and Peter Haščík

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 395-401 | PDF | Abstract

Reproductive and physiological traits of Egyptian Suffolk rams as affected by selenium dietary supplementation and housing heat radiation effects during winter of the sub-tropical environment of Egypt (Short Communication)
Ibrahim Fayez Mahmoud Marai, Abel-Halim Ali El-Darawany, El-Sayed Abou-Fandoud Ismail and Mohame Ahmed Mohamed Abdel-Hafez

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 402-409 | PDF | Abstract

The content of chosen chemical elements in wool of sheep of different origins and breeds
Bozena Patkowska-Sokoła, Zbigniew Dobrzański, Khalil Osman, Robert Bodkowski and Katarzyna Zygadlik

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 410-418 | PDF | Abstract

Dynamics of changes in iron concentration and total iron binding capacity in blood plasma of goat kids during their first month of life (Short Communication)
Wieslaw Franciszek Skrzypczak, Malgorzata Ożgo, Adam Lepczyński and Anna Łata

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 419-424 | PDF | Abstract

Some carcass traits and physicochemical composition of White Improved breed goat kids slaughtered at 90 and 180 days of age (Short Communication)
Krystyna Pieniak-Lendzion, Roman Niedziółka and Teresa Borkowska

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 425-431 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of ascorbic acid and lighting schedule on tibiotarsus strength and bone characteristics in broilers
Huseyin Yildiz, Nazmiye Gunes, S Sule Gezen, Resat Ozcan, Metin Petek, Bestami Yilmaz and Ilker Arican

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 432-444 | PDF | Abstract

Association of PIT-1 gene polymorphism with birth weight, milk and reproduction traits in Isfahan Holstein cows (Brief Report)
Mohammad Ali Edriss, Vahid Edriss and Hamid Reza Rahmani

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 445-447 | PDF

Cytogenetic and syntenic assignment of the bovine platelet-activating factor receptor (PTAFR) to cattle chromosome 2 (Brief report)
Tom Goldammer, Peter Schmidt and Rosemarie Weikard

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 448-450 | PDF

Arch Tierz 52 (2009) 3, 219-342 Free access

Effect of extended lactations on cow milk and reproductive performance
Anna Sawa and Mariusz Bogucki

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 219-229 | PDF | Abstract

Estimating lethal allele frequencies in complex pedigrees via gene dropping approach using the example of Brown Swiss cattle
Supawadee Manatrinon, Christa Egger-Danner and Roswitha Baumung

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 230-242 | PDF | Abstract

The relationships among lumbar region width, back muscling and musculus longissimus lumborum et thoracis area in Blonde d’Aquitaine bulls and heifers during rearing period
Ludek Stádník, Alena Ježková, Frantisek Louda, Jana Dvořáková and Ladislav Štolc

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 243-254 | PDF | Abstract

Impact of mature cow weight on farm profitability and economic weights of beef cattle traits [in German]
Krisztián Keller, Marie Wolfová, Jochen Wolf, Zsuzsanna Fekete, István Komlósi and Ferenc Szabó

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 255-264 | PDF | Abstract

Occurrence of endoparasites in heifers imported to Poland from the Netherlands (Short Communication)
Bogumila Pilarczyk, Aleksandra Balicka-Ramisz, Wojciech Kozak and Alojzy Ramisz

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 265-271 | PDF | Abstract

Control charts applied to pig farming data
Julia Engler, Karl-Heinz Tölle, Hans Hermann Timm, Edgar Hohls and Joachim Krieter

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 272-283 | PDF | Abstract

Comparative investigations of selected criteria of energy metabolism in skeletal muscle, plasma and lymphocytes in healthy and in piglets with congenital myofibrillar hypoplasia [in German]
Andrea Bull, Petra Engel and Vlado Dzapo

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 284-298 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of restricted suckling time on milk components and sucking behavior of lambs
Murat Cimen and Musa Karaalp

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 299-308 | PDF | Abstract

Rearing, fattening performance and slaughter indicators of lambs after selenium, zinc and vitamin E supplementation
Miroslaw Gabryszuk, Karina Horbańczuk and Józef Klewiec

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 309-320 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of dietary vegetable oil supplementation on fillet quality traits, chemical and fatty acid composition of African catfish (Clarias gariepinus)
András Szabó, Róbert Romvári, László Szathmári, Tamás Molnár, László Locsmándi, György Bázár, Eszter Molnár, Péter Horn, and Csaba Hancz

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 321-333 | PDF | Abstract

A novel mutation of the GLI2 gene associated with body weight in bovine (Bos taurus) (Brief Report)
Xinlei Wang, Xianyong Lan, Xinsheng Lai, Keyi Wang, Hui Yu, Mou Wang, Yikun Guo, Chuzhao Lei and Hong Chen

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 334-336 | PDF

The GGT1 and IGFBP5 genes are associated with fat deposition traits in the pig (Brief Report)
Bin Fan, Suneel K Onteru and Max F Rothschild

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 337-339 | PDF

Cytogenetic and radiation hybrid mapping of the bovine interleukin 4 induced 1 (IL4I1) gene to cattle chromosome 18 (Brief Report)
Albrecht Rief, Manfred Schwerin and Tom Goldammer

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 340-342 | PDF

Arch Tierz 52 (2009) 2, 111-218 Free access

Prof. Dr. habil. Ernst Ritter – 80 years [in German]
Manfred Schwerin

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 111-112 | PDF | Abstract

Bovine cardiac troponin I gene (TNNI3) as a candidate gene for bovine dilated cardiomyopathy
Marta Owczarek-Lipska, Gaudenz Dolf, Karina E Guziewicz, Tosso Leeb, Claude Schelling, Horst Posthaus and Martin H Braunschweig

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 113-123 | PDF | Abstract

Some factors influencing milk somatic cell count of Holstein Friesian and Brown Swiss cows under the Mediterranean climatic conditions
Atakan Koç and Kadir Kizilkaya

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 124-133 | PDF | Abstract

Determination of suitable timing, frequency and sample size of body condition scoring for herd management in Holstein herds
Erdal Yaylak and Yavuz Akbaş

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 134-142 | PDF | Abstract

Development of eight-plex microsatellite PCR for parentage control in deer
Attila Zsolnai, István Lehoczky, Alice Gyurmán, János Nagy, Lászlo Sugár, Istvan Anton, Peter Horn and István Magyary

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 143-149 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of two different diets on carcass and meat quality traits of Chato Murciano pigs
Begona Peinado, Laura Almela, Nelson Duchi and Angel Poto

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 150-160 | PDF | Abstract

The relationship between blood serum and seminal plasma cholesterol content in young boars and their semen qualitative traits and testes size
Eugenia Jacyno, Anita Kołodziej, Maria Kawęcka, Arkadiusz Pietruszka, Beata Matysiak and Marian Kamyczek

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 161-168 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of crossbreeding Hungarian Merino sheep with Suffolk and Ile de France on carcass traits
Ferenc Pajor, Edina Láczó, Orsolya Erdős und Péter Póti

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 169-176 | PDF | Abstract

Nucleolar organizer regions, satellite associations and nucleoli of goat cells (Capra hircus)
Katarzyna Andraszek, Elzbieta Horoszewicz and Ezbieta Smalec

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 177-186 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic analysis of the laying pattern in floor management in terms of new performance parameters for breeding [in German]
Wiebke Icken, Stefan Thurner, David Cavero, Matthias Schmutz, Georg Wendl and Rudolf Preisinger

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 187-199 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of fluctuate lighting on performance of laying hens (Short Communication)
İsmail Durmuş and Süleyman Kalebaşi

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 200-204 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of crossing New Zealand White with Californian rabbits on growth and slaughter traits
Dorota Maj, Józef Bieniek, Piotr Łapa and Ina Sternstein

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 205-211 | PDF | Abstract

Sequence and expression analysis of the androgen receptor gene from Compact mouse (Brief Report)
Gyula Veress, Katalin Bakos, Edit Korom, Orsolya Pinke, Balázs Kovács and László Varga

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 212-214 | PDF

Genotyping of the polymorphism within exon 1 of Hormone Sensitive Lipase (LIPE) Gene in three Chinese Yak (Bos grunniens) breeds by PCR RFLP (Brief Report)
Zhijie Ma, Jincheng Zhong, Jingtao Xu and Yaping Wei

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 215-218 | PDF

Arch Tierz 52 (2009) 1, 1-110 Free access

Total protein, selected protein fractions andchemical elements in the colostrum and milk of mares (Short Communication)
Angelika Cieśla, Robert Palacz, Jolanta Janiszewska and Dorota Skórka

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 1-6 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of first lactation milk yield on efficiency of cows in herds with different production levels
Anna Sawa and Sylwia Krężel-Czopek

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 7-14 | PDF | Abstract

Estimation of animal × environment interactionin Czech beef cattle
Luboš Vostrý, Josef Přibyl, Werner Schlote, Zdeňka Veselá, Václav Jakubec, Ivan Majzlík and Karel Mach

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 15-22 | PDF | Abstract

Correlation of ultrasonic measured ribeye areaand fat thickness to the certain traits measuredon slaughtered bulls (Short Communication)
Márton Török, J. Péter Polgár, Gyula Kocsi, Valéria Farkas and Ferenc Szabó

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 23-27 | PDF | Abstract

Relationships among dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, bioelectrical impedance and ultrasound measurements of body composition of swine
Alva D. Mitchell and Armin M. Scholz

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 28-39 | PDF | Abstract

Role of genetic markers in the prediction of classification of Czech Large White gilts to a hyperprolific line
Naděžda Kernerová, Václav Matoušek, Anna Čermáková and Marie Forbelská

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 40-50 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of inbreeding on number of piglets born total, born alive and weaned in Austrian Large White and Landrace pigs
Astrid Köck, Birgit Fürst-Waltl and Roswitha Baumung

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 51-64 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of threshold choice on the results of gene expression profiling, using microarray analysis, in a model feeding experiment with rats
Anja Hartmann, Gerd Nuernberg, Dirk Repsilber, Pawel Janczyk, Christina Walz, Siriluck Ponsuksili, Wolfgang-Bernhard Souffrant and Manfred Schwerin

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 65-78 | PDF | Abstract

Molecular characterization of the bovine GHRL gene(Short Communication)
Frederic G. Colinet, Daniel Portetelle and Robert Renaville

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 79-84 | PDF | Abstract

Statistical modeling for growth data in linear mixed models – Implications derived from an example of a population comparison of Golden Hamsters
Joachim Spilke, Norbert Mielenz, Sabine Krause and Lutz Schüler

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 85-105 | PDF | Abstract

Discovery of single nucleotide polymorphismsin FABP3 and leptin gene in pig (Brief Report)
Jaeyoung Kim, Hoyoung Chung, Suyeon Kim, Heejin Park and Dae-Huck Kewon

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 106-107 | PDF

Tropomodulin 1 (TMOD1) is associated with lean meat growth and meat quality in the pig (Brief Report)
Hui Wu, Shuhong Zhao, Bang Liu, Mei Yu, Mengjin Zhu, Changchun Li and Bin Fan

Arch Tierz 52 (2009), 108-110 | PDF


Arch Tierz Vol 52 (2009)