Volume 53 (2010) 1-6, 1-736

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 6, 629-736 Free access

Genetic analysis of distance-dependent racing performances in German Thoroughbreds
Antke-Elsabe Bugislaus

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 629-638 | PDF | Abstract

Relationship between age at first start and racing performance in Polish Thoroughbreds and Arab horses
Magdalena Sobczynska

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 639-649 | PDF | Abstract

Changes in teat parameters caused by milking and their recovery to their initial size
Luděk Stádník, František Louda, Jiří Bezdíček, Alena Ježková and Michal Rákos

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 650-662 | PDF | Abstract

Environment discomfort and ability to sustain the performance level during life time under the sub-tropical conditions in imported Holstein Friesian young cows
Ibrahim Fayez Mahmoud Marai, Abel-Halim Ali El-Darawany, Abdel Mageed Sayed Nasr and Mohamed Abdel-Hamid Shehata

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 663-674 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of bovine colostrum on the serum insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I), the IGF binding proteins-2 and -3 and the thyroid hormones in weaning piglets
Christelle Boudry, Jean-Paul Dehoux, Frédéric G. Colinet, José Wavreille, Daniel Portetelle, Yves Beckers and André Théwis

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 675-688 | PDF | Abstract

Estimates of (co)variance function for growth to yearling in Horro sheep of Ethiopia using random regression model
Solomon Abegaz, Jacob Bernardus van Wyk, Jacobus Johannes Olivier

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 689-700 | PDF | Abstract

Cholesterol content in eggs produced by hens divergently selected for body weight (Short Communication)
Dušan Terčič, Alenka Levart and Antonija Holcman

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 701-707 | PDF | Abstract

Vitamins C and E affect plasma metabolites and production performance of layer chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) under condition of high ambient temperature and humidity
J. J. Ajakaiye, A. Perez-Bello, M. Cuesta-Mazorra, G. Polanco Expósito and Á. Mollineda-Trujillo

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 708-719 | PDF | Abstract

Eggs weight of Japanese quail vs. eggs quality after storage time and hatchability results
Sebastian Nowaczewski, Katarzyna Witkiewicz, Helena Kontecka, Stanisława Krystianiak and Andrzej Rosiński

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 720-730 | PDF | Abstract

Different estimations of heritabilities in dependence of major gene effects (Brief Report)
Bernd Buske and Nicolas Gengler

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 731-733 | PDF

Chromosome mapping of five differently expressed miRNAs in porcine skeletal muscle development (Brief Report)
Hua Bin He, Shu Hong Zhao and Xin Yun Li

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 734-736 | PDF

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 5, 501-628 Free access

Two single nucleotide polymorphisms within bovine butyrophilin gene (BTN/HaeIII and BTN/SchI) and their association with milk performance traits in Jersey cattle
Magdalena Muszyńska, Iwona Szatkowska, Wilhelm Grzesiak, Andrzej Dybus and Daniel Zaborski

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 5, 501-509 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of selected factors on mineral parameters in plasma of cows
Miloslav Soch, Jan Broucekand and Pavla Srejberova

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 5, 510-519 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of growth performance and slaughter characteristics of Limousin and Charolais heifers
Radka Zahrádková, Luděk Bartoň, Daniel Bureš, Václav Teslík and Václav Kudrna

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 5, 520-528 | PDF | Abstract

Sensitivity analysis of a stochastic simulation model for foot and mouth disease
Imke Traulsen, Gerhard Rave and Joachim Krieter

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 5, 529-544 | PDF | Abstract

Heritability of type traits in first calving Black and White cows
Vlada Pantelić, Ljiljana Samolovac, Stevica Aleksić, Snežana Trivunović, Milan M. Petrović, Dušica Ostojić-Andrić and Željko Novaković

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 5, 545-554 | PDF | Abstract

A novel porcine gene-MGLL, differentially expressed in the backfat tissues from Meishan and Large White pigs
Yan Dawei, Bi Baoliang and Liu Yonggang

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 5, 555-563 | PDF | Abstract

Meta-analysis of effects of dietary vitamin E and post slaughter storage conditions on changes of redness (a*) of pork
Laszlo Trefan, Lutz Bünger, John Rooke, Jesper Blom-Hansen, Btissam Salmi, Catherine Larzul, Claudia Terlouw and Andrea Doeschl-Wilson

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 5, 564-577 | PDF | Abstract

Slaughter value and meat quality of Skudde lambs [in German]
Henryk Brzostowski, Stanisław Milewski and Zenon Tański

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 5, 578-588 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of genotype on the chemical and fatty acid composition of the Quadriceps femoris muscle in extensively fattened lambs
David Zapletal, Jan Kuchtík and Igor Dobeš

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 5, 589-599 | PDF | Abstract

Maternal genetic effects on body weight and breast morphological traits in duck population under selection
Tomasz Szwaczkowski, Marjeta Grzech, Alicja Borowska, Eugeniusz Wencek and Anna Wolc

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 5, 600-608 | PDF | Abstract

Molecular genetic diversity and origin of Chinese domestic duck breeds
Hui-Fang Li, Wen-Qi Zhu, Wei-Tao Song, Jing-Ting Shu, Wei Han and Kuan-Wei Chen

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 5, 609-617 | PDF | Abstract

Isolation of 11 new polymorphic dinucleotid microsatellites from CA enriched turkey genomic libraries (Short communication)
Edit Korom, Katalin Bakos, Gyula Veress, Orsolya Pinke, Kent M. Reed, László Varga and Balázs Kovács

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 5, 618-622 | PDF | Abstract

Discovery of SNP in exon 14 of the ADD1 gene and its association with fatness traits in four meat-type duck populations (Brief Report)
Jie Wang, Xiaolin Liu, Yan Wu, Hongjing Fan and Shuisheng Hou

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 5, 623-625 | PDF

A novel single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) of the IGF1R gene and the association with growth traits in yak (Brief report)
Chunnian Liang, Ping Yan, Yuni Yao, Jie Pei, Xian Guo, Yufeng Zeng, Pengjia Bao and Min Chu

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 5, 626-628 | PDF

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 4, 377-499 Free access

Genetic evaluation of Hanoverian warmblood horses for conformation traits considering the proportion of genes of foreign breeds
Wiebke Schröder, Kathrin Friederike Stock and Ottmar Distl

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 4, 377-387 | PDF | Abstract

Verification of a QTL on BTA1 for temperament in German Simmental and German Angus calves (Short Communication)
Kristina Glenske, Horst Brandt, Eva-Maria Prinzenberg, Matthias Gauly and Georg Erhardt

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 4, 388-392 | PDF | Abstract

Relation of the length of productive life and the body conformation traits in Slovak Simmental breed
Peter Strapák, Peter Juhás, Eva Strapáková and Marko Halo

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 4, 393-402 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of some factors on cow longevity
Anna Sawa and Mariusz Bogucki

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 4, 403-414 | PDF | Abstract

Relationships of sire breeding values and cutting parts of progeny in Czech Fleckvieh bulls
Jiří Bezdíček, Jan Říha, Josef Kučera, Aleš Dufek, Marek Bjelka and Jan Šubrt

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 4, 415-425 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of frame score on performance and carcass characteristics of steers finished in the feedlot or backgrounded for various time on pasture and finished in the feedlot
Hayati Koknaroglu and M. Peter Hoffmann

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 4, 426-435 | PDF | Abstract

Selection indexes for genetic improvement of yearling weight in Egyptian buffaloes
Karima A. Shahin, Omar Y. Abdallah, Tarek A. Fooda and Kawther A. Mourad

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 4, 436-446 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of models for describing the lactation curve of Awassi, Morkaraman and Tushin sheep
Omer Cevdet Bilgin, Nurinisa Esenbuga and Michael E. Davis

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 4, 447-456 | PDF | Abstract

Polymorphisms in genes CTSB, CTSD, CAPN2, KLK1 and TGFB1 not associated with susceptibility to atypical or classical ovine scrapie
Daniela K. Caspari, Anne Balkema-Buschman, Horst R. Brandt, Martin H. Groschup, Georg Erhardt and Gesine Lühken

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 4, 457-464 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of temperament of ewes on their maternal ability and their lambs’ postweaning traits in Tsigai breed
Ferenc Pajor, Annamária Murányi, Andrea Szentléleki, János Tőzsér and Péter Póti

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 4, 465-474 | PDF | Abstract

Production, quality and fatty acid composition of milk of Serbian White goat
Miroslav Zujovic, Snezana Ivanovic, Zoran Stojanovic and Slobodan Lilic

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 4, 475-483 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of some meat traits in ducks from two conservative flocks
Dariusz Kokoszyński and Zenon Bernacki

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 4, 484-493 | PDF | Abstract

Analysis of association of two SNP in cholecystokinin B receptor gene with behaviour scores in German Angus and German Simmental cattle (Brief Report)
Kristina Glenske, Horst Brandt, Matthias Gauly and Georg Erhardt

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 4, 494-496 | PDF

Porcine prolactin receptor genotypes and production and reproduction traits in Hungarian Large White and Landrace sows (Brief Report)
Katalin Kovacs, Laszlo Fesus, Attila Zsolnai, Andras Nyiri and Istvan Anton

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 4, 497-499 | PDF

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 3, 247-376 Free access

Haplotype analysis and linkage disequilibrium for DGAT1
Eva M. Strucken, Siham Rahmatalla, Dirk-Jan De Koning and Gudrun A. Brockmann

Arch Tierz 53 (2010), 247-255 | PDF | Abstract

Evaluation of the effect of twin births on the perinatal calf mortality and productive performance of Holstein dairy cows
Navid Ghavi Hossein-Zadeh

Arch Tierz 53 (2010), 256-265 | PDF | Abstract

Milk yield persistency and its relationship with health problems in Holstein dairy cows supplemented with different levels of ruminally protected methionine and choline
Mehrnaz Ardalan, Mehdi Dehghan-Banadaky and Kamran Rezayazdi

Arch Tierz 53 (2010), 266-276 | PDF | Abstract

Polymorphism of the kappa-casein gene in two Bosnian autochthonous cattle breeds
Muhamed Brka, Aida Hodžić, Norbert Reinsch, Ervin Zečević, Admir Dokso, Radica Djedović, Dunja Rukavina, Lejla Kapur, Mensur Vegara, Mustafa Šabanović and Ivica Ravić

Arch Tierz 53 (2010), 277-282 | PDF | Abstract

Relationship between milk yield, fertility and amount of disease of Holstein Friesian dairy cows [in German]
Heiko Scholz, Birgit Beyer, Gerhard Anacker and Martin Wähner

Arch Tierz 53 (2010), 283-292 | PDF | Abstract

Feed, N and P utilisation of Brown Swiss heifers in comparison with Angus and Simmental suckler cows with their progeny grazing mountain pastures
Hans-Rudolf Wettstein, Beda L. Estermann, Franz Sutter and Michael Kreuzer

Arch Tierz 53 (2010), 293-308 | PDF | Abstract

The genetic variability of Hungarian Tsigai sheep
Szilvia Kusza, István Nagy, Tímea Németh, András Molnár, András Jávor and Sándor Kukovics

Arch Tierz 53 (2010), 309-317 | PDF | Abstract

Slaughter and carcass characteristics of Gokceada, Maltese and Turkish Saanen suckling kids
Mustafa Özcan, Alper Yilmaz, Bülent Ekiz, Cemil Tölü and Türker Savaş

Arch Tierz 53 (2010), 318-327 | PDF | Abstract

Tracking possibilities in the poultry sector – a review
Ágnes Tóth, Katalin Kovácsné Gaál, Zsolt Turcsán, Noémi Ásványi-Molnár, Balázs Ásványi, Jenő Szigeti and Hedvig Fébel

Arch Tierz 53 (2010), 328-336 | PDF | Abstract

Phenotypic characterization of chicken inbred lines that differ extremely in growth, body composition and egg production traits
Zemelak Goraga, Mostafa Nassar, Gerd-Peter Schramm and Gudrun A. Brockmann

Arch Tierz 53 (2010), 337-349 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of probiotic and phytogenic products on performance, gut morphology and cecal microflora of broiler chickens
Lidija Perić, Niko Milošević, Dragan Žikić, Siniša Bjedov, Dragoljub Cvetković, Siniša Markov, Michaela Mohnl and Tobias Steiner

Arch Tierz 53 (2010), 350-359 | PDF | Abstract

Growth rate of body weight and measurements in pheasants reared up to the 24th week of life (Short Communication)
Joanna Kuźniacka and Marek Adamski

Arch Tierz 53 (2010), 360-367 | PDF | Abstract

Six novel coding SNPs of the nucleophosmin 1 (NPM1) gene and their associations with growth traits in bovine (Brief Report)
Yongzhen Huang, Enping Zhang, Zhuanjian Li, Jing Wang, Yongtao Huai, Liang Ma, Fuying Chen, Xianyong Lan, Chuzhao Lei, Juqiang Wang, Xingtang Fang and Hong Chen

Arch Tierz 53 (2010), 368-371 | PDF

Structural Features of the 5’ flanking region of the Yak (Bos grunniens) growth hormone receptor (GHR) gene (Brief Report)
Zhijie Ma, Jintao Xu, Jincheng Zhong, Quanlin Dou, Yonggang Sun and Yun Ma

Arch Tierz 53 (2010), 372-376 | PDF

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 2, 123-246 Free access

Weaning performance of beef Hungarian Fleckvieh calves: 3. Genotype × environment interaction
Attila Fördős, Imre Füller, Szabolcs Bene and Ferenc Szabó

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 2, 123-129 | PDF | Abstract

Variations in feeding behaviour of high-yielding dairy cows in relationto parity during early to peak lactation
Osman Azizi, Lutz Hasselmann and Otto Kaufmann

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 2, 130-140 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of Mangalica and Hungarian Large White pigs at identical bodyweight: 1. Backfat histology (Short Communication)
András Szabó, Anna Viski, Zsolt Egyházi, Zoltán Házas, Péter Horn and Róbert Romvári

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 2, 141-146 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of Mangalica and Hungarian Large White pigs at identical bodyweight: 2. Fatty acid regiodistribution analysis of the triacylglycerols
András Szabó, Péter Horn, Róbert Romvári, Zoltán Házas and Hedvig Fébel

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 2, 147-161 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of a GE Lunar DPX-IQ and a Norland XR-26 dual energy X-ray absorptiometry scanner for body composition measurements in pigs – in vivo
Dorothea Lösel, Prisca Kremer, Elke Albrecht and Armin M. Scholz

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 2, 162-175 | PDF | Abstract

Impact of hyper-prolific population generation on the reproduction of sows in multiplication herds
Zdenek Tvrdon and Petr Humpolicek

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 2, 176-183 | PDF | Abstract

Meat quality and ultrastructure of muscle tissue from fatteners of Wild Boar, Pulawska and its crossbreed Pulawska × (Hamshire × Wild Boar)
Anna Kasprzyk, Andrzej Stasiak and Marek Babicz

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 2, 184-193 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of PrP genotype on milk traits in Bovška sheep
Miran Kastelic, Simon Horvat and Dragomir Kompan

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 2, 194-204 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of alternative rearing methods on the behaviour and on the growth and slaughter traits of growing rabbits
Gabriella Jekkel, Gábor Milisits and István Nagy

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 2, 205-215 | PDF | Abstract

Relationship of early laying, number and weight of laid eggs to fertility and hatchability of eggs in initial laying lines of hens
Ladislav Máchal, Lucie Švábová, Libor Severa and Radek Filipčík

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 2, 216-224 | PDF | Abstract

Weight of selected muscles as an indicator of the lean meat and fat content of broiler carcasses (Short Communication)
Katarzyna Kleczek, Kazimierz Wawro, Elżbieta Wilkiewicz-Wawro and Włodzimierz Makowski

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 2, 225-229 | PDF | Abstract

Annotation and in silico localization of the Affymetrix GeneChip Porcine Genome Array
Watcharapong Naraballobh, Siriwadee Chomdej, Eduard Murani, Klaus Wimmers and Siriluck Ponsuksili

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 2, 230-238 | PDF | Abstract Database (~11 MB zipped MS Excel file, password available from the authors)

Levels of serum osteocalcin and some electrolytes in foal during the first six months of life (Brief Report)
Alessandro Zumbo, Stefania Casella, Ambra Di Rosa, Salvatore Scianò, Francesco Fazio and Giuseppe Piccione

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 2, 239-241 | PDF

Investigation of effects of the MKK3 and MKK6 genes on meat production traits in the pig (Brief Report)
Hui Wu, Shuhong Zhao and Bin Fan

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 2, 242-245 | PDF

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 1, 1-122 Free access

Inbreeding effects on exterior traits in Polish konik horses
Anna Wolc and Katarzyna Balińska

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 1, 1-8 | PDF | Abstract

Calculation of a cow culling merit index including specific heterosis in a multibreed dairy population
Nicolás López-Villalobos, Mauro Penasa, Riccardo Dal Zotto, Martino Cassandro, Wilfried Brade, Ottmar Distl, Ross Evans and Andrew Cromie

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 1, 9-17 | PDF | Abstract

Weaning results of beef Hungarian Fleckvieh calves: 1. Environmental factors
Ferenc Szabó, Imre Füller, Attila Fördős and Szabolcs Bene

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 1, 18-25 | PDF | Abstract

Weaning results of beef Hungarian Fleckvieh calves: 2. Genetic parameters, breeding values
Szabolcs Bene, Imre Füller, Attila Fördős and Ferenc Szabó

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 1, 26-36 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of feeding level and linseed oil on some metabolic and hormonal parameters and on fatty acid profile of meat and fat in growing pigs
Justyna Więcek, Anna Rekiel and Jacek Skomiał

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 1, 37-49 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of the body condition of late pregnant sows on fat reserves at farrowing and weaning and on litter performance
Karolina Beyga and Anna Rekiel

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 1, 50-64 | PDF | Abstract

Relationships between the polymorphism of myosin heavy chains and selected meat quality traits of pigs with different susceptibility to stress
Bożena Grześ, Edward Pospiech, Maria Koćwin-Podsiadła, Andrzej Łyczyński, Elżbieta Krzęcio, Beata Mikołajczak and Ewa Iwańska

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 1, 65-72 | PDF | Abstract

Fatty acid composition of meat and adipose tissue from Krškopolje pigs and commercial fatteners in Slovenia
Marjeta Furman, Špela Malovrh, Alenka Levart and Milena Kovač

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 1, 73-84 | PDF | Abstract

Estimation of genetic and phenotypic parameters of growth curve and their relationship with early growth and productivity in Horro sheep
Solomon Abegaz, Jacob Bernardus Van Wyk and Jacobus Johannes Olivier

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 1, 85-94 | PDF | Abstract

Connection of somatic cell count and milk yield as well as composition in dairy ewes
Jan Olechnowicz, Zbigniew Sobek, Jędrzej M. Jaśkowski, Paweł Antosik and Dorota Bukowska

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 1, 95-100 | PDF | Abstract

Prediction of mono and multiphasic growth parameters of broilers (Short Communication)
Mehmet Mendeş

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 1, 101-107 | PDF | Abstract

Physical chick parameters and effects on growth performance in broiler
Metin Petek, Abdulkadir Orman, Serdal Dikmen and Fazli Alpay

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 1, 108-115 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of SCD SNPs on milk production traits of Jersey cows (Brief Report)
Hanna Kulig, Inga Kowalewska-Łuczak and Marek Kmieć

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 1, 116-118 | PDF

Association of polymorphisms of the DCN gene with growth traits in cattle (Brief Report)
Jiajie Sun, Chuanwen Gu, Chunlei Zhang, Chuzhao Lei, Xingtang Fang, Qijiang Jin, Danxia Chen, Xiuying Shi, Yu Du and Hong Chen

Arch Tierz 53 (2010) 1, 119-121 | PDF


Arch Tierz Vol 53 (2010)