Volume 54 (2011) 1-6, 1-675

Arch Tierz 54 (2011) 6, 567-675 Free access

Hypothalamic orexin A expression and the involvement of AMPK and PPAR-gamma signalling in energy restricted dairy cows
Björn Kuhla, Solvig Görs and Cornelia C. Metges

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 567-579 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of rank, group size and number of group changes ante partum on the occurrence of milk ejection disorders in primiparous cows – a field study
Katrin Heidig, Steffi Geidel and Otto Kaufmann

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 580-593 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of temperament of Jersey and Holstein Friesian cows on milk production traits and somatic cell count (Short Communication)
Martina Orbán, Katalin Kovácsné Gaál, Ferenc Pajor, Andrea Szentléleki, Péter Póti, János Tőzsér and László Gulyás

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 594-599 | PDF | Abstract

Native pig (Moo Lat) breeds in Lao PDR (Short Communication)
Soukanh Keonouchanh, Istvan Egerszegi, Jozsef Ratky, Bouahom Bounthong, Noboru Manabe and Klaus-Peter Brüssow

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 600-606 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of growth promoters (probiotics) supplementation on performance, rumen activity and some blood constituents in growing lambs
Hany Hillal, Gamal El-Sayaad and Mohamed Abdella

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 607-617 | PDF | Abstract

Novel single nucleotide polymorphisms of GnRHR gene and their association with litter size in goats
Guang Li, He-Pin Wu, Ming-Zhe Fu and Zhan-Qin Zhou

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 618-624 | PDF | Abstract

Growth performance, carcass characteristics and meat quality of growing rabbits housed in cages or open-air park
Victor Pinheiro, Divanildo Outor-Monteiro, Severiano Silva, José Silva and José Luís Mourão

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 625-635 | PDF | Abstract

Behavioural responses, traumatic injuries and live weight losses in ostrich (Struthio camelus) chicks transported by road during hot-dry conditions
Ndazo Salka Minka and Joseph Olusegun Ayo

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 636-648 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of duck genotype on leg muscle properties
Janina Wołoszyn, Andrzej Okruszek, Agnieszka Orkusz, Monika Wereńska, Juliusz Książkiewicz and Halina Grajeta

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 649-660 | PDF | Abstract

Generalized linear models with random effects for the description of data with excess zeros
Norbert Mielenz, Katrin Thamm, Michael Bulang and Joachim Spilke

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 661-675 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 54 (2011) 5, 439-566 Free access

Genetic evaluations of traits recorded in British young horse tests
Isobel D. Stewart, John A. Woolliams and Susan Brotherstone

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 439-455 | PDF | Abstract

The influence of condition on the metabolic profile of Czech Fleckvieh cows in the perinatal period
Robert Kupczyński, Maciej Adamski, Daniel Falta, Gustav Chládek and Wojciech Kruszyński

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 456-467 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of some factors on relationships between milk urea levels and cow fertility
Anna Sawa, Mariusz Bogucki and Sylwia Krężel-Czopek

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 468-476 | PDF | Abstract

Detection of difficult calvings in dairy cows using neural classifier
Daniel Zaborski and Wilhelm Grzesiak

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 477-489 | PDF | Abstract

Temporal pattern of feeding and drinking behaviour of gestating sows
Stephan Kruse, Eckhard Stamer, Imke Traulsen and Joachim Krieter

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 490-503 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of age on the dimensions and shape of spermatozoa of Large White Polish boars
Dorota Banaszewska, Stanisław Kondracki and Anna Wysokińska

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 504-514 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of short period frequent milking on milk yield in two East Friesian crosses: Tahirova and Sonmez sheep
Akin Pala and Sefer Sahina

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 515-524 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of rearing system on pre-weaning growth, rumen development and its influence on post-weaning performance of lambs
Mohammad Ali Norouzian and Reza Valizadeh

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 525-534 | PDF | Abstract

Changes in biochemical and hematological parameters and metabolic hormones in Tsigai ewes blood in the first third of lactation
Zvonko Antunović, Josip Novoselec, Marcela šperanda, Mensur Vegara, Valentina Pavić, Boro Mioč and Mislav Djidara

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 535-545 | PDF | Abstract

Relationship between milk urea, blood plasma urea and body condition score in primiparous browsing goats with different milk yield level
Michele Pazzola, Maria Luisa Dettori, Vincenzo Carcangiu, Sebastiano Luridiana, Maria Consuelo Mura and Giuseppe Massimo Vacca

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 546-556 | PDF | Abstract

Growth parameters and meat quality of Pekin ducks fed on different level of dried distillers grains with solubles
Ewa Łukaszewicz, Artur Kowalczyk, Marek Adamski and Joanna Kuźniacka

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 557-566 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 54 (2011) 4, 327-438 Free access

Genetic variability of traits recorded during 100-day stationary performance test and inbreeding level in Polish warmblood stallions
Alicja Borowska, Anna Wolc and Tomasz Szwaczkowski

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 327-337 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic and phenotypic trends for age at first calving and milk yield and compositions in Holstein dairy cows
Navid Ghavi Hossein-Zadeh

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 338-347 | PDF | Abstract

QTL explaining variation in production traits and udder health in the Danish Holstein population
Hauke Thomsen, Jørn R. Thomasen, Bernt Guldbrandtsen and Mogens S. Lund

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 348-359 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of the effects of quarter-individual and conventional milking systems on milkability traits
Anika B. Müller, Sandra Rose-Meierhöfer, Christian Ammon and Reiner Brunsch

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 360-373 | PDF | Abstract

Boar semen quality of the Přeštice black-pied breed (Short Communication)
Soňa Frydrychová, Alena Lustyková, Jan Lipenský and Miroslav Rozkot

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 375-380 | PDF | Abstract

Prolactin receptor (PRLR) gene polymorphism in Chios, White Karaman and Awassi sheep breeds
Ozge Ozmen, Ibrahim Seker, Okan Ertugrul, Emel Ozkan and Nilgun Tekin

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 381-390 | PDF | Abstract

The bioavailability of different chemical forms of zinc in fattening lambs
Stefania Kinal and Maja Slupczynska

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 391-398 | PDF | Abstract

Seasonal variations of the serum proteins in sheep and goats (Short Communication)
Giuseppe Piccione, Vanessa Messina, Claudia Giannetto, Stefania Casella, Anna Assenza and Francesco Fazio

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 399-405 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of age and body weight on carcass traits and meat composition of rabbits
Szilvia Metzger, Meinrad Odermatt, András Szabó, István Radnai, Edit Biró-Németh, István Nagy and Zsolt Szendrö

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 406-418 | PDF | Abstract

Testing the breeding strategy of Hungarian Bronze turkey strains for maintaining genetic diversity with microsatellites
Szilvia Kusza, Sándor Mihók, Levente Czeglédi, András Jávor and Mariann Árnyasi

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 419-429 | PDF | Abstract

Polymorphic sites in the 5´-region of the porcine C8A gene
Đỗ Võ Anh Khoa, Siriluck Ponsuksili, Eduard Muráni and Klaus Wimmers

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 430-438 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 54 (2011) 3, 227-326 Free access

Examinations on the relationship between claw health and the assessment of housing conditions based on a welfare index and critical checkpoints
Silke Heinz, Norbert Kanswohl and Anke Römer

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 227-237 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of propylene glycol and glycerin in Simmental cows in periparturient period on milk yield and metabolic changes
Maciej Adamski, Robert Kupczyński, Gustav Chladek and Daniel Falta

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 238-248 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of housing system and milk yield on cow fertility
Anna Sawa and Mariusz Bogucki

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 249-256 | PDF | Abstract

The DGAT1 gene K232A mutation is associated with milk fat content, milk yield and milk somatic cell count in cattle (Short Communication)
Ivan Manga and Honza Říha

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 257-263 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of sex and terminal sire line on carcass characteristics of pork belly
Ivan Bahelka, Marta Oravcová, Emília Hanusová and Peter Demo

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 264-270 | PDF | Abstract

Heritability and repeatability of the number of lambs born and reared estimated using linear and threshold models
Dariusz Piwczyński, Bogna Kowaliszyn and Sławomir Mroczkowski

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 271-279 | PDF | Abstract

The mRNA and protein expression of ruminal MCT1 is increased by feeding a mixed hay/concentrate diet compared with hay ad libitum diet (Short Communication)
Judith Kuzinski and Monika Röntgen

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 280-286 | PDF | Abstract

Estimation of growth curve parameters in Beetal goats
Abdul Waheed, Muhammad Sajjad Khan, Safdar Ali and Muhammad Sarwar

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 287-296 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic parameters and genetic trends of reproduction traits in synthetic Pannon rabbits using repeatability and multi-trait animal models
István Nagy, István Radnai, Henrietta Nagyné-Kiszlinger, János Farkas and Zsolt Szendrő

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 297-307 | PDF | Abstract

Pure and raw glycerol in the diet of broiler chickens, its effect on the production parameters and slaughter value
Pavel Suchý, Eva Straková, Leo Kroupa and Ivan Herzig

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 308-318 | PDF | Abstract

Discovery of genetic variants for fatty acid binding proteins of pig (Brief Report)
Hoyoung Chung

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 319-322 | PDF

Association between genetic polymorphism of growth-hormone-releasing hormone and the yield, chemical composition and technological parameters of cow milk (Brief Report)
Ewa Czerniawska-Piątkowska, Małgorzata Szewczuk and Sławomir Zych

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 323-325 | PDF

Arch Tierz 54 (2011) 2, 107-226 Free access

Sister chromatid exchange in selected horse breeds (Equus caballus)
Ewa Wójcik, Elżbieta Smalec and Agata Danielewicz

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 107-114 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of colostral supplement on the serum protein fractions, health status and growth of calves
Małgorzata Szewczuk, Ewa Czerniawska-Piątkowska and Sebastian Palewski

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 115-126 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of mannan oligosaccharide addition to whole milk on growth and health of Holstein calves
Can Uzmay, Asim Kiliç, Ibrahim Kaya, Hülya Özkul, Sibel Soycan Önenç and Muazzez Polat

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 127-136 | PDF | Abstract

Serum metabolite concentrations and enzyme activities in finishing bull calves fed different types of high-grain diets
Cristina Castillo, Joaquin Hernandez, Victor Pereira, Patricia Vazquez, Juan Sotillo, Marta Lopez-Alonso, Marta Miranda and Jose L. Benedito

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 137-146 | PDF | Abstract

Colocalization of myostatin and decorin in bovine skeletal muscle
Elke Albrecht, Xiujuan Liu, Xiaojing Yang, Ruqian Zhao, Ludwig Jonas, Steffen Maak

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 147-156 | PDF | Abstract

Performance traits in different generations of imported Danish Landrace pigs
Ramutis Klimas, Asta Klimienė

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 157-164 | PDF | Abstract

Grazing behavior of the greek breed of sheep »Serres« in lowland and mountainous pastures
Athanasios Loridas, Ioannis Mountousis, Christos Roukos, Maria Yiakoulaki, Kostantinos Papanikolaou

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 165-176 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of day length and exogenous melatonin on chemical composition of sheep milk
Edyta Molik, Genowefa Bonczar, Aneta Żebrowska, Tomasz Misztal, Henryk Pustkowiak, Dorota Zięba

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 177-187 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic diversity of Tibetan goats of Plateau type using microsatellite markers
Yong Wang, Jie Wang, Xiang-Dong Zi, Cai-Rang Huatai, Xi Ouyang and Lu-Shu Liu

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 188-197 | PDF | Abstract

An effect on basic meat quality attributes of a balanced feed mixture with a 10 % share of flaxseed applied in goat kid feeding
Krystyna Pieniak-Lendzion, Roman Niedziółka, Elżbieta Horoszewicz and Magdalena Łukasiewicz

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 198-204 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic variability in the body weight of Sudan desert goats
Ibrahim Yousif, Abdelaziz Fadlelmoula and Ahmed Ismail

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 205-212 | PDF | Abstract

Response to family selection and genetic parameters in Japanese quail Selected for four week breast weight
Majid Khaldari, Hassan Mehrabani Yeganeh, Abbas Pakdel, Ardeshir Nejati Javaremi and Peer Berg

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 212-223 | PDF | Abstract

A novel EcoRII PCR-RFLP detecting genetic variation of goat NF1-C2 gene and its association with milk yield (Brief Report)
Ping Wang, Quanwu Xu, Xianyong Lan, Zhuanjian Li, Mijie Li, Xingtang Fang, Mingxun Li and Hong Chen

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 224-226 | PDF

Arch Tierz 54 (2011) 1, 1-106 Free access

Population structure of Czech cold-blooded breeds of horses
Luboš Vostrý, Zuzana Čapková, Josef Přibyl, Barbora Hofmanová, Hana Vostrá Vydrová and Karel Mach

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 1-9 | PDF | Abstract

Association between IGF1/TasI polymorphism and milk traits of Polish Holstein Friesian cows
Małgorzata Szewczuk, Sławomir Zych and Ewa Czerniawska-Piątkowska

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 10-17 | PDF | Abstract

Assessment of haplotype variation in bovine AMPD1 gene for association with growth and carcass traits in Qinchuan beef cattle
Hua He, Xiaolin Liu, Yulan Gu and Yu Liu

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 18-26 | PDF | Abstract

Selection of a mathematical model to describe the lactation curves of Jersey cattle
Soner Cankaya, Adnan Unalan and Ercan Soydan

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 27-35 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of sires on wide scale of milk indicators in first calving Czech Fleckvieh cows
Oto Hanuš, Josef Kučera, Tao Yong, Gustav Chládek, Radek Holásek, Jiří Třináctý, Václava Genčurová and Kamila Sojková

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 36-50 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic admixture in pig population observed by microsatellite markers
Radoslav Židek, Daniela Jakabová, Jozef Trandžík, Ján Buleca Jr., Daniela Takáčová and Rudolf Žitňan

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 51-60 | PDF | Abstract

Fatty acid profile of Longissimus dorsi muscle of crossbred pigs fed with addition of conjugated linoleic acid or sunflower oil
Przemysław Dariusz Wasilewski, Jerzy Nowachowicz, Grażyna Michalska, Tomasz Bucek, Brendan Lynch and Anne Marie Mullen

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 61-68 | PDF | Abstract

Comparison of active transcription regions of lampbrush chromosomes with the mitotic chromosome G pattern in the European domestic goose Anser anser
Katarzyna Andraszek and Elżbieta Smalec

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 69-82 | PDF | Abstract

Growth and development of young game pheasants (Phasianus colchicus)
Dariusz Kokoszyński, Zenon Bernacki and Agnieszka Cisowska

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 83-92 | PDF | Abstract

Bayesian analysis of ordinal categorical data under a mixed inheritance model
Ewa Skotarczak, Krzysztof Molinski, Tomasz Szwaczkowski and Anita Dobek

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 93-103 | PDF | Abstract

Association of the Ile-442-Met substitution in NCAPG with birth weight in German Angus and German Simmental cattle (Brief Report)
Kristina Glenske, Horst Brandt and Georg Erhardt

Arch Tierz 54 (2011), 104-106 | PDF


Arch Tierz Vol 54 (2011)