Volume 55 (2012) 1-6, 1-646

Arch Tierz 55 (2012) 6, 533-646

Genetic parameters and trends for lactation length in the first three lactations of Holstein cows
Navid Ghavi Hossein-Zadeh

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 533-539 | PDF | Abstract

Influence of fish oil, palm oil and glycerol on milk fatty acid composition and metabolism in cows during early lactation
Robert Kupczyński, Marian Kuczaj, Marek Szołtysik and Tadeusz Stefaniak

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 540-551 | PDF | Abstract

Statistic and genetic parameters of 205-day weaning weight of beef calves
Ferenc Szabó, Eszter Szabó and Szabolcs Bene

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 552-561 | PDF | Abstract

Estimation of additive and non-additive effects on milk production traits in Iranian Holstein crossbred population
Abolfazl Ghorbani and Ramin Salamatdoustnobar

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 562-566 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic parameters by Bayesian inference for dual purpose Jaffarabadi buffaloes
Carlos Henrique Mendes Malhado, Ana Claudia Mendes Malhado, Alcides Amorim Ramos, Paulo Luiz Souza Carneiro, Frank Siewerdt and Akin Pala

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 567-576 | PDF | Abstract

Mapping QTL for growth and muscling traits in three connected porcine F2 crosses
Christine Rückert, Patrick Stratz, Siegfried Preuss and Jörn Bennewitz

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 577-589 | PDF | Abstract

Organisation of breeding under difficult framework conditions – the case of smallholder pig breeding in mountainous areas in Northwest Vietnam
Regina Roessler, Pera Herold, Helmut Momm and Anne Valle Zárate

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 590-602 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic parameters for direct and maternal effects on growth traits of sheep
Farhad Ghafouri-Kesbi and Hasan Baneh

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 603-611 | PDF | Abstract

Assessment of mating management effect on genealogical parameters highlighting the genetic variability in a not closed fat-tailed Barbarine sheep pedigree
Abdellah Chalh, Dhouha Mansouri, Mohamed Ben Hamouda and Mohamed El Gazzah

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 612-625 | PDF | Abstract

Evaluation of tonic immobility in common pheasant hens kept in different housing systems during laying period
Petra Hrabcakova, Iveta Bedanova, Eva Voslarova, Vladimira Pistekova and Vladimir Vecerek

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 626-632 | PDF | Abstract

Mice long-term selected for high body mass are more susceptible to body fat deposition in response to a high fat diet due to insufficient increase in heat production
Michael Derno, Martina Langhammer, Ulla Renne, Ulf Hennig, Siegfried Kuhla, Gerd Nürnberg, Susanne Klaus, Gudrun A. Brockmann and Cornelia C. Metges

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 633-646 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 55 (2012) 5, 415-532

A preliminary study of the behaviour of water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) imported to Poland (Short Communication)
Ireneusz Antkowiak, Jarosław Pytlewski, Anna Purczyńska and Ryszard Skrzypek

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 415-419 | PDF | Abstract

Estimation of genetic parameters and trends for energy-corrected 305-d milk yield in Iranian Holsteins
Navid Ghavi Hossein-Zadeh

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 420-426 | PDF | Abstract

Use of lactation models to develop a cow performance monitoring tool in smallholder dairy farms
Bettie S. Kawonga, Mizeck G. G. Chagunda, Timothy N. Gondwe, Serah R. Gondwe and James W. Banda

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 427-437 | PDF | Abstract

Do mats matter? – Comparison of fertility traits and milk yield in dairy cows on rubber or concrete flooring
Prisca V. Kremer, Armin M. Scholz, Stefan Nüske and Martin Förster

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 438-449 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic and non genetic effects for lactation curve traits in Holstein-Friesian cows
Ismaïl Boujenane and Btissam Hilal

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 450-457 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic relationships between production traits and reproductive performance in Holstein dairy cows
Sajjad Toghiani

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 458-468 | PDF | Abstract

Assessment of selected parameters of biochemistry, hematology, immunology and production of pigs fattened in different seasons
Anna Chmielowiec-Korzeniowska, Leszek Tymczyna and Marek Babicz

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 469-479 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of different fattening methods on slaughter and carcass characteristics of Tuj male lambs
Mehmet Sarı, Ali Rıza Aksoy, Muammer Tilki, İsmail Kaya and Serpil Işık

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 480-484 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of fasting on lipid metabolism and oxidative stability in fattening chicken fed a diet supplemented with organic selenium
Blanka Beer-Ljubić, Jasna Aladrović, Suzana Milinković-Tur, Maja Lazarus and Ivan Pušić

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 485-495 | PDF | Abstract

Application of dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) as a replacer of soybean meal in broiler chickens feeding
Monika Łukasiewicz, Dorota Pietrzak, Jan Niemiec, Jan Mroczek and Monika Michalczuk

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 496-505 | PDF | Abstract

Type I error rates and test power for some variance components estimation methods: one-way random effect model
Mehmet Mendeş

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 506-518 | PDF | Abstract

Development of organisation and planning in animal breeding: II. A review on breeding planning
Pera Herold, Regina Rößler, Helmut Momm and Anne Valle Zárate

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 519-531 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 55 (2012) 4, 307-414

Effect of DGAT1, leptin and TG gene polymorphisms on some milk production traits in different dairy cattle breeds in Hungary
István Anton, Katalin Kovács, Gabriella Holló, Valéria Farkas, Ferenc Szabó, István Egerszegi, József Rátky, Attila Zsolnai and Klaus-Peter Brüssow

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 307-314 | PDF | Abstract

The efficiency of propolis in post-colostral dairy calves
Robert Kupczyński, Maciej Adamski, Daniel Falta and Adam Roman

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 315-324 | PDF | Abstract

Crowding of dairy cows in a cubicle barn during the hot summer months
Miljan Erbez, Knut Egil Bøe, Daniel Falta and Gustav Chládek

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 325-331 | PDF | Abstract

Statistical modelling of somatic cell counts using the classification tree technique
Dariusz Piwczyński and Beata Sitkowska

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 332-345 | PDF | Abstract

Variants of the bovine retinoic acid receptor-related orphan receptor C gene are in linkage disequilibrium with QTL for milk production traits on chromosome 3 in a beef × dairy crossbreed population
Kristin Krappmann, Philipp Widmann, Rosemarie Weikard and Christa Kühn

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 346-355 | PDF | Abstract

Body composition of piglets exhibiting different growth rates
Alva D. Mitchell, Timothy G. Ramsay, Thomas J. Caperna and Armin M. Scholz

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 356-363 | PDF | Abstract

Modeling of pig growth by S-function – least absolute deviation approach for parameter estimation
Dragutin Vincek, Kristian Sabo, Goran Kušec, Gordana Kralik, Ivona Đurkin and Rudolf Scitovski

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 364-374 | PDF | Abstract

Using pedigree information to study genetic diversity and re-evaluating a selection program in an experimental flock of Afshari sheep
Farhad Ghafouri-Kesbi

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 375-384 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of genotype and sex on meat colour changes in rabbit
Dorota Maj, Józef Bieniek, Ina Sternstein, Andrzej Węglarz and Piotr Zapletal

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 385-390 | PDF | Abstract

Formation of a new dog population observed by pedigree and mtDNA analyses of the Polish Hovawart
Iwona Głażewska, Sylwia Zielińska and Beata Prusak

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 391-401 | PDF | Abstract

Development of organisation and planning in animal breeding: I. A review on breeding organisation
Pera Herold, Regina Rößler, Anne Valle Zárate and Helmut Momm

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 402-414 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 55 (2012) 3, 207-306

Effect of sire and extender on sperm motility and share of live or dead sperm in bulls’ fresh ejaculate and in AI doses after thawing
Jan Beran, Luděk Stádník, Jiří Bezdíček, František Louda, Jaroslav Čítek and Jaromír Ducháček

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 207-218 | PDF | Abstract

Vitamin B12 and homocysteine levels in blood of dairy cows during subacute ruminal acidosis
Chiara Cannizzo, Matteo Gianesella, Stefania Casella, Elisabetta Giudice, Annalisa Stefani, Luigi Michele Coppola and Massimo Morgante

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 219-225 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of twinning and stillbirth on the shape of lactation curve in Holstein dairy cows of Iran
Hadi Atashi, Mohammad Javad Zamiri and Mohammad Bagher Sayyadnejad

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 226-233 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of amount of milk fed, weaning age and starter protein level on growth performance in Holstein calves
Serkan Ozkaya and M. Turan Toker

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 234-244 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic parameters for growth of young beef bulls
Luboš Vostrý, Zdeňka Veselá and Josef Přibyl

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 245-254 | PDF | Abstract

Detection of a polymorphic site of the porcine C8G gene and evaluation of association with haemolytic complement activity
Vo Anh Khoa Do, Siriluck Ponsuksili, Eduard Muráni, Huynh Thi Phuong Loan, Ronald M. Brunner and Klaus Wimmers

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 255-262 | PDF | Abstract

Correlations between daily weight gain, lipid peroxidation and glutathione status of liver and kidney in different pig genotypes
Krisztián Balogh, Mária Weber, Mónika Heincinger, Györgyi Kollár and Miklós Mézes

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 263-271 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of a high-fibre diet on the feeding behaviour of fattening pigs
Konstanze E. Kallabis and Otto Kaufmann

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 272-284 | PDF | Abstract

The fatty acid composition of longissimus lumborum muscle of suckling and early-weaned dual-purpose wool/meat lambs
Aurelia Radzik-Rant, Witold Rant, Agnieszka Rozbicka-Wieczorek and Ewa Kuźnicka

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 285-293 | PDF | Abstract

Fatty acid composition of muscle and adipose tissue of indigenous Polish geese breeds
Andrzej Okruszek

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 294-302 | PDF | Abstract

Genetic effect of growth hormone gene on yearling weight and wool traits in Zel sheep (Brief Report)
Soheil Yousefi and Mojtaba Ahani Azari

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 303-306 | PDF

Arch Tierz 55 (2012) 2, 105-206

Selection of a suitable data set and model for the genetic evaluation of the linear description of conformation and type description in Old Kladruber horses
Luboš Vostrý, Karel Mach and Josef Přibyl

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 105-112 | PDF | Abstract

Effects of parenteral supplementation of Cu in female cattle with different levels of cupremia
Juan Ramón García-Díaz, Joachim Joseph-Ajakaiye, Mario Cuesta-Mazorra, Reinaldo Quiñones-Ramos, Harun Munyori-Nderitu, José Miguel Figueredo-Ross and Ángel Mollineda-Trujillo

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 113-122 | PDF | Abstract

Effect of the transport duration time and season on some physicochemical properties of beef meat
Dejan Marenčić, Ante Ivanković, Vinko Pintić, Nikolina Kelava and Tomislav Jakopović

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 123-131 | PDF | Abstract

Milk quality, manufacturing properties and blood biochemical profile from dairy cows fed peas (Pisum sativum L.) as dietary protein supplement
Vincenzo Tufarelli, Shabana Naz, Rifat Ullah Khan, Domenico Mazzei and Vito Laudadio

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 132-139 | PDF | Abstract

Dry period length and performance of cows in the subsequent production cycle
Anna Sawa, Mariusz Bogucki and Wojciech Neja

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 140-147 | PDF | Abstract

Impact of wean to standing reflex interval on litter size of sows (Short Communication)
Petr Humpolicek, Zdenek Tvrdon and Jiri Jaros

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 148-151 | PDF | Abstract

Breed-specific patterns of hepatic gluconeogenesis and glucocorticoid action in pigs
Xiaojing Yang, Rui Liu, Elke Albrecht, Xia Dong, Steffen Maak and Ruqian Zhao

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 152-162 | PDF | Abstract

The use of a lesion score as an indicator for agonistic behaviour in pigs
Andreas Stukenborg, Imke Traulsen, Eckhard Stamer, Birger Puppe and Joachim Krieter

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 163-170 | PDF | Abstract

Inbreeding effects on body weight traits of Iranian Moghani sheep
Navid Ghavi Hossein-Zadeh

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 171-178 | PDF | Abstract

Inhibin immunization in Norduz sheep
Mehmet Bingol, Irfan Daskiran, Fatin Cedden, A. Ozge Demır and Ayhan Yılmaz

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 179-183 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of replacing soybean oil with glycerol in feeding mixtures designed for utility layers on their production and state of health
Pavel Suchý, Eva Straková, Leo Kroupa and Ivan Herzig

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 184-193 | PDF | Abstract

Fatty acid profile of fillet, liver and mesenteric fat in tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fed vegetable oil supplementation in the finishing period of fattening
Tamás Molnár, Janka Biró, Csaba Hancz, Róbert Romvári, Dániel Varga, Péter Horn and András Szabó

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 194-205 | PDF | Abstract

Arch Tierz 55 (2012) 1, 1-104

Comparison of fattening performance and slaughter value of local Hungarian cattle breeds to international breeds
Gabriella Holló, Karin Nuernberg, Tamás Somogyi, István Anton and István Holló

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 1-12 | PDF | Abstract

Defining and evaluating heat stress thresholds in different dairy cow production systems
Kerstin Brügemann, Erhard Gernand, Uta König von Borstel and Sven König

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 13-24 | PDF | Abstract

Therapeutic efficacy and pharmacological safety of parenteral supplementation of different concentrations of copper in cows
Juan Ramón García-Díaz, Harun Munyori-Nderitu, Mario Cuesta-Mazorra, Reinaldo Quiñones-Ramos, José Miguel Figueredo-Ross, Ernesto Noval Artiles and Ángel Mollineda-Trujillo

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 25-35 | PDF | Abstract

Meat quality traits and muscle composition of cows differing in lactation performance
Mohamed Hamada, Elke Albrecht, Abdel-Rahman El Bagory, Abo-Bakr Edris, Harald M. Hammon, Gerd Nuernberg and Steffen Maak

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 36-47 | PDF | Abstract

An individual-based model for Salmonella transmission along the pig production chain
Stefanie Hotes, Imke Traulsen and Joachim Krieter

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 48-63 | PDF | Abstract

Measurement of changes in body composition of piglets from birth to 4 kg using quantitative magnetic resonance (QMR)
Alva D. Mitchell, Timothy G. Ramsay and Armin M. Scholz

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 64-71 | PDF | Abstract

Developmental changes of GHR and IGF-I mRNA expression in lamb rumen
Shengli Cheng, Fadi Li, Jiangpeng Guo, Jie Pei, Youji Ma, Yunxia Wei, Baoping Yang and Yuping Xiao

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 72-77 | PDF | Abstract

Polymorphism identification in the goat THRSP gene and association analysis with growth traits
Xiaopeng An, Haibo Zhao, Long Bai, Jinxing Hou, Jiayin Peng, Jiangang Wang, Yuxuan Song and Binyun Cao

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 78-83 | PDF | Abstract

Modifications of lampbrush chromosome structure of the European domestic goose Anser anser
Katarzyna Andraszek and Elżbieta Smalec

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 84-96 | PDF | Abstract

The effect of diet supplementation with propolis and bee pollen on the physicochemical properties and strength of tibial bones in broiler chickens
Katarzyna Kleczek, Katarzyna Majewska, Włodzimierz Makowski and Danuta Michalik

Arch Tierz 55 (2012), 97-103 | PDF | Abstract


Arch Tierz Vol 55 (2012)